Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Set New 0 To 60 MPH Record


It’s the right choice of wheels that make this Model 3 so quick.

Fitted with some new wheels, this Tesla Model 3 Performance lays down a new 0 to 60 MPH record.

While we can’t say that the old record was smashed, it was indeed beaten. The old record stood at 3.13 seconds. The new record? Well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out, but we will say it’s almost identical.

Video description:

In this segment we take a brand new Performance Model 3 and run it through its paces. Then we upgrade the wheels and set a new 0-60 record!

We’d be willing to bet a new game is arising. One in which Tesla Model 3 Performance owners head out weekly to one-up the last record setter. How low can this 0 to 60 MPH time go? Well, the new, lower mark is set, so who’s next to drop it down more?

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3.12 seconds for those who don’t want to watch a 19 minute video.

Thanks Aaron

Thanks! So, a pointless waste of article.

It is well within the uncertainty of the measurement.

Uncertainty? Dead on 3.12 four times in a row? Back to your comics junior.

Maybe I’m unique, but I totally geeked out once I got past the initial acceleration tests. If you like to do that, watch the whole thing.

Exactly, I was also going to pass, but this guy knowhow is impressive and the whole thing is relevant for tech oriented people.
There is much more than acceleration runs.

Very instructive.

Nice to see someone that actually knows what he’s talking about, wheels looked GREAT too!
Be looking for a road course test.

Does it count when you modify the wheels and it’s not full OEM parts and specs?

Very informative video, for those considering custom wheels a must watch.

If I owned one, I would not rest until I broke the 3.00 Second mark.

Do it down hill.

Then you can rest.

Of interest is the difference in the machined performance wheel. You can’t just put on any wheels after market that you want, unless it is machined to fit. Something to keep in mind.

Those 18s would also ride better with more wall height and less unsprung weight.

The weight of the wheels will certainly effect 0 – 60. But lost in the video is the fact that using different tires will also effect acceleration.

So shaving 0.01s off a 0-60 MPH sprint deserves an article?

You need to calm down !

From best time of 3.17 to 3.12 is not 0.01s

My point exactly. Thanks.

It looks like he did those runs with 87% left. I think with 95-100% battery he could go less than 3.1s easily.

That tire pro really knows his stuff…fascinating video even though not all the terms are know to me

The question really is: How much $$$$ spent for a meek .08 second reduction in 0-60 time?
New set of racing wheels, racing tyres and all the custom made parts needed.
Do the math and decide if it’s worth it for the common driver. i think this car has an already great performance in stock form.

Expensive .05 seconds.