Watch Tesla Model 3 Mid Range Hit 60 MPH Quicker Than Advertised


It seems Tesla has again underrated the performance potential of one of its cars.

Tesla seems to like to underpromise and overdeliver. That appears to be true with the Model 3 Mid Range, too.

No, we’re not discussing range here. Rather, the focus is on 0 to 60 MPH acceleration times.

According to Tesla, the Model 3 Mid Range is officially listed as capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 MPH in 5.6 seconds, but as it turns out, this Tesla Model 3 is far quicker than that.

If you’re interested in range figures and efficiency for the Model 3 Mid Range, then here are those specs:

  • 260 miles of rated range (city, highway, combined breakdown at bottom of post)
  • 128 MPGe city
  • 117 MPGe highway
  • 123 MPGe combined

And here’s the Tesla-provided image listing 0 to 60 MPH:

Check out the video above to see what time the Model 3 Mid Range is actually capable of in the dash to 60. Hint: since it’s difficult to see the readout, we’ll note the time is in the low 5s. In the wet.

Video description:

Race logic  

Tesla Model 3 Mid Range acceleration

Tesla claims 5.6 seconds 0-60, but actual time is much lower

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He’s also going downhill.

And he most likely has the 1ft roll out enabled on the Vbox. The difference between my Vbox with 1ft rollout is .5 seconds quicker than my Dragy GPS unit which has no roll out calculation.

He’s also doing it in the rain with lower traction.

I can do 0-60 down a cliff with no traction at all!

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Rain doesn’t affect acceleration if you aren’t breaking traction.

What would be Tesla’s motive if they knowingly underrated the acceleration?
It doesn’t make sense.

It’s probably a simulation number.

To account for results when the battery is further discharged and the battery isn’t at optimal temp.

All EVs are impacted by both these factors and you will get best results in perfect conditions.

Ice manufactures do not account for full tank heavy condition or lower octane gas usage. They publish top condition best time.

Not for full tank heavy condition, but for lower octane gas, yes they do.

“Ice manufactures do not account for full tank heavy condition or lower octane gas usage. They publish top condition best time.”

Depends on the manufacturer. Porsche is well known for being very conservative with their performance estimates.

Depends on the car maker. BMW is also regarded as giving conservative numbers.

To protect the sales of Model S and X which are often twice as expensive.

I was going to say this… Double the price for an S but less than a second faster. I do have some regrets not waiting for a 3 now

The discontinued long range Model 3 was even faster than the mid range, longer real range than any other Tesla and faster charging (miles/min) than any other Tesla. I think that might have played into its discontinuation more than demand. It was only a tiny bit more expensive than the mid range model. 🙂

And I am glad I got mine when I did. I don’t need or want AWD but I do want $5K more in my bank account and more range at highway speeds.

The Long Range is being sold over seas and will likely come back to the US after the mid range demand falls off.

Hope the Long Range comes to Australia. I know a few mentioned it to me at the Martin Place , Sydney, showing recently. Thats the model people in the queue were talking about – me included. Prefer the RWD to AWD.

No, it’s not. I just logged on and went to the design studio to double-check, because the RWD wasn’t there when I was invited to order. And it’s still not. Only the dual motor LR and performance versions are available to order.

I love the long range. Never a worry

Model S looks 10times cooler than model 3.
Model 3 buyers cannot afford model S or X.
Be proud to be rich!

I agree the Model 3 is very disappointing to look at in person. Tesla needs to update the Model S – it’s looking dated.

I would say be thankful.

The S and X also have under rated performance.
To keep all customers happy.

Depends on state of charge. Maybe they give the figure based on a lower SOC.

To make the higher prices Performance and S seem better. Otherwise why get the more expensive models if this cheap 3 can perform just as good

“Cheap”?!! Cheap is $2495. $40,000 isn’t cheap, even if you’re Donald Trump or Warren Buffett.

Ehhh… that makes no sense. $40k is merely 16 times as much as $2,500. If the latter is cheap to the average American (income $60k/year), the former is just as cheap to someone making 16*$60k = $960k. To someone with Buffet’s bank account, $40k isn’t just cheap, it’s practically zero! Say $2,5k is 5% of your savings. $40k is about 0.001% of Buffet’s savings…

Dangerous stunt, did you see the car cross his path during the 0-60 run. Do this on an empty road.

Dont do it on a public road.

I was more concerned about the fact that he appeared to be holding the camera up to the vbox while trying to accelerate to 60.

That was my thought too, zooming and doing camera operations was the more dangerous part there. It would have been easy to avoid cross traffic if paying attention, I am not sure he even saw that car cross his path, even though it would have been its fault.

That’s great and all but please don’t endanger people’s lives trying to prove a meaningless point.

Of course, it’s downhill.

FFS. don’t do speed test on public roads endangering others in your stupidity.

Love how the speed limit shown is 50mph, and the guy illegally accelerates to 60mph.

Should get fined for wreckless driving.

You guys are hilarious, you should have a look at a german autobahn and european driving in general, this is nothing, only made dangerous by your stupid rule of taking over on any side

Doing a test of 0-60 acceleration on a relatively busy public street, in the rain (I don’t care about traction control, it isn’t perfect) on what appears to be a downhill section of public street that is a 50 mph zone…
The crazy youth in me says one thing, while my common sense says another.

I imagine the average traffic speed is close to 60 in a 50 zone. The more dangerous part was the fact he was trying to video the thing without a camera mount.

You probably live in a very low-enforcement area. 60 in a 50 zone consistently? Your licence wouldn’t last very long is a fairly lawful locality.

I thought I’m the only one who never speed beyond the limit, but get falsely ticketed and even have the license taken away. Are you also falsely accused / convicted of speed? I’m glad there are other who are just as virtue signaling as I.

Not to 60. According to the screen he hit at least 74, which should be about 72 when taking speedometer enthusiasm into account.

Only one little problem, you were going down hill……duh!

My testing comes in at 5.6 sec exactly. 18” stock tires.

Should be even quicker on DRY pavement. OTOH this is really a pretty dangerous/risky/not wise/etc. setting to get such data: open traffic road and RAINING! YIKES!!!!!!

Please dont give this video much clicks. On a rainy wet public road, undivided highway with opposing traffic, this dude wants a drag run? Shooting for a Darwin award?

InsideEVs should be ashamed they sre advertising it.

Model 3 hidden function. Changing the Steering Mode from comfort to sport will increase power output… haha (0:14 sec)

What is the actual range if i go 0-60 in 5 seconds at every traffic signal?

does it matter? how many times do you do travel triple digit miles in stop and go traffic from stop light to stop light? There is plenty of battery to do this for hours and still go home and plug in at night.

The battery range is really most important when you are traveling long distances on the highway.

Agree. Which is why the range ratings for “highway” are much more relevant than the “combined cycle”, although the latter is much more often quoted.

The actual range will be less. Just like a gasmobile’s actual MPG will be less than the EPA rating if you slam the gas pedal to the floor at every opportunity.

But why bother to ask? Speed demons don’t care about energy efficiency or fuel economy.

The drivetrain is nearly as efficient at high power levels. If you were driving in a vacuum (tube), and coasted to a halt between each run, you’d get almost the same range as at constant speed. It’s drag and braking, but they come along when you drive faster.

Tesla referred to Single Motor performance. Mid range comes with dual motor by default.

MR is single motor (RWD). LR is now AWD only, though there are still a few LR-RWDs in inventory.

My Ford Taurus SHO does 0-60 in 4.9 seconds.

Are you proud of your dirty toxic smelly noisy gas guzzler lol

I really don’t understand this obsession with 0-60 time. Unless you plan to use it as a getaway car or to drive around sorority girls, when else in life is it relevant? I could merge just fine in my Prius that takes more than 10 seconds

Given all the “Tesla grin” videos posted to YouTube, it seems pretty clear that a very large number of Tesla car buyers love the feel of their car taking off like a rocket! 🙂

You think you can merge just fine, because people put their brakes on to make a hole or change lanes to let you in. In reality, merging for a Prius on steep/short ramps isn’t that great.

I’d much rather drive around WITH girls than drive around girls.

It’s similar to being on space mountain on your way to work school vacation shopping etc.. but it’s ok to stay on the porch lol

So, how many miles can he go driving like hell with the heater running full blast to keep warm in freezing temperatures? Nobody ever posts those numbers. Let’s take a hot rod drive out across the country with the pedal on the floor 0 to 60 on every stop, driving 10 mph over the speed limit like a hot rod kid who could care less and see what the “range” is then, instead of driving like a Florida great-grandmother to see how far it will go on a charge. Publish that.

Great question, Melvin. Think about it. With the heater on full blast, it’s clearly not the case that lower speed always means more range. After all it is possible, in principle, to use the entire charge while standing still. So zero miles is the worst case. (The same is true of any ICE, of course.)

The faster you go, the less heating is needed, because the heat loss is constant once the cabin is up to temperature (assuming a constant external environment). But going faster costs drag, and, off the highway, braking.

Hence the range-optimizing speed depends on how cold it is.

For Earth conditions you can probably assume it’s between 40 kph (summer) and 55 kph (extreme cold).

High speed acceleration in the rain and almost hit a car in his path. You people are brain dead. Love electric vehicles but exceeding max speed limit equals lots of $500.00 tickets. Tesla and it’s vehicle owners need to show some reliability and responsibility, verses stupidity and lack of common sense.
Electric Car Owner.

Who does such a test in the rain???

Author says Tesla under promised and over delivers – that’s laughable. Tesla still hasn’t delivered the $35,000 Model 3. And when they finally do all the federal tax credits will have expired. I was one of the original reservation holders and still wouldn’t have the car. I cancelled my reservation a while ago and it took almost two months to get my refund.

I’m still in the EV market, and just put a deposit down on a Rivian R1T.

Who is funding Rivian? Will they have the cash to produce vehicles?

So you got the deposit back for the vehicle that is already available and put down a deposit on a vehicle that is still at least 2yrs away and higher priced?
You complain because the US$35k model isn’t available, yet put deposit down on US$60k+ vehicle?
I don’t get your logic. You can get the Model 3 right now, and within less than 2yrs you should be able to get the US$35k version. If you had got your deposit back and bought a Bolt or LEAF then it would make sense, but not this way, sorry.

BMW and Porsche underweight there’s also for the worst possible specs. GM specs are when temp, wind, sea level, are perfect for their specs. Meaning their cars never perform to their specs. Look at the last Road and track with the 755 horsepower vette beat by a 600 horsepower MB E63 station wagon and the Alfa SUV(500 horsepower)?was on its heels!

We’ll be in 2019 in a week, and you still can’t use Metric? Very sad.