Watch Tesla Model 3 Frunk Get Stripped

MAR 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 5

Here are two very interesting videos of Tesla Model 3 exploration by the Ingineerix.

Tesla Model 3 Stripped – Frunk Exploration

The first video shows frunk exploration.

“We tear open the front of the Model 3 and dive in! Excuse me where I say “Model S” a few times instead of Model 3. Still too new to remember!”

The second video is frunk timelapse, while the third one is the second part of the exploration – The Dark Side.

“We tear open the underside of the Model 3 and pop in for a look!”

A real treat for those interested in Tesla engineering.

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You can read the Reddit for Q & A here.

Hat tip to Blaine!

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5 Comments on "Watch Tesla Model 3 Frunk Get Stripped"

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Finally a fair and accurate picture of the car so people don’t go around make claims with the “skeleton pictures of the Model S” again.

Nice review with good camera work.

I didn’t know Teslas had a spin-on oil filter!

Loved this. Very interesting.

Lots of parts.. pumps, valves, harnesses.. smart with the filter on the drive unit.
The bolted parts around the crash box will make it so much faster and cheaper to repair.
Nothing surpriced me, would have thought it would be more compact, but looks fair / easy to repair / change parts.
Can there be galvanic problems, related to mix steel and aluminium? . . Or will additives in the primer or pre paint take care of potential problems?

I bet the next generation of EVs will be more integrated, and appear to have fewer parts.
Maybe more focus on shortening all wire harnesses as much as possible, and so on.

Loved the videos. Would like to see more videos like this on other EVs too. Unless they have a “how it’s made” video on YouTube. Like the i3, e-golf, e-up, Zoe and a few others, that is long and very good and detailed.

I feel like I was riding on the Millennium Falcon, going through the Death Star.

I guess I know where the 45 kilos go.