Watch Tesla Model 3 Drag Race Audi RS7: Video


The all-electric sedan versus the hot version of the Audi S7.

This matchup pits the Tesla Model 3 Performance against the Audi RS7.

We should note that this particular Audi is tuned. It’s not stock. Meanwhile, the Model 3 is as it rolls off the factory floor. Meaning, it is indeed stock. The Model 3 puts down a solid time of 11.79 seconds in the quarter-mile race, but is that fast enough to hold off the Audi?

Check out this short clip of a Tesla Model 3 on the track racing against an Audi RS7. Does the electric car win yet again? Or has it met its match in the form of this pumped up Audi?

Watch the video to find out.

Audi RS7 specs:

  • MSRP: From $113,900
  • Horsepower: 560 to 605 hp
  • Engine: 4.0 L V8
  • Curb weight: 4,497 lbs
  • MPG: 14 city / 24 highway

Telsa Model 3 Performance specs:

  • 450 horsepower
  • 471 lb-ft of torque

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Also, the Audi is at Stage 2.

Rasmus Birkegaard Christensen

They should correct that figure to 762hp😝

“…. or has it met its match…?” I fail to see how a car that costs twice as much can be considered a “match.” Also, looking closely (as closely as one can in the video), I don’t see a ‘dual motor” badge, much less an underlined DM badge, so how do we know it’s a performance model?

I don’t think the AWD car can do an 11.79; so pretty sure it’s a performance Model 3. Obviously the better comparison is with a ludicrous Model S P100D – similar car class, etc. That is one fast Audi.

Its a P3D+ – it’s me in my car lol, I have the video from the inside of it during this run (which was not the best run I did that day, that was an 11.763 @ 114.81), the battery fans never turn on either(battery doesn’t get hot), this car has much more legs and is being limited atm.

The Model 3 doesn’t have a badge.

You shouldn’t promote content from somebody who replies to YouTube comments with things like this:

#1 you’re wrong… #2 I don’t care if it runs negative time. It’s gay

Well… #1 stating that Tesla has the fastest production car in the world IS wrong.
#2 Why on earth should content not be looked at because of what someone states or thinks on other things?

David H, the Model 3 was never pitched as the “Fastest Production Car in the World”, that might have been said of the New Roadster, with a 1.9 0-60, and a 4.2 0-100 Mph time! But mixing up those two takes a special tallent!

Kinda like the Demon claiming the same with its asterisk on its ad:

The new Tesla Roadster is faster than a Formula 1 from 0-100mph, and a Model S P100D is only a few 10ths of a second slower. This is comparing the least expensive Tesla with one of the most expensive Audis, then saying, see Teslas aren’t that fast. It’s like compare an S4 with a Model S P100D.

That’s my car and my run, best run of that day was 11.763 @ 114.81 – I raced over 10 times that day, and the battery fan NEVER turned on and the times were consistent high 11.7s the entire time, this can is being software limited right now. , the timeslip –

Not even close. And no Tesla has run close to 130mph. This means the beat down at higher speeds would be even more brutal by the Audi.