Watch Tesla Autopilot Mad Max Mode Get Tested


Tesla Autopilot in…Mad Max mode.

Tesla’s over-the-air software update to v9 (currently not yet widely available) brings the Navigate on Autopilot feature, with a capability to automatically change lanes on the highway (if the vehicle in front drives slower than the speed setting and there is another open lane on the road). Moreover, the car is guided by navigation, so it can enter and exit the highway automatically.

Speed based lane changes have three options: disabled, mild, average and mad max. Change of the lane can be done with or without confirmation (yes/no).

In several of the latest video featuring Navigate on Autopilot, Jasper Nuyens demonstrates the functionality in Europe. According to the videos, the new upgrade is a fantastic experience – kind of like magic.

Tesla Autopilot seems to respect side traffic pretty well, although because it’s beta, there are still some quirks. At least once the car wanted to change over to a lane that didn’t exist. There are also some mapping problems sometimes, where the car slows down, perhaps thinking there will be highway exit or something.

In other words, it’s exceptional when the car does the job properly and overtakes on its own, but basically, you need to pay even more attention than in standard Autopilot without unannounced automatic lane changes combined with navigation.

We believe that at this stage, Tesla is simply acquiring data needed for further development of a more autonomous, reliable system.

Some more footage of Mad Max Navigate on Autopilot…

User Experience Design feedback when turning on Navigate on Autopilot

Feedback with Navigate on Autopilot on the display behind the steering wheel. Oh, and I heared an even newer version will be released fleet wide on monday! What a great start of the month! 🙂

Last Mad Max Navigate on Autopilot movie for today!

A huge leap forward into our amazing future, being Tesla owners 🙂

Ano one more video – Tesla Autopilot v 9 Drive by navigation – from Dennis D:

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Is it just leaving the car in the passing lane after making the initial maneuver? Surely it should go back to the inside lane.

Like a driver would, it stays in the lane because traffic is moving in the right lane that is slower.

And stop calling me Shirley…

No it’s not. Right lane is empty. The car should go back to the right lane. That’s how it is here, in Europe.

What Tim said. We sit in the left hand lane as durn long as we feel like going whatever speed suits our fancy.
Passing on the right is legal here in contrast to Germany for instance. Many people don’t know that the left lane is supposed to be for faster moving traffic despite many signs on the highway that say that.

Having said that, perhaps the robot AI cars will have better manners. And semi trucks won’t take 10 minutes to pass another semi going 0.1 mph slower. Isn’t there some semi etiquette that suggests the truck being passed at such an ungodly speed should slow down by say 1.0 mph so that the passing only takes 2 minutes instead of 10?

Here in ‘murrika, we don’t believe in ‘passing lanes’

“there are still some quirks. At least once the car wanted to change over to a lane that didn’t exist.”

That explains the Mad part of the name.