Watch Robots Carve Out Nissan’s LEAF-Based Electric CUV – Video


They even do a little dance at the end to celebrate their accomplishment in creating what looks to be Nissan’s next electric vehicle, a CUV/SUV.

In preparation for the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, which opens to the media starting October 25, Nissan is showing off a bit more of what appears to be its future LEAF-based electric CUV/SUV.

Nissan Teaser Video

We first came across this embiggened LEAF just a week ago when Nissan put out a teaser video featuring a darkened silhouette (see image below) of what appeared to be a bulkier LEAF. Now, we see robots carving out what seems to be the same vehicle out of a block of the white stuff.

What do we know of this electric CUV/SUV? Nothing other than it should launch in 2019, likely be LEAF-based and will come to the segment with an affordable price. Beyond that, we’ll have to wait until at least tomorrow for more details – hopefully ‘this’ is ‘that’ vehicle!

Video description:

The countdown to the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show begins!

Join Nissan for the reveal of a new concept model that embodies the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

Nissan will show a number of exciting concept cars and production vehicles at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, giving customers a glimpse of the company’s newest and future innovations.

The 45th Tokyo Motor Show, held at Tokyo Big Sight, is open to the public from Oct. 27 to Nov. 5. Press days are Oct. 25-26.

The Nissan booth, in East Hall 5, will feature a “spiral” design theme symbolizing the company’s past, present and future commitment to making exciting products.

A simulator will let visitors experience the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

Nissan Teaser

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The front end of the prototype looks complete at 0:26. Then at 0:28 when the robots begin dancing it is a different prototype with a different front end.

Strange. Which front end is the actual design I wonder. The one at the end looks weird. The one before 0:28 looks more like a Nissan with the drop down chrome inverted truncated triangle.

My impression is that the model is rotated 180 degrees several times, and we are looking at the back end some of the time.

Neil, You are correct sir!. Hope Nissan incorporates at last thermal management on this one.

Philip d, look carefully – the clay model of the SUV is flipped around several times through and at the finish you are looking at the back end.

It’s a tease video and you’re not supposed to see too much of what it will look like. Eric was good enough to provide a freeze frame above to show you the nose in pretty good detail. Not too much left to the imagination.

Nissan is rolling this out at the Tokyo show. Is this an indicator it will not market this CUV in the ‘States? To date, this has got to be the most interesting future EV out there. First, it’s a Nissan, so it won’t be the same as the silly crop of 2 row, $80,000+ German/U.K. jokes coming up the bend. Secondly, it looks large enough to perhaps have 3 rows of seats or maybe even child jump seats to the rear. Probably another air-cooled pack for budget, and yet – the SUV crowd in the U.S. would go big for such a vehicle in the $30-35,000 range with a 200 mile battery pack. Note the new LEAF cut in the hood and tops of quarter panels to direct air around side mirrors as apposed to 1st gen bullfrog headlights. Note standard issue Nissan brand faux grille. See the floating roof trend now getting a bit tired – so expect a black roof and C pillars like the LEAF. Not bad looking – and the side profile is surely very sleek to the wind. Can’t wait to hear more details, especially the price! Would I buy one with an air-cooled pack?… Read more »

99% percent guarantee Nissan will have a long-distance all-electric SUV no the US market in 2019 (as close as one can without an official announcement). The utility vehicle, while to be offered elsewhere is (reportedly) specifically being tailored for the US market.

Now, whether or not this is that SUV is an open question, one suspects it is not, but rather a “design clues”/forward looking type production (ala the IDS Concept and its 60 kWh battery for the LEAF a couple years ago) foreshadowing the vehicle.

Jay (or anybody who can answer the question), does the IDS concept have an active cooling system for the battery pack? Inquiring minds want to know! 😉

Does it even have a large battery pack? I could see them putting in a 24 kWh Leaf battery just to be able to show it. They can then pretend it has a 60 kWh battery since that’s the design goal.

When will they show that vehicle?

“Leaf-based electric CUV”

Considering the close resemblance between a Nissan Murano and a Nissan Leaf, I think a better description would be “an electric Murano”.

But my guess is that they’ll have a new model name for it anyway.

This vehicle will certainly appear before the mythical Model Y, and it could restore Nissan’s early lead in EVs. You can be sure the Model Y will cost 50% more.

On the bad side (for Nissan), it could undermine Leaf 2.0 sales, if people are willing to wait another 12-18 months for an electric CUV.

“…we see robots carving out what seems to be the same vehicle out of a block of the white stuff.”

But what is “the white stuff”? Is it the same modeling clay which auto makers traditionally use to make the first three-dimensional representation of a new car?

I wonder if in the near future we’ll see mockups assembled from parts made by a 3D printer, instead of made from modeling clay.