Watch Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Do Some Proper Off-Roading


This thing ain’t built only for the tarmac.

Concurrent with its grand debut at the LA Motor Show, Rivian released a set of videos showcasing some of the abilities and features of its all-new R1T electric pickup truck.

The R1T electric truck is perhaps the most exciting entrant in the plug-in segment since the Tesla Model 3. Though its launch date is still a couple of years off, this electric machine really gets our hearts pumping.

Why? Well, it’s a truck and here in the U.S. trucks sell incredibly well. Beyond its truckness, the R1T is a long-range electric (perhaps capable of going over 400 miles per charge in the right configuration), it tows, hauls and has all sorts of really slick features.

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Rivian says the R1T’s largest battery pack holds 180kWh of energy and delivers 400-plus miles of range. Additionally, Rivian will offer 105 kWh and 135 kWh configurations, with a base starting price estimated at just over $60K. The top spec truck will pump out something like 800 HP.

Per Rivian:

Pricing starts at $61,500 after Federal Tax credit.  Deliveries of the R1T begin in late 2020. Fully-equipped vehicles with the highest performance level and largest battery pack will enter production first. Our 180 kWh pack (400+ miles range) and 135 kWh pack will be available at launch, with the base variant (230+ miles range) to follow within 12 months of the start of production.

Rivian is now accepting preorders for a refundable deposit of $1,000. More information is available at

In a word or two (or six), it’s everything it ought to be.

The R1T pickup and the R1S SUV will be delivered to customers from 2020 on.

Without wasting any more of your time, we encourage you to check out these video of the R1T so that you can judge it for yourself.

Let us know in Comments your thoughts on this first of many offerings from Rivian.

Rivian R1T Loading Up:

Rivian R1T Clean Escape:

Rivian R1T On The Beach:

Rivian R1T In The Forest:

Rivian R1T On A Bridge:

Rivian R1T The Deep End

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Videos unavailable?

Some of these videos are available in Youtube if your search for the Rivian channel. They seem videos with CGI enhancements

Ron Swanson's Mustache

If they’re CG, they’re sparing no expense, especially on that slow motion video of the truck going through the mud.

The videos are not CGI.

Look at the reflections on the body and the leaves in The Forest video.

The videos were private before the embargo time and then just made available by Rivian. Try refreshing. Some may not work in all areas or need to be refreshed. Sadly, we have no control over that.

Fixed. Sorry about that. Videos should work now.

Thanks! Sorry, I should have waited for more than a minute after you posted on this thread before commenting 😉

Yes, this is impossibly inexpensive…

Agreed. There prices don’t seem realistic at all. They still have to buy their batteries from somebody and battery prices haven’t suddenly plummeted have they? This feels like teaser “$35,000” kind of pricing.

In addition, where are they going to charge these massive batteries while on a road trip? Are they going to buy into the Tesla network? I can’t even imagine trying to tow a trailer on an 800 mile trip using only the public network. What a nightmare. Maybe that’s the adventure?

Agree it would really help if they got access to Tesla’s network to make this viable.

By 2021 Electrify America will have around twice the number of charging stations than Tesla currently have Supercharging stations so there’s probably not going to be an issue there.

In many places the public network is far better than the Supercharger network. This will become more the case over time. Tesla cannot possibly invest as much into rolling out Superchargers as other networks can spend. Add to this increased standardisation that will come online as more focus on charging standards (ala CCS) emerges, and the idea of a reliance on one specific brands charging network will look as antiquated as the early 2000s mobile phone chargers.

There are lots of level 3 chargers in WA State. Lots of campgrounds with 240 volt 50 amp outlets, as well. If I can get most places in a 2013 leaf, I can get virtually anywhere with this truck.

Impossible? Do you have any actual evidence for that?

I think we should wait to see what Rivian can do, rather than jumping to a conclusion based on zero evidence.

A pickup NOT aimed at the working vehicle segment. It’s aimed at the wealthy who want highly-capable toys. Confirmed by their marketing materials which talk about strollers, surfboards, cycles and putting on your hiking boots. No talk about bricks or planks. This is the common sense way to go when your production volume is low. The 180kWh version will be over $100,000… haven’t seen a price for that yet. Rivian will want to be coy about releasing top-of-the-line pricing before Tesla does, and also because they simply don’t know how much their batteries will cost, beyond a rough ballpark. Where is the information about how many of these will be produced? We all know the massive production numbers of Ford’s F-150. It is too easy to put the word “electric” in front of “pickup” and assume you get all the same aspects of a gasoline pickup, but it’s electric instead. If Rivian is producing 10,000 of these per year… this is all sizzle and no steak. We know Tesla has the world’s largest battery factory, and as of now, Rivian has no battery factory. So forget about 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and concentrate on how many GWh of batteries will… Read more »

They plan on getting production up to 50,000 a year by 2025 according to a couple of reports, so the same sort of numbers as the Model S.

Not going to take over the world, but a nice mid volume number.

Even if Rivian produces only 5000 trucks the first year with more customers waiting, you still don’t think this spells trouble for the Fords of the world? … obviously not the 1st year, but look 2-3 years ahead.

That is the whole point of these releases … they must scare the legacy OEM’s … if not, it will be popcorn time in not so long distance, certainly for some of them.

If Rivian really can sell this SUT truck (knock on wood!) then it certainly is a toe in the door of replacing gasmobiles SUVs, CUVs (and whatever-UVs) and pickups with BEVs.

Of course, this had to happen sooner or later. Congratulations to Rivian for being the first to do a public Reveal of their SUT!

Since 95% of pickup truck owners don’t use their truck to do actual “work”, ever, at least Rivian is realistic.

Commercial during half-time with a bunch of ICE pickup trucks romping around in mud and moving loads of bricks while towing is the ridiculous stuff, when most truck owners are careful not to do things that would scuff up the Rhino-lining that they had sprayed into their beds.

Quite true

6,000 lbs. empty for a pickup truck !

Actually it’s more like 7500 lbs empty

No, that’s GVWR, so the max weight it can be.


Doesn’t look like CGI to me. But some of it appears to be sped up.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Someone from the socks ‘n’ sandals crowd complaining about the carbon emissions of the camp fire shown in the promo video in 5…4…3…

“Beyond its truckness…”

Is “truckness” a word? Well, I guess it is now! 😉

Great to learn that Rivian’s RT1 SUT (not really a “pickup”) is capable of some real off-roading! That will certainly help it sell.

Go Rivian!

I hope they can find the funding to manufacture it.

Showing the truck go through mud or water doesn’t impress. All truck ads show similar footage. They need to setup an insane course that Ford and Dodge can’t get through, show them getting stuck/stall and then show the Rivian going around the stalled Ford’s and Dodges to the finish. That will impress.