Watch Rimac C_Two Reveal


Revealed yesterday at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the Rimac C_Two stole the thunder from all of the other exotics, supercars and hypercars on the various stages.

Its numbers are insane:

  • 1,914 HP
  • 2,300 newton-meters of torque
  • 0 to 60 MPH in 1.85 seconds

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It’s unmatched. Not even the new Tesla Roadster can compete.

Now we get to watch the moment it all happened courtesy of this video from Rimac.

Video description:

The magnificent unveiling moment when it all came together.

Music by the brilliant 2CELLOS and what a great match it was with the astounding Rimac C_Two.

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That is one beautiful piece of engineering. Ways to go Rimac

Can’t wait to see Richard Hammond wreck this one too.

Good One!

As long as he comes out pretty much unscathed in the end, then let’s start the race and rinse and repeat!

The show must go on!

I think at this point lower 0-60 times just can’t get me interested, unless they turn negative. We’re way beyond anything sane or comfortable anyways…

++++++ Yea Really…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

A $1.4 Million price tag????

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Why does the nose cone look like the older Model S?

Man, do you see Tesla everywhere?

Why does his mustache look like Tesla fascia?
Why do her eyes look like Tesla headlights?
Why? Why?

Uh oh, they stated HORSEPOWER. Not a good thing to list when talking electric, unless you are releasing the full power of the motor.
Cannot compete with Tesla Roadster 2 at this price and the fact that it cant drive 600 miles like the roadster with same performance

I love how this article loves baiting Elon with statements like, “Not even the new Tesla Roadster can compete.” Actually, the new Tesla hasn’t been released yet, and Elon actually alluded to it maybe having even more oomph than was originally announced. Added to it that we all know Elon won’t be content to be #2. And finally, the release quarter mile time for the Rimac is actually slower (low 9’s vs. high 8’s for the Tesla), so I’m not sure “can’t even compete” makes sense.

Another Euro point of view

Well done Rimac ! Perhaps I might add that the woman with the brown hair on the left hand side when uncovering the car is a beautiful piece of (DNA) engineering as well.