Watch Rain Go Up And Over Tesla Model X’s Panoramic Windshield – Video


Rain goes up and over the modelX windshield! Cc Steve Jurvetson

Posted by Bubba Murarka on Thursday, October 1, 2015

This video, captured by Bubba Murark as he rides along in Steve Jurvetson’s Tesla Model X, captures rains as it goes up and over the Tesla Model X’s panoramic windshield.

It’s mesmerizing…

Time for some Rain-X treatment.

Bonus road trip video:

And lastly, an image of Jurvetson with his Model X at a Supercharger:

Model X At Supercharger

Model X At Supercharger

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At first, I couldn’t put my finger on it. But now I know where Elon got the inspiration for the Model X’s grill. Can you get a Model X in green? 😉

Looks more like a Viper.

Like a moon roof, I hope that there is a sliding cover that can shut down the sun exposure through that windshield. The last thing I want in Arizona is to have the summer sun beating down on me through that expanded windshield.

I like it. No more pretending to be something it’s not: an ICE Vehicle. This design makes a clear and bold statement that it’s an EV. This is a good thing, IMHO.

Still think the intake looks like a cat nose. In fact, I’ll mock up what kind of nose-art / decal I’d put on my Model Ill when I get a chance– assuming Tesla does something similar with it. 🙂

Quick Sample Nose Art.

Hope this works…

That looks like a butt crack. 😉

Aaaaand, you see pimples, where I see whisker divots? 😉

and a red poop?

hahahaha that’s hilarious!

Almost a funny as seeing how the i8’s rear is birthing a 911:

I don’t think it looks as good as a front of the Model S I actually like the more traditional grille look with the nose cone as on the Model S this just looks cheap somehow for a $130,000 vehicle

I like the front of the one modders they had on here.

Elon, please take note of this and try and incorporate it maybe in the Model 3?

If I had the money after robbing a couple banks, I would have that other company just fix the front fascia for me….lol

i think Tesla is still “evolving” it’s front grill design. that said, most auto manufacturers don’t design the front grill of every car to look the same.

Agreed. My colleagues and I took a look and we all said the same thing, “Looks like a cheap Chinese car from the front.”

Well.. that should make it easier for them to make a knockoff, thus more cheaper EVs for the world. Yay!

I think it’s the kind of look that grows on you.

The previous X design looked too much like a fat Model S. Changing the grille eliminates that illusion, IMO.

It looks much better in RED.
And I like white generally.

i agree, but i think the dark blue color looks even better.

Nice…next should be a video showing the face of the guy paying the bill for the replacement of this windshield due to stone chips damages 🙂

When he gets the bill for Falcon Wing door repairs his head will explode.

Seriously, these overengineered doors look like a potential nightmare in terms of relability and service costs.

I think there is this thing called… How do you say again, in English?

Ah yes… A MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY. would shift the head explosion to a legal entity then. It is a lot less messy ;-).

No wonder Tesla is still looking for a new CFO 🙂

Dangerous job.

Not your risk or concern, i.e., potential owners need not worry. 🙂

X is not a Pandora’s box. It’s just shockingly progressive for an EV, let alone a crossover. It takes human culture time to adjust to radical change…

The tell will be what slant to the Model X / Tesla narrative, folks are spreading next March; if Tesla demos a design candidate for consumers to bitch about then.

Meaning, Model lll.

That makes too much sense for him/her/it.

the falcon wing door is a really nifty technical gadget, but it is a bit of a rube goldberg contraption that isn’t really worth the cost; and it isn’t even all that practical for daily use. i generally put packages in the rear seat so i open and close the rear door to put stuff in and take stuff out. if i had to wait 10-15 seconds for the door to open and close i might bias toward putting stuff in the front seat.

Well then, you’ll be happy to learn that one InsideEVs commentor timed it at 6 seconds to open, 7 seconds to close. About the same as powered sliding minivan doors take to open and close.

The 10-15 second time refers to falcon wing doors opening in a very restricted space, not the typical open/close time.

the thing about minivan doors is that you can shut them manually. if i had a minivan, i would probably almost never use the automatic closing function. by contrast, the falcon wing door on the Model X looks like it would be rather awkward to close manually if you are seated inside.

Hence WHY IT HAS A CLOSE BUTTON on the inside. /sigh.

No more Stone Chip worries, just use Transparent Aluminum! (Star Trek 6, The Journey Home!)

– “What they can’t do is penetrate transparent aluminum armor. This clear ceramic material can stop a round from an anti-aircraft gun, and it’s half as heavy and thick as bullet-resistant glass.”

So, if Team wanted, they could engineer that Windshield out of Glass with a thin layer of Transparent Aluminum on the outside, and Stone Chip woories fade away!!

At the risk of revealing myself as a Trekkie…

That would be Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home


I stand Corrected! I believe it was spring of 1987, I saw it playing in a Theatre I visited with a Friend, in Calgary, a Few Employers Back! More importantly – I realized it was Real – maybe about 3-4 years later when I read about it in a side bar in either Popular Science or Popular Mechanics Magazines! So – I did a quick search and found lots of links on it – just picked those three for a selection! And – Some of the least visible or transparent things – normally – are quite see through – when a few atoms thick: Like Gold films applied to glass by vapor deposition, as may be used within airliner windows! I am sure that Transparent Aluminum might be a bit overkill for normal users, but it would be a critical feature if they stretched the Model X to make it an Executive Limo! That High Caliber resistance could be the important element, along with a potential 140 – 180 kWh Battery Pack under such a Limo! It might not do a blistering 3.2 Seconds 0-60, but – I bet they could put in 4.0 Seconds for that run even in… Read more »

To add on to your comment, I believe I heard Tim Cook (or one of the other Apple Execs) mention the use of transparent aluminum when they introduced the iPhone (or maybe it was the iPad Pro?). The exact words I believed they used was “a piece of clear aluminum” which immediately made me think of the Star Trek movie.

I always thought transparent aluminum was possible, glad to see that smarter people than me agreed and actually went out and made the stuff!

It’s really a ceramic amalgam with aligned aliminum crystals fused in it. Not great for optics.

Maybe not great, but I would call greater than 80% translucence pretty darn good. Besides, anything that can take a .50 cal round is ok in my book!

I thought I saw something on Modern Marvels about transparent aluminum as well.I think it was an episode all about aluminum if I remember correctly. I could picture Elon making a totally clear Model X out of it if he could.

Because someone who can afford one of these won’t have insurance?

Get real or get a brain.

I think more common would be the person with “glass damage insurance”. So that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

What I think is that I don’t have anywhere near enough money to afford one!


I see what you did there! 😉

Since the windshield on the Model X is so big I am assuming there is no sun visor. So then,how one block the sun from shining into their eyes without a visor?

Sun visors are on the pillars and appear to attach to the rear view mirror when deployed via a magnet.

Does anyone know if the Model X have a sun visor?

Yes, obviously. They tuck into the side A Pillars, extend out, and clip to the back of the rear view mirror.

Normally I would just say meh about this kind of stuff but……
Holy s***t! It’s raining in CA!!!!!!

But never enough…

it’s actually not that unusual for it to “rain” in the san francisco bay area this time of the year but usually the rain evaporates before reaching the ground. in this case, enough rain reached the ground to mist the windshield.

I don’t think it looks as good as a friend of the Model S I actually like the more traditional real look with the cone it’s on the Model S this just looks somehow cheap for a $130,000 vehicle

I think it looks just different, I didn’t like the Model S in pictures, but loved it the first time I saw it in real life.
Maybe its the same with the X, maybe not but pictures can be deceiving.

That is the guy that was vin 6 I think. Also interviewed Musk, and he is one of the ‘money’ men, venture capital angels is the current term, behind the company.
I think it is working.

this demonstration was done in a light rain. if it had been raining heavily, he would have had to have used his wipers.

What we see next? video of a cat hiding under a Model X?

Please wake-up! Please we want to see more details of the X:
About the front trunk, the back seats, how they work and are mounted, especially the 3-row how the fold, how big is the trunk folded or upright, how those automated front door work in practice and what about those door handles? they don’t pop-up anymore, etc…..

i think the Model X is a neat car, but i am highly skeptical about the commercial prospects for this car. the pricing is simply going in the wrong direction at a time when Tesla was ill-advised to introduce a new car that was designed with a “cost no object” approach. there are too many gadgets that run up the cost of the car but don’t really provide particularly important utility. i mean, really, can anyone really say that it was important to develop falcon wing doors? yeah, i get it, it makes it easier to load stuff into the car, but the thing has a rear hatch…

Nose looks weird on the white, but great on the other colours I have seen so far.

where do you put the number plate on the front?

Rain-X? I have been using it since 1981 on my 1980 Ford Mustang, and every one of my GM vehicles use it now.