Watch Porsche Mission E Glide On Snow


Despite being roughly a year away from the production model’s unveiling, Porsche already paints a fairly clear picture of what Mission E buyers can expect.

Cold-weather development of the Porsche Mission E continues, and a new spy video provides a variety of views of the upcoming EV’s testing on snowy streets. This is a great opportunity to see the upcoming electric sedan from every angle.

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The production Mission E blends design elements from the Panamera and 911. The styling features a flat, broad nose that leads back to a swept back A-pillar. A rounded rear takes details from the brand’s iconic sports coupe.

The Mission E will have a base price on par with the Panamera at around $85,000, but buyers will be able to upgrade from there. While the lowest level trim will reportedly have 402 horsepower (300 kW), the range topper will pack a more potent 670 hp (500kW). In the middle, there will likely be a model with 536 hp (400 kW).  Total range will be 310 miles (499 kilometers) in the NEDC test but will possibly grow with more powerful models. The model will also use Porsche’s 800-volt charging system that will allow for 249 miles (400 km) of distance in just 20 minutes, but this will possibly only be from the firm’s  proprietary chargers.

The Mission E will roll out of a brand new factory, and the company expects to build 20,000 units a year – with room to adjust if necessary. A few years later, the company will add another variant to the range, which will likely take some cues from the recent Cross Turismo concept. Later, a Macan-based EV might join the lineup, too.

Porsche’s early forays into electrification have reportedly gone well. A top exec recently admitted that hybrid versions of the Panamera occupy 60 percent of the model’s sales in Europe. The volume has been as high as 90 percent in places like Norway and Belgium.

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The beauty of silence.

I really haven’t paid much attention to what Porsche’s electrification plans have been. I knew of the mission e, but I’m more of a Tesla fanboy waiting for my model 3 reservation. This was the first time I’ve actually watched the mission e in motion, and I have to say I might be in love. That thing is pure sex. I can’t stop thinking about it. Damn.

I think Porsche will be shocked by the percentage of buyers dumping Cayenes, Macans and Panameras for Mission E and Cross Turismo. The 2 mission e models will be the main line, and the current ICE models will become niche models.

I wish they would respect the traffic sign at 1:07. The test drivers are well known for their reckless driving.

OMG, why would you put the blinker with the head lights? It’s getting harder to see this important signalling with blinkers placed in odd positions on vehicles, but having them washed out by the head lights is just plain stupid.

350 kW 800V charging is CCS standard and not Porsche proprietary.

Reminds me of a Charger for some reason. Looks better though i think.