Watch Nissan’s US Production Line Build A New 2013 LEAF (2 videos)

JAN 14 2013 BY JAY COLE 4

Nissan USA has put out a “manufacturing B-Roll” of the operation and construction that goes into building a new 2013 Nissan LEAF.


US Worker Puts The Final Touches On A New Entry Level (S Model) Dash

We find B-Roll footage to sometimes be refreshing, because there is no embedded sounds, auto-propaganda, or fancy graphics – just a good, real life look at the subject at hand; in this case, all the ins and outs of making an electric car.

Additionally, Nissan has droppedĀ some B-Roll footage on the completed, US-made, LEAF itself.





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4 Comments on "Watch Nissan’s US Production Line Build A New 2013 LEAF (2 videos)"

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I’m surprised the battery gets installed so early on in the process. I would have thought it would have been one of the last things.

Nice video find Jay. You must have some Nissan connections. It’s nice to see Americans actually building something. Do you know if the U.S. Leaf will also have the same, roughly 10 mile, range boost as the one in Japan has that just came out?



I know my fair shake of Nissan execs, but I can’t take any credit for those videos; Nissan put them out in a press kit randomly…I just figured I’d pass it along. They probably would have got lost in the all the hulabalo thats going to go down in the next 2-3 days at the NAIAS.

I’m can’t really talk about the range for the 2013, but you are not going to see 10 miles based on the methodology of the EPA testing. Should see pricing on Monday, but I dont think the Monroney sticker has been put to bed yet (at least that I know of)

OK, thanks.