Watch NIO EP9 Set Nurburgring Track Record For EVs – Onboard Video

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Watch the electric hypercar whine its way to a 7:05 record.


Last November we were introduced to the Nio EP9 in a rather spectacular way when it lapped the Nurburgring in just over seven minutes. That lap was – and still is – a record for any electric car at The Green Hell. It also eclipsed several benchmarks set by some rather notable performance giants using internal combustion power, the Nissan GTR and Dodge Viper ACR being among them. The Shanghai-based startup then took the EP9 to the Circuit of the Americas in Texas, where it lapped the 3.4-mile track in 2 minutes and 40 seconds – all by itself.

We mention this driverless adventure because it’s spooky and awesome, but also because it adds an interesting spin to this particular story. Nio recently released the on-board video of the full lap from the record-breaking Nurburgring run, and while that lap most certainly had a driver at the wheel, we can’t help but notice a certain amount of, well, boredom from the wheelman as the car whines its way around the ‘Ring.

This must be due to the camera angle, or the helmet covering a majority of the driver’s face, because certainly there’s nothing boring about a seven-minute lap around the Nurburgring. There’s also nothing boring about the EP9, from its sinfully good looks to the four electric motors that generate a total of 1,341 horsepower. Each motor has its own gearbox, and with all the technology in sync the car hits 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, 124 mph in 7.1 seconds, and tops out at 195.

Still, check out the driver’s face (what you can see of it) towards the end of the video as the EP9 blasts down Döttinger Höhe. We’ve never seen anyone quite so nonchalant at what would presumably be speeds close to 200 mph. We’re not suggesting the car was doing all the work here – if anything being the sole passenger in an autonomous car reaching airliner velocities would be freak-worthy. To us, this footage suggests the EP9 is capable of even more. Aside from a few moments of audible tire-scrubbing and skipping, this electric hypercar seemed buttoned down and insanely composed. That’s a telltale sign of a superb driver, but also of an amazing car.

Now is a great time to be a fan of speed, and we can’t wait to see what’s next from the folks at Nio.

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13 responses to "Watch NIO EP9 Set Nurburgring Track Record For EVs – Onboard Video"

  1. philip d says:

    Is 6th fastest time on Nurburgring in non-series division. Strangely would come in 6th in the Production divisions as well.

    I guess that will silence the naysayers that claim EVs are only quick in a straight line like the Tesla. As battery energy density climbs and weight falls we’ll start to see some records fall as well.

    1. turboro says:

      Green Hell yes! Thousands of ICE cars broke records in the past 40 years, there comes one of the first real EV sportscars and settles a time in low 7″ !!! What can we expect in the next 10 years? At least a proof that EV’s can also go fast around tracks 🙂

    2. DJ says:

      Who says that EVs are only fast in a straight line? I’ve heard a lot of comments like Tesla’s are only fast in a straight line which is pretty true (their Nurburgring lap time was what 10 mins) but not all EVs in general, i.e. those ones whose batteries can take it.

      1. pjwood1 says:

        The Ring is 12 miles. Going hard, the AWD PD’s start at ~500HP, but see ~250-300 well before the end of the first lap. It isn’t because they’re slow. I think it’s mostly because the NIO must be addressing heat. I don’t blame Tesla for not intercooling its motor’s oil. I’d sooner blame the over-kill American drivers buy into their cars, for what amounts to under-performance in real world acceleration.

        There is ‘Ring video of 8-9 minute Tesla times, where you can see the dash hash marks show up, limiting power at about 2 min’s in (I have no idea if the car was already somewhat hot). You can also see that it is very fast, and not bad within the large luxury sedan times. A 7:05 is only 9 seconds off the Porsche 918, and in an entirely different class. -And the 918 has a V8..

  2. Kdawg says:

    I would rather the 2nd camera was on the speedometer vs. the driver’s face.

    1. trackdaze says:

      Same, lets assume it spent most of its time in the right half of the dial.

      Green hell is probably what the dinojuice producers will name the car not the track.

      In ten short years of development of the ev it has caught up to 100 years of internal combustion.

      1. turboro says:

        Yes, almost scary to be true that 130 years of internal combustion, is caught up within 10 years of EV development

        1. Kdawg says:

          Technically EVs came before the ICE, and it’s not like we haven’t been working on the technology the last 100 years.

  3. ModernMarvelFan says:

    That is one sweet performance car.

    Hmm, I might take this thing over a Ferrari for sure.

    Of course, at those price range, it is about how “rare” the car is.

    I wonder if they are going to trash it still on The Grand Tour.

  4. Jake Brake says:

    Considering they were only at 80% on a cold day out of the box id say they are eyeing the #1 spot this spring.

  5. Brian says:

    That’s got to be the worst sounding race car ever! I had to turn the volume off after 1:30 – just can’t stand that high pitched whine.

    They should record the sweet sound of a Ferrari and integrate it into a cabin sound system.

    1. Nick says:

      Or the sound of horse hoofs beating the track!

  6. Miggy says:

    Chris, can you please keep the Metric measurements as you change and add the out-dated units that you use.