Watch New Tesla Roadster Accelerate 0-60 MPH in 1.9 Seconds In Max Plaid Mode – Videos


Zero-to-60 MPH in 1.9 seconds (full specs here) makes it the quickest production car ever, and judging by these videos, it seems up to that mighty title.

Revealed last night following the debut of the Tesla Semi, the new Tesla Roadster appears mighty capable both on paper and in the real world.

To our surprise, Tesla actually had a working version of the new Roadster on hand last night and it sure did impress. And yes, it comes with Maximum Plaid mode as promised.

Check out these videos to see for yourself just what zero-to-60 in 1.9 seconds or so looks like.

Video description:

Tesla dropped a bombshell at their Semi Truck event with a “one more thing moment” as they revealed the upcoming 2020 Tesla Roadster. I placed a deposit on the $200,000 car while at the event and went for an amazing test ride.

Tesla Roadster Specs are nothing short of incredible with 0-60 MPH in just 1.9 seconds, high 8’s in the 1/4 mile, 600+ mile range and a top speed of 250 MPH!

Video description:

Skip to the good part: 55:28

Video description:

Tesla has a new roadster planned for 2020, here’s how fast it can move.

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OMG. They already have designed rolling prototypes RUNNING. That design team never sleeps.

I’ll take a hit on this, but now there is another car for little boys who never grew up. Nobody NEEDS a car that goes 0-60 in 1.9 seconds, nobody.

If we had to explain that to you, you wouldn’t understand.

Well said. I’m OLD but see the market for such exotica as completely realistic- not for me, of course.

Bet they become popular in Germany! 😛

What about James Bond?

You are right, no-one needs a car that fast but as all the super/hyper-cars that already are out there show – lots of people WANT such a car.

Not True! Anyone who Spent a Million $ or more on a Supercar already: NEEDS THIS CAR! If for no other reason than to show them, they got Robbed With the Purchase of their ICE Supercar!

If you are willing to spend over a million, there is no way you will buy a roadster, there are much nicer cars.

And what’s wrong with toys or enjoying life for that matter?

Some people don’t have functioning adrenaline receptors and that’s OK, but mine work just fine.

Amazing that Tesla has a working production intent Tesla Roadster! This will send shock waves to the exotic car makers…

… pun intended!

Ohm my god.

+1 clever!

Waiting Faraday in my Cage, for a shot at this car!

It could make an interesting Ghost Car for Highway Patrol departments, too!

I’m shocked too.
That roadster looks 99% done!

Steering wheel? Side mirrors? Wheels?

This looks street legal to you?

But now I know why companies spend tons of money on “concept cars” 🙁

Wheels? Do tell…

Wheels look production ready…
Mirrors? One of the two trucks didn’t have mirrors, Tesla has been aggressively trying to get side cameras approved in place of mirrors, perhaps they have insider info and succeeded or received a special exception for the truck/roadster only…

Steering wheel, I’m unsure what the laws actually are…

But with the mirrors and steering wheel, would have been extremely easy to bolt on Model S/X steering wheels and side mirrors…

Are you actually suggesting that the totally kewl (altho I’m not sure about practical) steering wheel shown on this galactically awesome car isn’t street legal?

I never heard of such a thing.

Once as a teenager I had an early Econoline van with a stripped-out steering wheel adapter.

Drove it everywhere with a pair of 6″ vise-grips as a steering wheel. They only fell off once.

Passengers were trippin 🙂

That was a really stupid thing to do.

Chris Christie's Belt

My friend drove with the hood open and his little brother spraying gumout into the carb while handing on.

Tesla roadster is awesome it will destroy all dirty toxic gas guzzling supercars LOL

Another Euro point of view

The thing is, powerful electric motors exist for more than 100 years.
Some years ago a guy made in his garage an electric car able to do 0-60 in 1.8 sec. (google “white zombie”).
The real achievement in the car industry is to mass produce reasonably priced EV’s with good reliability records AND make profits doing that. That is about 1 million times harder than making “white zombie” in red.
Now for sure Tesla needs money so hopefully a couple of presentation should keep the narrative going, not that it fools Wall street but it fools their retail customers which is sufficient.

Yes. There is also a very limited market for $250k 2-seater sports cars. Maybe Tesla will sell 5k of them but that won’t generate any significant profit.

@Someone out there said: “Maybe Tesla will sell 5k of them [Roadsters] but that won’t generate any significant profit…”

~$117,000 margin X 5,000 = $585M

Another Euro point of view

Yes me know the huge gross margins Tesla makes. They use a Tesla made computer to calculate those.

Stupid comments belong at Seeking Alpha. Please go there.










Technically this is a 4 seater. And the white zombie didnt have a 600 mile range or a supercharger network.

Also, don’t think White Zombie had even a Leisurely 200 Miles range, Let Alone a 620 Mile Range!

This is hard to judge, as others state, I can’t see this costing much more than a Model S to make and it sells for a lot more.

Not only that, pretend this helps sell maybe 50,000 more Model S or Model 3 cars than would otherwise sell. That number is made up and really hard to quantify, even for Tesla, but halo vehicles have that kind of effect.

“…I can’t see this costing much more than a Model S to make and it sells for a lot more.”

You’re ignoring the economic effect of scaling production. If the Model S was made in as few numbers as this new Roadster will be, then it would be a lot more expensive too.

Just because you can’t see the reasons this would cost more to make doesn’t mean there are no reasons.

I can see a few: three more powerful motors. 200 kWh pack. Everything else mechanical must be much stronger because of the extreme to speed. Exotic tires are required (I seem to recall the ones for the Chiron are $5000 a piece).

And then there’s the development cost, to be shared over much fewer vehicles. Homologation in multiple markets. Developing a production line. Deciding where to get parts and working out all the logistics of the operation. All of this stuff is obviously cheaper per car the more cars you make.

Back in the old days when electronics played little role I remember reading an article about how BMW transformed $4000 worth of raw materials into a $40,000 car. It doesn’t mean their profit was $36,000 per car…

Assuming only 10% of those will be reservations that’s still 500 * 50k = 25m of $ as a percentage free loan to tesla.

Margins may be bad (or good, sporty roadster may well use same battery config as S/X!), but free cash is never so 😉

Right, and the reservations they got last night probably paid for the event.
It was a great move and probably why the reveal got pushed back.

It seats four (no b-ball players, though).

Gosh, you must be fun at parties. 🙄

Yes, the White Zombie is an impressive bit of conversion EV engineering. It’s also one of the ugliest drag racers I’ve ever seen.

Nobody, and I do mean nobody, would pay the kind of money Tesla will get for the next-gen Roadster, for a Datsun 1200 sedan conversion EV!

I’d buy that for a dollar! …heck, maybe two.

But the same guy’s next creation (Zombie 222
a Ford Mustang ‘68) is better looking and faster (1.79 sec 0-100km/h)

Oh come on. The Zombie 222 is really cool as a project car but it isn’t a real car.

It’s has a giant battery block that fills the entire hatch and back seat area almost up to shoulder height. And he has multiple toggle switches he has to flip while driving to feed more power to the motors.

If you see it from the front or behind is has visible negative wheel camber because it is so heavy and the suspension isn’t adequate.

And it has a whopping 37 kWh pack with a range of 100 miles.

And although it hits 60 in 1.8 seconds its 1/4 mile time is 9.89 seconds which certainly isn’t bad but isn’t sub 9 seconds either.

So this is purely a conversion battery electric drag car without any modern safety features or refinement with the entire back half of the car stuffed with heavy batteries placed up too high.

Why so negative?

If you can do better, then do so!

I think he was just pointing out the negatives, not really “being negative”.

It’s quick off the line, good for prick waving contests and nothing more.

Put it on a track and it won’t even finish.

Take it down a twisty back road and exhileration will turn to misery.

It’s a damn cool science project but that’s it.

Having driven White Zombie years ago, I can tell you it had about a 30 mile range with lead-acid and about 100 mile range with lithium. Have also driven Gone Postal. Good times 🙂

BTW, John Wayland of Portland, OR is the builder of White Zombie. Mitch Medford of Austin, TX is the builder of Zombie 222.

Roy, thanks that tip and Clarification! Good to know! I heard about White Zombie back in 2006 or so, and it motivated me to get an EV Conversion of my own: was a story of that Acquisition!

“Having driven White Zombie years ago…”

Congratulations! I hope you’ll be a regular posting comments here; it would be nice to see comments from someone so knowledgeable on the subjects of EV conversion cars and EV drag racing.

Try to grow with his point, why don’t you. He didn’t say people would buy the thing. He said manufacturing it on an efficient manner at a profit is the difficult bit, and that achieving sub-two-seconds to sixty isn’t the incredible achievement you all pretend it to be. Nothing about your reply even begins to address any of his points – and instead you attack him for not being fun at parties. What do we call the kind of people who do this..?

Terawatt said:

“…achieving sub-two-seconds to sixty isn’t the incredible achievement you all pretend it to be.

Nobody has ever done that before in a production car. Ever. If you don’t find that incredible or at least impressive, that’s your problem, dude.

“…instead you attack him for not being fun at parties. What do we call the kind of people who do this..?”

Hmmm, I dunno, maybe “we” call them people who don’t have a stick up their ass, a fault you seem to share with him?

Could the home-made car compete on a track?
Did it have 600 miles of range?
Was it reliable?
Was it even pleasurable to do anything in it other than drag race? Because that’s generally all that home-made hot rods are good for – stop light bragging rights.

If this Tesla can beat Porsche’s finest at Nurburgring then it will be shockingly impressive.

I hope they change the steering wheel. That is outright dangerous if you lose grip of the wheel and needs to grab it again quickly. A round wheel you can grab anywhere

No worries.

That’s concept car. No side mirrors too.

Awesome car for juvenile 1%er’s

Yes, Tesla is also targeting the Lamborghini crowd…

Looks more like the Hellcat crowd, from the demonstrations. You can take anything to a drag strip, but I think you’ll find more Lamborghinis at race tracks. can take anything to race tracks too. Don’t want to get called out.

At $200,000 a car I think it will be the 10%ers of the population.

There a lot of people who can pay that amount, it is more a matter of how many want to spend that amount of money on a car vs something else.

That’s sad that your young spirit has died.

Brilliant! Can’t wait to see the Roadster at the track, laughing at Demons, Ferrari’s, McLarens, etc. This whole time, for years those manufacturers have been happy when their million dollar cars BARELY beat Model S’s by the quarter mile mark.. Model S’s that weren’t even designed for the purpose.

Now what?

Now we wait to see how it performs on the Nürburgring “Green Hell” racing circuit. Or in the “unlimited speed” lane of the Autobahn.

In other words, the question is: How well has Tesla dealt with the problem with the Model S overheating after ~12 minutes at maximum or near-maximum speed?

I seem to remember Dodge claiming that the Hellcat could drain the gas tank in 12 minutes at WOT, which is a 40 mile range at 200 mph.

There is a reason these cars have a 60 gallon fuel cell added for racing.
None of these cars are really capable of performing at maximum potential for very long.

Track faithful should honestly also point out there are plenty of ICE cars that can ~terminally heat up inside 20 minutes. So, if you’re driving them for recreation (I know its sinful, but a couple times a year), you bail out of the throttle and maybe live with lower speeds from corner to corner. Teslas over-heat, but can go for much more than 5 minutes at their reduced (4,800lb/300HP) mode. Just use the same strategy. That’s why I don’t think it’s bashing Tesla, or Musk, to openly wonder where things stand on this issue. The driver, with Drag Times above, hinted the cars could repeat accelerations, and keep taking people. Great, but not enough info (yet). For $250,000, almost ten years into development, throw the track people a bone. They’re a more evolved species, than the knuckle-dragging 0-XX types, anyway.

A race driver can turn most cars into a smoking heap of junk in a few minutes on the track.

They appear to be gunning to wipe out the track issue as the last refuge of ICE “superiority” based on the size of the battery. The large battery helps with available power too but seems unnecessarily large if that is the only aim.

It has been said that while a Model S CAN reach 155 Mph, it is More comfortable cruising at 125 Mph (And can do at least 20 Minutes straight at that speed)! So, if this car CAN REACH 250 MPH, I bet it would be fine cruising at 200 Mph! Just Sayin’

“The large battery helps with available power too but seems unnecessarily large if that is the only aim.”


A very large battery pack means a comfortable margin of power available, which in turn means less overheating of the battery pack.

Of course I’m just guessing here, but I think it’s an educated guess. Tesla has gotten “dinged” by the gearhead crowd for their high-performance cars not being able to do laps on a real race track without overheating. Of course, the Models S and X are not intended to be track cars, even if they are used as drag racers. But there will be an expectation that the new Roadster will handle a track better.

My guess, or prediction if you will, is that the reason the new Roadster has what appears to be an oversized battery pack is to deal with the waste heat problem. Well, that and giving it…

Another Euro point of view

OK, I am now really willing to learn how to become good public for this.

What is best I say now for example:

1/ Awesome!!!!!!!!
2/ Cool !!!!!!
3/ Wow !!!!!!!!!!!

Please help me. Thanks in advance

Any one of those three is good or a combination thereof.

Another Euro point of view

OK, thanks.

Don’t confuse him.
Just pick one and go with it.
I think WoW! would be good for you.
Hard to mess it up as it spelled the same way backwards and forwards.


3-letter palindrome- too basic.

He needs to start small with learning how to post comments that don’t result in everyone wanting him to be banished to Seeking Alpha hell.

For now, he can take baby steps with just saying “Wow!” Walk before you can run, and all that.

Maybe in a few months we will be able to proudly accept him into the cult of fervid Tesla worshippers. 😉

Same a my nick-name. Mr. Palindrome (BoB)

The best way to do it is to not comment on stuff you are not interested in. You may not have the money to buy it but others do and will since this is obviously better than anything on the market today.

Is it a Roadster or a Dragster? Let’s stop talking about drag racing and start conquering Nuremberg.

Another Euro point of view

Well, on a 1 to 100 difficulty scale.

Making an electric car that can accelerate fast on a straight line: 5 out of 100.

Making an electric car that can make fast laps on the Nurburgring: 10 out of 100.

Mass producing reasonably priced/reliable cars and selling them at profit: 90 out of 100.

Any your point is …..,

Another Euro point of view

…that there is good hope as having achieved level 1 (5/100) they just need to improve a bit to reach level 3.

This roadster will be highly profitable. The only real cost increase over a Model S outside of R&D is likely the extra 100 KWH battery, and I guarantee that the battery difference is less than 125k. Probably like 10k in 2020.

Another Euro point of view

You may be right, however as part of the car electrification process, the 0-60 performance will become meaningless as so cheap & easy to achieve. It took huge resources to make ICE cars that could do 0-60 in less than 4 seconds, with EVs, just take the electric motor of a large elevator and fix it on a steel frame with wheels. It brings costs down so does profit margins.

Are you serious? Really?

If so, then the depth and breadth of your ignorance of EV engineering is breathtaking!

He does this sh*t all day, every day.

Oh, I forgot. This is the same Euro-FUDster who posted:

“How will hubby explain to wifey that their hard won cash just blew up in smoke buying Tsla stock… That may lead to divorce, that to children with substance abuse issues etc.”

I’ve been cutting Euro-FUDster waaaaaay too much slack over the last few days, in return for his civility. Well, that earns him a bit of leeway with his FUD, but certainly not this much!

In real life does anyone really bother to argue with idiots? Not so much.

If you ignore a troll they won’t bother anymore.


That doesn’t work. If left alone, they multiply and create an alternative reality bubble that blocks out all rational discussion.

If you think that works, go over to Autoblog Green and see what happens when the trolls win.

Roy LeMeur said:

“If you ignore a troll they won’t bother anymore.”

Ordinary trolls, yes. Tesla bashing trolls motivated by greed and attempts to manipulate TSLA stock prices… not so much. If you read InsideEVs comments much, you’ll soon see that this special breed of troll does not go away when ignored.

Dude, why do you feel so compelled to slam Tesla every time they do something in a way you wouldn’t? Tell you what: Start your own EV manufacturing company if you think you can do better. Honestly, I’ll cheer you on if it looks like you can do even a quarter as well as Tesla has.

In the meantime, you might want to consider that you’re attempting to handwave away the entire market for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bugatti, and Alfa Romeo; and to some extent also Aston Martin, Porsche, Jaguar, Infiniti, and Lexus.

Just because you don’t want one, doesn’t mean nobody does! Stop being so mean-spirited.

Define “doing better”. In financial terms, anyone who doesn’t have a company is doing better, by billions, than Tesla has. Even you must admit as much.

It is simply amazing, almost breathtaking, the arrogant way you simply assume you know what people are thinking better than they do themselves.

And for the record: No, a person who is doing nothing is not doing better than Tesla. Seems to go along with your avoiding making any predictions and then sniping at me when a few of my predictions about the Tesla Semi Truck turn out to be wrong… while ignoring the fact that most of them were correct.

“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. — Theodore Roosevelt

This seems to be your motto, Terawatt:

To escape criticism — do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. — Elbert Hubbard

Really? You going to bring this bs again? Who exactly is losing money here? Employees? No! Management? NO! Shareholders? No!!! You, if shorting? YES!!!

Although you said “Nuremberg,” I think that you meant the Nurburgring. It seems likely that if the prototype can perform these acceleration demos for hours without much cooldown time, that it will likely manage a Nio-competitive lap time at the ‘ring in eventual production form.
Even so, I doubt that’s even a goal for Tesla, nor even a requirement to sell as many as they would aim to sell.

Even without the gentleman saying it can do it all night, the extremely large battery implies high speed for sustained distance.

I saw him say to drag times “they have the car hooked up”, meaning the test driver’s actions were being recorded between runs. Tesla may have improved against what multiple runs can do, but these cars were taking their time to get back. Not very track-like. Stan, I think there’s a point of diminishing returns at the current chemistries, especially on tight, un-cambered, technical tracks (like Sebring). It just gets to be too much weight, to be going into and out of corners with. On the other hand, for recreation, most driving clubs don’t send students out for more than 20-30 minute sessions. (Hard to concentrate, when you’re putting @250k of your own assets on the edge.) So, it is hard to tell whether more KWh take sufficiently longer to heat, buying the driver a satisfactory ~10-20 minutes, or if because of the nature of the track they are doomed (again, like some ICE). You raise an interesting question. A 200KWh car could have modes. Another diminishing return is power. Like Corvette chose to with Grand Sport, ~400HP works better for the weekend warrior than 650HP (seriously, few complain, and the “Grand Sport” is the goto car). Insane 650HP figures… Read more »

end got chopped? I meant: Tesla needs to address the heat issue, followed by suggesting that not putting ceramic brakes in a $250k roadster, where you’re modestly embarrassed by weight, is like BMW putting “9.2KWh” in a premium touring car. There’s a price-point where the customer should get more.

Re brakes:

If Tesla has engineered the new Roadster to use regenerative braking for maximum effect, as Elon said or implied the Tesla Semi Truck does, then there is no need for special ceramic brakes, because they will never be used enough to overheat.

Just speculation on my part, of course.

The NIO Ep9 already proved EVs can conquer the Nurburgring. Pretty sure the Roadster will do quite well on the ring.

Not just them, there is also the RIMAC and White Zombie, EV-West and tons of electric car companies.

So we know it is not impossible to start an electric car company so, if a person knows for sure that Tesla is doing it wrong, the question raised is quite valid “If you know better how to do it, why don’t you start an electric car company?”.

Why? Primary buyer of this car will live in California…While they likely have the means to transport their car over to Germany, almost no one will…You can use acceleration on the street, you really can’t use awesome 1.0g+ legally on the streets…

Hellcat/Demon is still considered cooler than the Camaro ZL1

Porsche just realised they need to up their Mission E game

You are right. But by the time the roadster is actually in the hands of customers, Porsche will have ver 2 out. Also the Mission is priced lower than this concept, right?

They’ll be out at the same time. You did see the prototype already designed and running correct? And where’s the Mission E?

Nah. For highest ends of cars Tesla law applies:
“always late”
With very limited volumes of cars Tesla advantage in sheer capacity also do not apply.

So Porsche/Lamborghini/Bugatti/Whatnot vs Tesla is not as stacked against incumbents as even S/X price range.

If the price of revolutionizing the ICE automotive world forcing ICE car makers to change to EV or perish, is that every car they deliver is a few months late, I’m fine with that.


Porsche Mission-E competes against the Tesla Model 3 Performance. Actually, the Model 3 Performance probably outruns it.

The stated range is about the same as the standard range Model 3 of about 220 miles, EPA 5 cycle range. The Model 3 Performance is expected to be substantially faster in 0-60.

I know, right?

Porsche thought they were shooting at PXXXD’s, and Tesla “be like” 3,600lb Model 3’s, and 200KWh Roadsters. Day-um.

Cars like this already exist … think Rimac, albeit more expensive I believe.

It’s nice, good looking and certainly capable … but it’s a supercar for 1% of population and made in limited series.

I am pretty certain that most people here on this site and other sites would prefer slower, less expensive car … think 0-60 sub 8sec., range 300miles and price tag 25K, no incentives required. Now, that would impress a whole lot more people and they could actually afford it too.

It seems, that acceleration is everything to Tesla, lately. They even think the truck drivers are all IndyCar material … LOL

2019 this, 2020 that …. they seem to be all over the place. Focus on model 3 is really what they need right now.

Wait a minute I’m in the 1% of EV drivers in USA and I drive 2016 Leaf SV LOL

Tesla is the only one to understand how to win over the general market. Even if only a small percentage of people buy this, it will make a large percent of people want a Tesla, and maybe they buy a 3 instead.


This is just one example of the “Halo car” effect on an auto makers’ sales.

The empty trailer performance of the Tesla semi is just a byproduct of fullfilling the goal of having a very good maximum GVW acceleration which has always been dismal in diesel 18 gear semis.

Having the ability to accelerate with a full load up to auto traffic speeds coming onto onramps was the goal. This just means that when you empty the cargo the truck will outperform most cars

Is that what we want? Semis competing and racing with cars on our freeways?? What could possibly go wrong? Why do we need freight haulers with sportswear performance?

We don’t. It’s a terrible idea.

Sports car performance. Rrrrrr…

Give me a efing break! Did your parents make you play with Barbies when you were a kid? The roadster is as important to Tesla as the Model 3 is. As kids play with all sorts of exotic models cars they can actually learn and advertise a brand before they evan have the means to buy it.

“Focus on model 3 is really what they need right now.”

Tesla has 33,000 employees. They can’t all huddle around the Gigafactory Model 3 battery pack assembly line at the same time.

The experts in assembly line automation are doing their jobs on the Model 3, the design and R&D folks are doing their jobs on the Semi and Roadster.

I went over to Car and Driver. Poor antiquated souls trying to cope with the idea that they are now obsolete. They’ve now resorted to pulling excuses out of their butts, but you can tell that they’re in shock.

They’re not in shock. Most of them haven’t seen the demo. They only know the headline. By staying really uninformed they keep themselves in the dark and don’t know what they’re talking about.

Some of them really believe Tesla hasn’t delivered anything!
Some of them think Musk misses his deadlines by years.
Not making this up.

You’re not reading genius’s in the comment section there.

They way that they are reacting, they are in the denial/anger stage of their grief.

I think you’re right.

I have a friend who is heavily into hot-rod street racing. A few weeks ago we were sitting around chewing the fat with some friends, and the subject of Tesla came up (not from me). He shocked me by launching into a long angry conspiracy theory rant about how he had seen the results of a FOIA request which, according to him, “proved” Tesla was being secretly funded by the government, and that if it hadn’t been, it would have gone out of business.

It was only after he left that I figured out why he was so upset with Tesla. It’s because a stock unmodified Tesla car — any Tesla car in proper working condition — can beat all but the very tippy-top of the top level “hot rod” gasmobile drag racers. In other words, Tesla is in the process of destroying gasmobile hot-rodding as anything more than an exercise in nostalgia.

They were stupid enough in their back and forth endless arguments on the Ford, Chevy, Dodge thing, which was really splitting hairs. Now introduce something that was radically different and they can’t even process that in their brain.

I love cars and always have. When I got my first EV, it was mind-boggling. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t anywhere near as fast. It was a revelation that the ICE is obsolete.

Unfortunately you have the most closed minded people when you deal with car nuts. Nostalgia, is really the only thing that keeps it going.

I think you mean to impugn most car mags, not “car nuts”. Like this article showing up on Motor1’s website, linking right back here, there is an influence of “who’s running the show”, and are they directed by the ad money Tesla isn’t spending.

This week, when ran (and pulled) a story about Model 3 sitting in a California parking garage for defects, they substituted an image of an Audi along with the error 404. They seem to have no clue how hard they’re working against themselves, sometimes.

I went to their website to see if you are inflating your claims, you were not.

I could not believe the garbage. For instance the claim to be testing the fastest cars of the year but the Tesla model used was not the fastest that Tesla makes this year.

People claiming the new roadster tire can not accelerate or brake so fast, then quickly vanish when it is pointed out present hypercars already do it.

Claims the batteries will fail in a short time, yet as we have already seen they work fine already in other Tesla cars.

And the most stupid claim of all, people will not buy cars that don’t make ICE noises despite us seeing people paying down on the car already on the video of the roll out.

Kudos to Tesla
Hopefully they will put some R&D into the suspension and handling as it maybe quick but Tesla cars are notorious for lack of handling; typically on par with large SUVs die to weight issue

You can hear the test driver talking about the suspension design in Zac’s test ride (from Now You Know YT channel). It’s designed for cornering. Also: torque vectoring.

“…Tesla cars are notorious for lack of handling…” That may be about to change, rather sharply. Here is part of what Kim Reynolds over at Motor Trend had to say about the Model 3: If anybody was expecting a typical boring electric sedan here, nope. The ride is Alfa Giulia (maybe even Quadrifoglio)–firm, and quickly, I’m carving Stunt Road like a Sochi Olympics giant slalomer, micrometering my swipes at the apexes. I glance at Franz—this OK? “Go for it,” he nods. The Model 3 is so unexpected scalpel-like, I’m sputtering for adjectives. The steering ratio is quick, the effort is light (for me), but there’s enough light tremble against your fingers to hear the cornering negotiations between Stunt Road and these 235/40R19 tires (Continental ProContact RX m+s’s). And to mention body roll is to have already said too much about it. Sure, that battery is low, way down under the floor. But unlike the aluminum Model S, the Tesla Model 3 is composed of steel, too, and this car’s glass ceiling can’t be helping the center of gravity’s height. Nearly-nil body roll? Magic, I’m telling you. Magic. And this is the single-motor, rear-wheel-drive starting point. The already boggled mind boggles… Read more »

“Hopefully they will put some R&D into the suspension and handling as it maybe quick but Tesla cars are notorious for lack of handling; typically on par with large SUVs die to weight issue.”

Tesla are not “notorious for lack of handling”. Handling has not been their best feature and has paled significantly compared to straight line speed but the vast majority of reviewers, owners, drivers have describe the handling of the 3 cars as OK.

That’s the first time I’ve heard Teslas handle like SUVs. Model 3 doesn’t weigh more than Audis and BMWs. All Teslas have much lower roll-centers (almost zero body roll), which is where the comparison with SUVs completely falls apart.

Dude, seriously, how hard is it to book a test drive and then swallow your foot?

That is pretty funny. Like an SUV – right.

Come for a drive sometime. Sure it is heavy but it compares quite favorably to a BMW 5 series or similar.

COG really matters A LOT!

They can make something like Roadster 200 pieces of a FXX-RSR GT Chevron and sell it for $1.78 Million per piece, just like the other manufactures do 🙂

hopefully they improve cooling and can go down a track several laps, otherwise it will never get any credit

Will a helmets be provided, to prevent the driver from administering micro-concussions–to themselves even?

Nope. These will be driving on Planet Earth, not Bizarro Planet FUDster.

So are all these specs “aspirational goals” or actual specs?

Color me doubtful but I just don’t see a new Roadster with 620 miles, a 250 mph top speed, and 0-60 under 2 seconds being available for people to actually purchase in 2020.

Looks nice though I have to say. No need for any more rendering stories!

Good god I F’n hate render stories. And honestly, this is better than any render we’ve ever seen. Tesla DNA in a McLaren.

Actual specs of their current prototypes. Drivers at the test drive who are familiar with the car say the numbers are actually conservative.

Of course, these are projected specs as they don’t have the actual production version ready yet.

Model S runs on 245s. The 325s of the Roadster are about as big as you’ll see on street/sports cars. I have to believe it helps the launch. Handling, too. Miles per KWh, not so much.

Soon enough we will have to start the conversation about what is a safe acceleration speed. Under 2 seconds is just ridiculous!
I’m sure that exotic car manufacturer is reconsidering their position on electrics now.

Motorcycles have been close to this for well over a decade:

That’s why I said “soon”….because I think this will go further and the numbers will drop to even more ridiculous levels.

Musk now calls it Plaid, which is correct, so let’s drop maximum part. As Barf says: “They’ve gone to Plaid.”

In that 6-second clip, it reminds me of a cuttlefish dashing away from a threat. All it needs to do is squirt out a cloud of black smoke. (Not engine exhaust though…)

I didn’t know you could get a credit card with a $250,000 limit.

Though, I’m also not a multi-millionaire.

“Founders Series Roadster reservations require an initial $5,000 credit card payment, plus a $245,000 wire transfer payment due in 10 days. Reservations are not final until the wire transfer payment is received.”

I thought it was $45k. $50k to reserve.

Oh, and the 5k is non-refundable.


Well, that will keep out the riff-raff. 😉

the difference is Founders vs. standard. Standard is $50k:

“Roadster reservations require an initial $5,000 credit card payment, plus a $45,000 wire transfer payment due in 10 days. Reservations are not final until the wire transfer payment is received. Balance due at delivery.”

The full amount of the deposit is 100% fully refundable.

“Until you enter into a Purchase Agreement, your Reservation may be cancelled at any time, in which case you will receive a full refund of your Reservation Payment.”

I was just trying to point out that a stuck an extra digit in a (2): You wrote:
“initial $5,000 credit card payment, plus a $245,000”

It is both. Founders series $245,000 and regular $45,000.

Right. I finally got it.
For Founders you have to pay it all now.
That will probably be sold out before Christmas.

You could probably get that much with a $125,000 a year income. However, spread out over a few different cards. The most people generally get in revolving credit is double their annual income.

I had a city controller bring in a computer for repair. The card was issued to the city, not the person but it have a credit limit of $500,000 CND so such cards do exist.

Go Tesla! …no, make that Go-Go-Go Tesla!

* * * * *

FLUKE STARBUCKER: Does this thing do lightspeed?

HAM SALAD: You bet your asteroid, kid.

— “Hardware Wars”

The Roadster 1 made use question gas cars. Model S made gas cars old fashioned. Model 3 made gas cars stupid. Roadster 2 and Semi has made gas cars obsolete. Congrats Elon.

They sure are selling a whole lot of stupid obsolete cars and trucks every day of the week. All EVs combined still struggle to make 2% of overall sales. I think you are way over estimating the Tesla’s actual value in the marketplace. I’m actually more impressed with Nissan and GM right now because they are actively doing what I believe is best for the future, actually getting ordinary middle class people into EVs right now. Today. Not just insecure millionaires like Elon that seem to need to be the center of attention with something to prove again and again. I’m kind of disappointed with the way Tesla is going. It’s become a sort of investor Ponzi scheme with lots of show and sizzle, but poor actual performance and lack of focus. They seem to be more of a design firm than a production company. Maybe that’s what they should do. Do design work for others to build and market. The good news is, Tesla does a good job of inspiring more capable companies to do the actual work of converting our transportation to all electric. The next ten years will be interesting for sure, but I see no way… Read more »

“All EVs combined still struggle to make 2% of overall sales.”

That is the funny thing about exponential growth. It starts off so slow it looks like nothing is happening and then all of the sudden the changes become obvious. It’ll be dead obvious in a few months.

Yeah, I remember when I bought my Pet-1 computer, I probably had the only personal computer for miles around. Four years later I was working at a computer store that sold 1-3 computers a day, ten years later I was in working in another computer store selling computers so fast (C64, Apple II and TI-99s) that we bought them in as truck loads each week. Ataris were sold by our competition.

Today, if you went into any home you expect everyone to have their own computer/tablet/smartphone.

Early 1980’s people laughed at me buying a home computer, 2017 people laugh at people who don’t have a computer/tablet/smartphone.

An old, well-utilized analogy…that everyone seems to forget.

Can I quote you on that in “a few months”? Exactly how long is a few months anyways? 2-3 months? 6 Months? 24 months? As many months as Elon needs??

Sober up. Not every car buyer in the world views the Model 3 (I presume this is what you think will explode the world in “a few months”) as awesome as you do. The car simply doesn’t work for most vehicle buyers. It’s not a pick up, it’s not a CUV, it’s not a SUV, it’s not a hatchback, so that right there knocks out what? 75% or more of the buying public even *IF* they could afford it?

Sorry, there is no revolution. It’s an evolution and mass adoption will come to those that can price and meet the demands of the masses. Tesla has yet to come anywhere close and the reveal of their new “roadster” shows where their heads and hearts really lie.

@Dav8or. So you acknowledge that ICE cars have already passed maximum acceptance and that it is all downhill from here, but you don’t think any LICE (Legacy ICE) manufacturers will fail?
Explain that one again.

Don’t be dumb. I know it’s popular around here to not think straight while on an Elon high, but sober up just for a few minutes. A “LICE” manufacturer and easily become a “LEV” manufacturer as demand increases. It’s really not that tough for them as they have already proven.

Dav8or posted more FUD:

“I’m kind of disappointed with the way Tesla is going. It’s become a sort of investor Ponzi scheme…”

Stupid comments belong at Seeking Alpha. Please go there.

(Credit to “mx”.)

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I wonder if they went for the side view camra instead of those old skool side view mirrors?

The steering wheel suckz though.

In the same way F1 steering ‘wheels’ suck??

Ever drive an F1 car in an Auto-X, or a parking lot? A Tesla will have no steering wheel, before it has that steering wheel.

Exactly. No steering wheel. Entirely voice controlled. So you can say to the car….

“Must go faster.”

What about a Tesla Tanker Truck? Now that would be ironic.

Tesla school bus, city bus, greyhound bus can all come out of tesla semi truck…peterbilt better innovative or die LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

A Tesla Tanker Truck would be Great at Airports, for Fueling Legacy Jets!

(You know, those ones that were made before Airbus & Boeing got their Electric Flight on!)

Better yet, a Tesla Semi Truck tanker carrying carbon-neutral fully synthetic aviation fuel, because commercial airliners will likely be the last vehicles still burning fuel on an everyday basis. It’s hard to electrify a jet engine!

At some point, we need to consider that part of the carbon footprint of practically all manufactured goods is from the fuel it takes to ship the parts and the finished product. As BEV shipping takes over more and more transportation, from trucks and boats to ships and trains, the carbon footprint of nearly everything anybody buys will become lower!

Up the EV revolution!

Sure. I did not think of that.

So much for a Convertible.

Thanks Elon!

This Roadster is super cheap for its performance.

They are going to get couple thousands of reservation easily!

If I have the cash, I would get one too.

That is a huge discount to both Nio EP9 and Rimac 1 and performance are equal and better. I assume it will match Nio on the race tracks as well.

This is actually why I don’t believe it.

You’ll get double the range of a P100DL and a pretty damn big performance bump all for “only” $60k more?

I’m sure there will be improvements in batteries and everything in the next 2-3 years but seriously that thing has to be carrying around a 200kWh pack to get in the neighborhood of 600 miles. That’s a huge jump and even with the improvements where’s it gonna fit and how much is it gonna weigh??

Where did only $60K more come from, more like $110 being it is $250K. They could easily offer for this price in 2020. Money is not the issue. Car is significantly smaller. Gigafactory will be built out then. Next gen cells will be in production then. Bigger question is if there will be enough improvements in volumetric and specific energy of next gen cells to fit in a car this size and allow 2 + 2 seating.

“Bigger question is if there will be enough improvements in volumetric and specific energy of next gen cells to fit in a car this size and allow 2 + 2 seating.”

Obviously since the car exists.

…and using today’s battery cells, too! No need to wait for the batteries of tomorrow.

Come on Tesla, how about a $30k sports car? Or even a Model 3 based soft top for $40k. So,ethic for us mere mortals.

To be real, this roadster looks like a Alfa 4C, which is bad.

If it looked like this concept here, it would have been so much better!

40 stall walkabout:

Regarding to a person who wants to buy a Tesla Model S or a Tesla Model X in 2018.

Will there be an option to choose a higher kWh capacity battery pack, or will the current 100 kWh battery pack remain the maximum option?

100 kWh will likely remain the largest Tesla pack for another year, at least.

No buzz at all on the Tesla Motors Club forum about larger packs, as there has been in the past when a larger pack size was just a few months off.

The 200 kWh battery pack is very interesting.

What’s the weight, and the size, and how much does it cost?

What are the differences (with regard to weight, size and cost) in comparison with the current 100 kWh battery pack?

I like the roadster and love the semi (a much more important vehicle), but I hate how both have re-energised the very worst of the cultish Tesla fanbois in these fora. Intolerable to begin with, several are now crossing the line into “disgusting” territory.

Let’s hope they can figure out how to ramp up Model 3 production. Let’s hope their stated price target turns out to be real and that it doesn’t go the way of the $60,000 Model S. I’ll be much more impressed when they get production rate up to half a million per year and sell Model 3s at Elon’s predicted average price of 42k than when they sell a car that can do the quarter mile idiotically quickly. Or achieve an even more idiotic top speed.

To those who think this roadster matters, I wonder how you would have reacted if someone like BMW had introduced a fossil fueled car with equally stupid specifications. Ever since the Model S performance emerged I’ve heard the fans argue that its lower to speed was irrelevant – it’s a road car after all. I agree with that.

To make the car better they’d rather focus on agility, but with 200 kWh using today’s cells I’m doubtful that’s possible. Maybe by some chassis magic they can make it *feel* more eager, like the Model 3 reportedly does (but then it is lighter), but I don’t expect this to be especially good at cornering.

And just to preempt it: No, you don’t need the cornering ability either. But unlike a top speed you can never responsibly approach, agility influences how the car feels, even at perfectly safe and legal speeds. It’s not totally useless.


Speed you don’t need + Agility you can’t have = Unending drag race videos.

I would happily trade both speed and agility for comfort, safety, practicality, and style.

So you can’t afford one, go for a camry then.
Sports cars are not made for comfort primarily…shocking, i know!

How can you be so blind and ignorant? Traditional car manufacturers have always looked to make a splash and introduce cars like this. And now, that they can’t keep up they convince trolls such as yourself that this is somehow not an achievement. Your cool aid pitcher needs a refill, it’s getting overused.

Terawatt said:

“To those who think this roadster matters, I wonder how you would have reacted if someone like BMW had introduced a fossil fueled car with equally stupid specifications.”

It’s becoming more and more clear with every post from you, Terawatt, that you are completely and utterly without any ability to see past the end of your own nose.

Part of growing up is to learn to see things from another person’s viewpoint, and to recognize that others don’t think as you do. You haven’t even started to develop that ability.

I just saw my new dream car. And I can get it without leather ??☮️.

Speeds: Insane, Ludicrous, Ludicrous Plus, Maximum Plaid.
Next: Escape Velocity.

I don’t get “maximum plaid.” Maybe “Grunge Flannel” would work but to me plaid is slower than molasses in the dead of winter.

Looking at photo galleries for over an hour…this car’s form and styling really improve the more one looks at it. It’s a beautifully understated design and something about the proportions just feels so perfect.

Sadly, I’ll never own one. But I suppose one can dream…