Watch New 2018 LEAF Beat Nissan 370Z In Race


Señoras y señores, comiencen sus motores.

The superbly refreshed 2018 Nissan LEAF is not a race car. It’s not even a sports car. Still, its off-the-line acceleration is as crisp and enjoyable as salsa-flavored potato chips. It’s quick enough to hold the number six spot on our list of eight quickest affordable electric vehicles. Compared with a traditional gasoline-burning car, though, how does it compare? We’re glad you asked.

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Our amigos over at the Spanish-language YouTube channel  Centímetros cúbicos had occasion to match it up against a very sporty-looking and driving Nissan 370Z, which first appeared on streets in 2009. Now, this Z will surely cream the current LEAF in a comparison of 0-to-60 times. The battery-powered commuter does the deed in a modest eight seconds, while the coupé is capable of turning in a time of 4.7 seconds. No contest, right?

Though our Spanish is limited to certain items on the Taco Bell menu, it seems the LEAF, piloted here by actor Alex Gadea, is actually capable of besting the sportier Nissan, flogged by host Alberto Montoya, off the line and up to 70 meters (76.55 yards). That should come in handy in the daily duels that occur during your traffic light grand prix. For more all-round sportscar-like performance in an “affordable” electric package, there’s still not much out there to satisfy that particular itch, though the Vanderhall Edison2 should be available very soon.

If there is something in that department that you’re looking forward to, let us know in Comments.

Source: Centímetros cúbicos via YouTube

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Not another race video …

No ICE can beat typical EVs in 0-100 ft.

Totally not true if the ICE launches properly.

What you call a “proper” launch is rather contrived. Real-world acceleration should be measured from the time you touch the pedal, with the car idling or cruising, depending on the test.

Because no reviewer does this, we ended up with all this “launch mode” silliness.

100 ft is rather meaningless. This test is well over 200 ft, and the Leaf feels strong even beyond that.

It’s really only the Bolt, 2018 Leaf, and i3 that have good EV acceleration for less than $70k, and even the i3 is pricey, so this is hardly “typical”.

Certainly more EVs *should* be quicker, given the small marginal cost, so it’s a bit baffling why only Tesla is taking full advantage, but it’s good to see the Leaf step up the bar for quickness at the $30k price point.

In my 2012 SL LEAF I have discovered that I get such a good head start on muscle cars they give up embarrassed. I can hear them trying to catch up but the fact is none of them know how to drive. They would have to ruin an ICE learning just how to launch it to get those mythical numbers published in magazines. Now they no longer pull up to the light next to me. They think I tricked out my inexpensive EV car somehow.

Every single time they never have enough RPMs. They see me launching and they always panic and start out without enough RPMs. Then the ones that try to catch me over rev then they brake loose and they don’t stand a chance. Another Camero, Porsche, Charger, Corvette bites the dust. Its funny actually. If they stayed on the rag they would blow past me around 50 or 60 mph.

In drag racing, after time and speed, the 60 foot is the next most popular metric so there’s a ton of data out there…If what you’re trying to say is Volt is quicker in 0-100ft than the ICE Cruze, that’s true, but nobody cares…Base Camaros, base Mustangs, base WRXs and even optionally equipped Accords and Camrys can all be had under $30K and are quicker…

That’s because the 60 foot time shows how fast the driver was, not how fast their car was.

Now if Nissan would put an electric powertrain in the 370Z.

I’d buy one!

Or at least, I’d *want* to buy one! Really, really badly!

How’s possible, Nissan leaf beat the 370z?.
Nissan, we need hypercar and supercar from you. We need a twin turbo V8 engine with AWD @ 1000 bhp car and v12 twin turbo AWD @ 2000 bhp with GTR DNA supercar.
•••Nissan customer needs truck based Nissan Pathfinder crossover SUV•••

Salsa-flavored potato chips? Taco bell menu? You know that is a Spain channel, don’t you?
Your comments missed the target by 5.500 miles.

Spain… Europe… nothing to do with those things.

It was just a 70 metres race (230ft). Easy for an EV.

Yes, rather than stating in the article that this is a Spanish TV station, it went with “Spanish language.” It would be akin to calling a French TV station, “French language TV.”

The article shows a particular lack of understanding that the world encompasses other countries besides the U.S.


The GM EV1 could beat the Nissan 300ZX back in the 90’s.

Liberal lover go dems

Electric cars are for sissys! In todays pc correct culture where men cant be men electric cars are perfect for “men” who have low test levels and who enjoy knitting. Any “man” that drives an electric car is a sad sap

Truth is: Manufacturers can make electrics go faster. Now lets see them reduce this high speed bs and turn it into range! With high torque like this why can’t you engineer it into direct drive range? Drove a VW Diesel for years, never passed anybody but I sure could go far an a tank of diesel?