Watch Out, Move Over, Look Out, Step Aside Tesla – Here Comes The …


Sample "Move Over" Headline

Sample “Move Over” Headline

It seems Tesla Motors must “watch out” these days for the latest “Tesla killer” in the works.

If Tesla isn’t watching out, then it needs to “move over” for the Tesla-beating electric something or other.

We found the collection of “watch out,” “move over,” “look out,” and “step aside” headlines collected by Teslamondo to be rather amusing, especially since few of these “Tesla killers” have never or will ever see the light of day.

I mean, be honest here, have you ever heard of the K1 Evelio electric sportscar?Β  Apparently, Tesla needs to “watch out” for that one.

Follow the link below for a look at the rather comical headlines that we’re oh so sure Tesla is watching out for.

Sample Watch Out Headline

Sample Watch Out Headline

Hat tip to Nick M!!!!

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I’m still waiting for the Delta E-4 Coupe. What happened to that Tesla Destroyer?

Not being sarcastic or anyhting, but I still want to hear anything new about it.

Some of those were just comical. Such as comparing an e-NV2000 to a Tesla Model X. Yeah, right.

I think Tesla will have some competition for Model-III, however. It will not just be a single car, either. I suspect The Leaf II, Volt II, and BMW i3 will all be eating a little piece of Tesla’s pie.

They only “eat a piece of Tesla’s pie” if Tesla cannot sell every car they can build. I suspect that won’t be the case this decade so they’ll only be make ng the pie bigger, which is exactly what Tesla wants!

+1 Brian!

What? You mean the 350k EV pie could grow in a 100 million car market? πŸ˜›

Sometimes it feels like people believe that EV’s are competing with each other… There will be many years until the market shares are truly saturated.

Rodrigo Henriques Negreiros Magalhaes

What will happens with the other manufacturers will be similar to what happened with some mobile phone manufacturers in the past decade with the launch of the iPhone. The might Nokia and BlackBerry just couldn’t answer and we know the history, Nokia from market leader was sold to Microsoft and BlackBerry anyone? Be in mind that this comparison of course needs to be adjusted for the scale of the automotive industry. Anyway I see GM with their reluctance to accept a change in people’s mind and adapt accordingly their portfolio of products – seriously, who buys an electric cars is doing so because doesn’t want to spend money with fuel anymore or is doing so for environment reasons and them the company came with an electric car that burns gasoline – a company that will struggle in the near future. Do I need to remember that GM broke 5 years ago when they were still trying to push big/fat/less efficient SUV’s?

Apple products get the same treatment: “Watch out Apple — here’s the latest iPad killer (that will fail to kill the iPad)”.

Ironic that InsideEVs has several headlines just like this…

Like this one, for example: Move Over Tesla Model X – Volvo XC90 T8 Plug-In Hybrid To Be World’s Cleanest, Most Powerful SUV

A Tesla killer would have to be better than the Tesla in ALL CATEGORIES.

Aesthetics, Efficiency, Performance, Range, etc.

I will personally admit when i see a car better than the Model S, but i have a strong feeling that will never happen

What is a Tesla killer? What is a BMW killer? What is a VW killer?
Has any manufacturer ever made a car that killed the competition?
Manufacturers have built terrible cars that killed themselves.

Rodrigo Henriques Negreiros Magalhaes

The Model S outsold the Mercedes-Benz S Class, the BMW 7 Series, the Audi A8 and the Jaguar XJ combined in the US market. This tells us something…

A great advance in EV technology with this one weird trick. Elon Musk hates them!



The beauty of these headlines, and more have come out of China lately, is that there is an objective measure of truth. The car is either there, or it isn’t. It’s a long way from press release to driving a car. The closest anyone came to being the Tesla killer was Fiskar, wasn’t it? The Karma was 90% of a great car. What’s the first thing a buyer notices? The remaining 10%.

What’s most impressive about Musk is that he gets done what needs to get done to be successful. I eagerly await cars from others who can do that. Bring ’em on!

The only real Tesla killer was coronary thrombosis.


Too soon…

Yeah… Don’t “Flot” the conversation. πŸ™

For a guy who died more than 70 years ago when he was closer to 90 years old? πŸ˜›

I mean… even his ashes has been on display for more than 50 years in the Tesla museum.


Watch Out, Move Over, Look Out, Step Aside Tesla β€” Here Comes The Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Car!!

LOL – yeah. I love the fighting talk coming out of Hyundai lately, it’s hilarious.

Tesla needs to watch out when an established automaker starts to make Supercharger supported long range EVs.

No such thing is in the works though, so Tesla doesn’t needs to worry about any direct competition for years to come.

And even then they would probably be able to sell double or three times what Tesla are selling without affecting their sales.

The markets are so fresh that anyone with a good EV or PHEV at the right price can sell them in great numbers.

More EV’s are not competition, they are helping paving the way and building infrastructure that will make the big masses buy EV’s.

The wackiest was Audi claiming ” we have solved the long distance travel problem” ha it was a press release referrring to some long range ev Audi has never built, , there is no product to sell and even if they had a product , they have no supercharger system. One 400km drive or whatever and the cars dead for 20 plus hours charging at 25 amps
what a joke.

The real headline is, “Watch out gasoline cars”.

You guy have it right, the only thing in danger of being “killed” is the ICE, a 200 mile range Tesla at $40K and a 150 mile range LeafII at $35K will be hard to stop. Throw in higher oil prices and things get interesting fast.

The I-Pad vs anyone else comparison is a good one. However, I will say that I own a Kindle Fire; the I-Pad was simply out of my price range. The new Kindle Fire HD was an even better addition to the tablet market. If and when I can afford an I-Pad, though,it will be an I-Pad that I buy, not the next generation, improved Kindle. The Kindle does not really compete with the I-Pad, not to the degree that a low priced Kindle Fire takes away sales from Apple. So it will go with EV’s. NIssan can and will continue to bring out more affordable, but less luxurious EV’s, making them within reach of millions. Horray for Tesla, they are absolutely fantastic in promoting EV’s, and I would say that they are the “driving force” of EV in the public eye.