UPDATE 3: Tune In To Livestream Of A Tesla Circling Moscow In Harsh Winter


This could prove to be a truly epic livestream of the Tesla Model S in winter conditions.

Our friends over at Electric Motors Club in Russia are avid InsideEVs followers and hardcore Tesla and EV enthusiasts. Today, they shared a unique project with us. In just minutes, they plan to start a livestream broadcast during which they will stamina test a Tesla Model S in “harsh winter conditions in Moscow city intense traffic.”

LATEST UPDATE: Electric Motors Club has added an online car tracker link: https://osmo.mobi/s/PkY_gFK_29T?refresh

The plan here is to circle the Moscow area starting with a fully charged battery. According to Electric Motors Club, they’ll drive the car until the battery dies. So, if everything goes as planned, you’ll be able to check in from time to time and see the progress.

Heck, if you’re experiencing the heavy snow and cold snap that many of us are dealing with, maybe you’re home from work and can get out the popcorn and stay tuned in.

Until the feed goes live, and we have a better idea of the situation, there’s not much more to share here. We intend to try to keep up with the broadcast and potentially update this post if necessary.

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Meh. The current temperature in Moscow is a balmy 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Not exactly harsh winter temperatures.

Do this test in frigid Siberia. Better yet do this test in Canada or winter-belt states of the U.S. during the polar vortex that’s about to send temperatures plummeting across the nation.

Just went and shoveled with -50* wind-chill. A bit brisk.

I wish Tesla or another company would make and sell a quality, 2 or 3 stage battery-powered snowblower. The only one on the market that I am aware of is the crappy Snow Joe.


Maybe I’ll test this tomorrow here in Minneapolis where it will be -50 degrees. THAT would be a REAL test.

I support you. I hope you do it, while wearing a MAGA hat!

Wind chill doesn’t affect cars. It’s -25C/-14F tomorrow apparently. Cold, but not unbearable, just wear a wind proof jacket and the wind chill should’t affect you much…

(Yes, I really hate the use of wind chill as a measurement, because people confuse it with actual temperature).