Watch Kids React To Tesla Model 3: Video


These kids got a fever… and the only prescription is more Teslas.

Technology focused YouTuber Andy Syle recently demonstrated his new Tesla Model 3 to his niece and nephew. Their reactions to the car are downright adorable.

“So the trunk is up here?” Asks Andy’s nephew. Andy lets him know that the Model 3 has two trunks. The kids then follows up with a very good question. “So, where is the motor?”

Kids react to Tesla Model 3

“Well there’s no engine so the motor is actually between the back wheels.” Andy tells them. The kids look baffled and amazed. But that is nothing compared to their reaction seeing summon for the first time. As the vehicle begins to move without anyone in the driver seat, his niece begins hopping around, screaming “That’s cool! Is anybody in there?” His nephew stares at the car with his mouth open in shock as Andy tells them the Tesla is empty.

But this is not just a gee whiz feature to show off to family. The kids immediately understand the practical uses of being able to control your Model 3 from a distance. “So if you forget to put your car in the shade, you can just move it forward from inside?” Indeed you can. Just to prove the point, he hands his phone to the kids to try it out for themselves.

If only we all had an R/C car this cool to play with as kids. No need to spoil the rest. Be sure to check out the full video to see these young minds blown away by the Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 R/C Car

Video Description From Andy Slye On YouTube

Watch my niece & nephew react to the “coolest” car ever: the Tesla Model 3!

I took my niece & nephew in their very first ride ever in my Tesla Model 3. Watch how young kids react to one of the most futuristic cars out right now.

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Cute! Also cute is way you work in the Blue Oyster Cult reference.

Fantastic video. Everyone are happy, so are the people in this planet.

What a wonderful way to show why so many people love Tesla cars!

And Happy New Year to everyone.
🙂 🙂 🙂

For personal safety reasons and for or your family’s safety, PLEASE never let a child drive your car, from the OUTSIDE or inside,i even with the app and never let your child use control or use voice command. By law, if anything happens to your children or personal property, it will be your fault. You can not sue TESLA for your gross negligence. You need to be very careful and be responsible when operating a motor vehicle.