Watch Jaguar I-PACE Tackle Rough Terrain, Hit The Track


..and learn the top 10 reasons to consider it over the Model X.

While we’ve tried the new Jaguar I-Pace for ourselves and have published a comprehensive first-drive review, it’s also true that a number of other outlets have likewise gotten behind the wheel of this all-electric crossover and put together their own video-based reviews. We’ve already seen a truly great one from Fully Charged, for instance, and indeed, we have a thread on the InsideEVs Forum which is collecting a number of these reports from all over the world.

Among them is this video (below) from The Fast Lane Car. In it, they count down through the Top 10 reasons they think you should consider this car instead of a Tesla, starting from the fact that this is a vehicle from Jaguar and has, therefore, “all that Jaguar baked-in goodness.” While that may not strike some as a particularly poignant point, a brand’s cachet is an important element in the automobile business. Despite their cost, cars tend to be an emotional purchase for many.

We won’t go through their entire top 10 list, since we don’t want to spoil it for you, but some of their points aren’t especially strong. For instance, one reason they give is that the I-Pace has a top speed of 124 miles per hour. The Tesla Model X 75D, which shares a very similar range to the electric Cat — 237 miles compared with 240 miles (this, despite having 15 more kWh is pull from and being much lighter) —  is capable of 130 mph.  Of course, the Model X 100D tops out at an intense 155 mph.

They do mention a couple things not brought up in other reviews that this writer has seen. For instance, they say that the I-Pace offers torque vectoring by way of the braking system. Also, despite this whole video being built on the premise of a comparison between the two, the I-Pace and Model X aren’t exactly direct competitors. They admit, though, that they will have similar sorts of buyers.

The conclusion also brings up an interesting point. Although the touted base price of the Jaguar is $69,500 (they say $71,000), the First Edition, which the earliest customers will receive and which the British automaker says has, “…exclusive design details and high specification features as standard,” actually starts off at $85,900 (they say $87,000). For comparison’s sake, the Tesla Model X 75D starts at $79,500, while the Model X 100D, with 295 miles of range, begins at $96,000.

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Sweet video. Can’t wait to see it pitted against a Tesla P3D, which is the more comparable size.

I-Pace is still cheaper, and so many more capabilities and options.

Dummies, they split the battery front and back eliminating all useful trunk space. Additionally show me how you will cross the USA finding Combo DC charging stations. Did you see the rear wheels spinning without front wheel assist uphill? There will plenty of dodos to jump on it I am sure. When will these people start designing EVs from ground up?

You could still get one in the USA. When you can’t find a Combo DC charging station you could get your government to let some of those immigrant kids, you have locked up in concentration camps, out for some air to push you to the next one. You could also use them to carry the stuff you won’t be able fit in because of the elimination of useful truck space.

The battery is between the two axles. THere are some components under the rear trunk area but they are not batteries. Regarding cross-country charging, Electrify America is installing a network, including several cross-country corridors over the next year as Phase 1 of its project. More will follow. Below, please find some additional info about that plan. (If you go to its site, they have a map with planned spots laid out as well.) “Electrify America will establish a network that includes non-proprietary electric vehicle chargers (CCS, CHAdeMO and J1772 standards) at over 650 community-based sites and nearly 300 highway sites across the country.” I did see a little wheel spin as it climbed a steep incline in summer tires on 22-inch wheels. It does, though, use Land Rover’s Hill-climb traction control which minimizes this. Being all-wheel-drive, the front wheels were pulling, even if you couldn’t tell in this particular video. The I-Pace is, I believe, designed to be an EV from the ground up and the platform is slated to be used on a couple other EVs, including one for Land Rover. Finally, the dodo is extinct, and even if it weren’t, it wouldn’t have the opposable thumbs needed to… Read more »

Always the argument about driving across the country, who actually does that? That’s what airlines are for. I don’t even drive to Vegas (from LA) anymore, it’s too easy and cheap to fly instead. I can’t remember the last time I drove more than a couple hundreds miles in a day.

This is a premium Tesla Model Y competitor with some Land Rover DNA for offroad!
Musk hurry up whit the Model Y!!

I believe/hope Jaguar will have a $55.000 base model of the I-Pace in 2021 😉

What I like about the Jaguar i-Pace is that it has framed windows / doors and has the option of blacked out chrome.
I have seen comments about the i-pace being wider than the Model X but the web sites confirm the measurements as:
Jaguar i-Pace 4680mm (L) 1890mm (W)
Tesla Model X 5037mm (L) 2271mm (W)
Tesla Model S 4979mm (L) 1964mm (W)

In terms of dimensions it will compete with the Tesla Model Y, that’s for sure!

Tesla Model 3 4694mm (L) 1933 (W)
The Model Y will be a little bit bigger

Prices in Portugal:
Jaguar I-Pace (base) 80.416,69€
Tesla Model X P75D 96.530,00€

Prices in Sweden:
I-pace base: 820k SEK
Model X 75D base: 967k SEK

Prices in Germany:
I-Pace base: 77.850,00€
Model X 75D base: 91.250,00€
Model S 75D base: 85.300,00€
Model S 75D German beat the incentive edition: 69.019,00€ (This excludes: comfort package-> navigation, rear camera, internet radio, parking sensors, retractable mirrors, lane assistant, driver seat memory, home link) Also without choosing the comfort package you can not change the colour, the wheels, the roof or pick any other option.