Watch Jaguar I-Pace Electric SUV Take On Snow & Ice: Video


How does the electric cat fare on snow & ice?

Let’s find out.

The Jaguar I-Pace electric SUV sports AWD, so it should tackle snowy situations without much of an issue, but ice is far from an ideal driving surface.

Unique in this video is an opening overview of the car. It discusses various topics such as range, price, interior features and more. Really, this is an excellent test drive review video of the I-Pace. That is, until the video clock hits around 6 minutes. Then, the video changes over to snow and ice testing, as well as lots of sideways sliding.

Controllable rotation? Donuts? It sure looks like it’s a load of fun to drive the I-Pace in the slick stuff, provided you choose the right settings.

Give the video a watch. If donuts aren’t you’re thing fret not, the review and overview section is definitely worth a watch. It may well be the most informative and entertaining¬†I-Pace video you’ll ever watch.

Video description:

The Jaguar I-Pace EV400 is a dual-motor all-wheel-drive electric car designed for high-speed cornering as well as light off-roading, but how does it work on snow and ice? We take the I-Pace into the cold, to have some quality donut time.

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At the end of the day, Jaguar is a small company not from Silicon Valley and they are going to be behind the curve on infotainment system functionality. Still a good car, although they are not making very many this year and Waymo is buying all of them in 2020. So that really gives them until 2021 to upgrade the speed on the infotainment system.

Thank god for Land Rover. At least it’s the same infotainment system. So whatever updates the Range Rover vehicles get, we also get.

Nice review indeed. A bit flashy at times for my taste, but not to the point of being really annoying. Not much new, but nice overview, and very informative for those not familiar with the vehicle yet. Mentions a lot of the important stuff, without delving into irrelevant details.

My only qualm is that they didn’t mention level 2 charging at all…

Don’t you mean that the I-Pace can only charge on A/C using a single phase even if 3-ph is available?
It is an issue for those with only 110V A/C. If you have a 230V supply then the situation is a lot better.
Unless you are running the battery right down an overnight charge would normally be sufficient but I don’t have a deep knowledge of I-Pace charging other than reading other comments on the matter.

You found the seat uncomfortable yet you loved the car?

Totally is not a deal breaker! I do not own the I Pace, would LOVE one. But I do own the F Pace S. She is amazing! I live in Northern Utah so I get all that lovely snow. I’ve had mine for just shy of 2 years. She handles exceptionally, my husband swears she handles better the faster she goes. I’ve test driven the I Pace and other than not hearing that beautiful rumble of the engine. The I Pace is as comfortable and handled just as well as my F Pace S. I agree that the infotainment is slow. But I did not buy the Jaguar for that. I bought it for its driving experience, and sex appeal. I have a computer at home.