Watch Jaguar I-Pace Race Tesla Model X 100D & P100D


When Jaguar first revealed its electric I-Pace to the world, the automaker released its own video of the electric car racing against a Tesla Model X.

Since the video itself was produced by Jaguar, the results were questioned.

Was it actually true that the electric Jag could beat a Model X? Sure, if you choose the right Model X to pit it against (which in the case of the first video was the X 75D), but what if the odds were stacked more in the favor of the Model X?

What we present here is an independent video featuring the I-Pace against two worthy race competitors, one of which is the mightiest among the Tesla Model X line.

Video description:

It’s our first all-electric drag race and we’ve crossed the Atlantic to make sure we’ve found the best possible competition for you! Representing the UK we have the Jaguar I-Pace the firm’s first all-electric SUV offering, the I-Pace, whilst we have two competitors from America – the Tesla Model X 100D and the P100D.

Why both? Well, the 100D is close on price and power to the Jaguar I-Pace, but why not have the most powerful Model X there too for comparison? So that’s what we did!

We’ve put these electric SUVs to the test across three challenges – a drag race, rolling race and brake test, but which do you think will come out on top? Let’s race!

We should note that none of these electric cars were conceived as speed machines. In fact, both the Tesla Model X and the Jaguar I-Pace are more or less considered family vehicles. Both have room for lots of occupants and tons of gear. Plus, they’re at least mildly suited for off-road driving too.

So, to see each of these three vehicles fly down the strip is impressive when one considers that’s not at all what they’re designed to do.

For more on the I-Pace, check out our first drive review here.

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Good. Now that is settle, so we don’t have to see anymore.
Not on a public street, well run test. Congratulations to all participants.

The P100D isn’t close on price. It cost nearly 20k more than the I-Pace.

Huh, a Tesla 100D is 20K more then I-Pace, and loaded with options its 30K more. A P100DL is $160k plus sales tax, that is double the I-Pace, and it will overheat before you can finish 2 laps on the track.

And now you get downvotes for the truth. Weird world.

Anything I post will get downvotes from certain bullies, facts be darned… :)~

The reality is, “track” performance comments are ridiculous. When is the last time you’ve seen an Aventador or Veyron at the track? Never. There are endless quarter-mile examples of Model X eating the lunch of cars that cost three times the price. And since we are comparing a MX to a Jaguar, iPace owners should consider themselves lucky if the thing even starts in the morning.

This conversation is not about Aventador or Veyron being at the track, its about the 3 vehicles about, and here is test lifted directly from Tesla’s warranty…

• Driving off-road, over uneven, rough, damaged or hazardous surfaces, including but not limited to, curbs, potholes, unfinished
roads, debris, or other obstacles, or in competition, racing or autocross or for any other purposes for which the vehicle is not designed;

You must be 12 year old. Obviously the options are not the same. People typically don’t take their family SUV to the track ring, especially large one with plenty of utility like Model X. Finally, given the same track and speed Model X will achieve the same track results despite being larger than I Pace.

Tesla owners avoid the road course like the plague, because their cars are not designed or engineered to handle a track day, I-Pace just the opposite, was designed and tested for continuous track running… I-Pace was also designed for mild off roading, where In a Tesla, that voids the warranty.

Just stop it with your nonsense. No one buys an SUV for the track. And no, light (the term isn’t “mild”) offloading doesn’t void your warranty. You’re being ridiculous.

Directly from Tesla’s warranty… Do you need it in multiple languages?

• Driving off-road, over uneven, rough, damaged or hazardous surfaces, including but not limited to, curbs, potholes, unfinished
roads, debris, or other obstacles, or in competition, racing or autocross or for any other purposes for which the vehicle is not designed;

David Green continued his anti-Tesla campaign:

“I-Pace just the opposite, was designed and tested for continuous track running… I-Pace was also designed for mild off roading…”

It’s amazing how serial Tesla bashers are unable to stop themselves from putting falsehoods into their posts even when the truth would serve them better. A compulsion to write things that are wholly untrue?

Is the I-Pace better at off-roading than the Model X? Yes, it is. The extensive review by Steven Loveday made that clear.

Can the I-Pace run lap after lap at top speed on a track without overheating? Don’t be ridiculous. It’s not a race car, any more than the Tesla Model X is.

It can and did. That was the point. It ran near top speed for hours on a track in the heat. That was the big surprise since we’ve seen Tesla and other EVs overheat in such situations. Somehow, Jaguar was able to address this and solve it.

“Can the I-Pace run lap after lap at top speed on a track without overheating? Don’t be ridiculous. It’s not a race car, any more than the Tesla Model X is.”

Yes, it can, and Jaguar made that part of the design from the start. You wonder why I-Pace has higher Cd, there you go, more air through heat exchangers adds cooling for high performance, but causes drag… Watch this video from 12:50 first they go over the chassis toughness, then track ability Jaguar designed for.

Another test video for you about racing at top speed in the I-Pace.

“Obviously the options are not the same.”

Thats true, the I-Pace comes with many more options like a color HUD that shows navigation directions in the windshield, more adjustable and comfortable seating, 4 zone climate control, Apple Car Play, Blind spot warning in the side mirrors, rear passenger blind spot warning, gesture trunk opening, heated windshield (winter), activity key, but you know the biggest one nobody seems to talk about I-Pace comes with 5Yr 60K miles scheduled mainatanace included…

It’s true that the automaker went to great lengths to assure that you were getting all the latest features and plenty of available equipment. The rave reviews from the media across the board are very telling. I honestly have no clue how a Tesla Model X would do at 12-24 laps around a 4km track in warm weather. I’d definitely like to know. The Model X offers more passenger space and cargo capacity, that’s for sure. The Jaguar provides more off-road prowess and utility. They both offer a different feature set, size, etc., so, as we’ve been saying all along, it’s hard to compare. This is precisely why I didn’t compare them in my first drive review. Every car has different strengths and weaknesses for different people.

So “many” and “advanced” options and it is cheaper… cheap Jag. Kid go home.

haha! Is that the best you can come up with to debate my points?

“Is that the best you can come up with to debate my points?”

The only “point” you seem to be interested in, David Green, is going out of your way to bash Tesla and its cars at every opportunity, even if you have to create them with a off-topic posts filled with false statements. Why are you so afraid of competition from Tesla?

Making and selling compelling EVs isn’t a zero-sum game. Jaguar and Tesla both make truly compelling, top-of-the-line BEVs. The I-Pace takes nothing away from Tesla, and the Tesla Model X takes nothing away from the I-Pace. They are both going to be stealing many sales away from gasmobiles!

It’s sad that you’re so focused on your anti-Tesla propaganda that you can’t see that.

It you had read my points you would see there is no propaganda. I just listed options that are clearly available on the I-Pace, but not available on the Tesla Model X… That is called facts in the real world… I did not say it is a zero sum game in EV’s… I did not even say the I-Pace is a better car… Which I clearly think it is.

Maybe you should try reading up on the design and test program of the I-pace so you have some facts about what Jaguar’s goals were, and how they designed and tested the car. You might then be able to discuss the cars without trying to bully people and accuse people of an anti EV agenda when they are clearly not stating opinions, but facts… There is quite a difference.

Are you saying “cheap” meaning less expensive? Or “cheaply” built. The Jaguar is less expensive and it’s a smaller vehicle. The Model X is a larger vehicle and more expensive. Each has unique and notable features. It is my belief that both are outstanding EVs for different reasons. As EV promoters and adopters, I believe that both should be supported since they are paving the way. I think you can actually love the Model X and still give Jaguar credit for its promising addition to the segment. I also believe that you can be enamored with what Jag has done here, while still admitting that Tesla and the Model X are part of the reason it exists. See, it’s a win-win. No one loses here. We have more great EVs and that’s a beautiful thing!

Steven, the poster you are replying to is not making any serious posts, and just wants to attack the car, and the other posters. You are 100% correct, Model X has capabilities that the I-Pace does not have, Model X can carry 7 people to the track, where I-Pace is limited to 5, and can park on the track and flap the Falcon Wing Doors, but probably does not want to enter the track with the I-Pace as it will certainly get embarrassed in performance.

Well, I simply wrote that Model X delivers more value to the customer, this is expected it is more expensive. I did not write I Pace is awful, Model X is simply better. We can take it one step further – the more expensive Model X is ourselling the cheaper to buy I Pace in a big way. This is the demand side. On the supply side Tesla is currently capable to produce more Model X and it does it now. Let me know when I Pace reaches similar level on the supply and the demand side. We can have another conversation about the cost, price and the value of the vehicles… until then Good Luck.

Value is completely subjective. For each person/family its totally different. For me the I-Pace represents quality, as the 100 or so reviews that have come out of Portugal have echoed. I do not care how many I-Paces Jaguar makes, or sells, as that is their issue. I only care that they make mine. The I-Pace will be production constrained for the forceable future as my dealer has over 50 deposits and only 16 allocations for 2018 so far. I am sure that is true all over the world in the available markets. I-Pace have only been released for orders in a dozen or so countries, and China is not one of them… China will want a ton of I-Paces. I-Pace will put a dent in Tesla demand, as will E-Tron, as the same buyers now have more choices. It is a very limited number of buyers that have 70-150K to spend on a car, and more options will quickly saturate that crowd. Heck, even the opting loaded Model 3P is in the mid 80K range…

“Value is completely subjective.”

The number of people actually buying the cars is not. I’m quite glad that Jaguar has expanded the market for truly compelling plug-in EVs with the I-Pace. That doesn’t alter the fact that the car, despite being far less expensive, will almost certainly never come even remotely close to the level of sales of the Tesla Model X.

It doesn’t matter. The car can still have value. Anytime someone says something good about a vehicle that’s not a Tesla, there has to be an argument and one-upping that ends up encompassing the entire thread and entire day. How about, it’s a good car! No one ever said it would sell better or more copies would be made. There is just a defending battle needed since people are trying to shoot it down and say it’s a bad car. Not really pro EV-adoption …

I could argue that having less I-Paces produced creates higher value for the I-Pace brand, as most people do not want to have the most popular car in the neighborhood.

A Model X P100D is almost twice the price of the I-Pace from their base prices. The Model X would be closer to something like a BMW X5, if it were electric.

Never been a fan of drag races so how bout we see them on a real race track for 10 laps…

I-Pace was doing 12 or more laps over 4km a piece in Portugal every day for three weeks. Non-issue!

Yes, I read one review where the Jaguar rep let them go 12 laps, no overheating, no protection mode… Just go go go…

That was after or before all the other journos used the same car for their 3 laps.

No, no, no… The bigger Model X can achieve the same with the speed they had in Portugal.

The Model X P100DL cannot make it one lap before the system starts shutting down, not enough cooling…

Kid it is not about the laps. Obviously anyone can prove you wrong lapping many of them. It is about the speed and de- and acceleration. Model X can do the same given the same track and same time.

haha! Its been tried many times, but Tesla has not completed a Nurburgring lap under full power… and even when it is running strong, a stock BMW M3 will leave it like its tied to a post… I hope somebody takes I-pace to the Nurburgring soon, it will be fun to see a lap..

Few points to show you have no clue what you are comparing. Different tracks with different profiles and length. Full power in the context of Model S and X is quite different than the full power with this Jag. Obviously Model S and X are way more powerful both as hp and torque.

Sure, The Tesla has more power for the first couple minutes (until it overheats), but the Jag has better braking and handling. The Jag is also capable of much higher regen rates, Jag clams 150kw, not sure this plays in on the track though.

Trolls have a habit of suddenly switching subjects when they’ve lost an argument. They never man up and admit they were wrong.

You are the troll here with no facts or even knowledgible discussion… I actually know what I am talking about and know Jaguar is going to make an official Nurburgring run soon, I would guess this fall, so we will clearly know where the I-Pace rates compared to all Tesla’s.

If anyone can track down any videos or data of the Tesla Model X doing multiple hard laps in high outside temps at a track, please post in the thread. I don’t have much to share or time to spare, but would truly like to run a comparo. I figure with a whole bunch of people looking, we may be able to find some decent material. It’s definitely a question many people have brought up.

I think most track videos of the Model X are in peoples garbage folder as its not very exciting to see thermal management controlling track speed. I assume it will not be long as I-Pace starts delivering, we will see more and more of them at the track with Tesla’s. later this summer.

Look there are plenty of videos of Model X driving 125-130-135 mph on German Autobahn, stretches like 100 km and more. The max speed of I Pace is 124mph. Max speed of Model X is 155mph.

I-Pace will run at 200km/h from full charge until the battery runs out… That too has been tested in Italy. In the real world though I rarely drive over 90mph.

You’re arguing with a troll. He’s not interested in actual facts, only “alternative facts”.

I’d love to see a real track race between a stock top-of-the-line I-Pace and a stock Model X P100D, unlike the staged fake races Jaguar did at their publicity event. I don’t know which would win, so it would be fun to watch!

Did you watch the Video above? Its already been done. Results exactly match Jaguars “fake” races. I-Pace is way quicker then the X100D 0-60, and stops better too… P100DL was quicker then the I-pace of course, but costs twice as much, exactly what was stated in the Jaguar “fake” race. Do you ever bother to check facts or investigate before you post your trolling nonsense?

“I-Pace was doing 12 or more laps over 4km a piece in Portugal every day for three weeks.”

At what speed? Any car could do about as many laps as you like, if it’s driven slowly enough.

Let’s see the I-Pace actually race a Model X on a track, and see which one wins! Not that this would be important, because almost nobody is buying either car to race on a track. But it would give some fanboys real bragging rights, rather than the fake ones David Green is claiming!

Top speed on straightaways. Racing speed the whole time. We raced it around the 4km track, 3 laps per journo for several hours, about 30 journos. Some did more laps. The cars were sitting in the hot sun all day and the same cars were used lap after lap, day after day. It is very agile on the track. That was one of the highlights Jaguar was showing off on the trip. It drives like a sports car, not an SUV. But, the Model X is bigger, taller, heavier, and more versatile like a minivan. They’re not the same. The Model X isn’t going to tackle hard turns and fly around a race track like the I-Pace. It’s not what either car is built for, but the I-Pace has the advantage of smaller size and agility. Who’s going to buy either car for the ring? Doesn’t really matter.

Fake bragging rights? are you for real? I-Pace will dominate a model X on the track, and I am pretty sure it will dominate a Model S on the track as well… Model S best Nurburgring lap is 8:50 which was a $130K model, and the Model S was overheating 3 minutes into the lap. For comparison BMW 335i luxury sedan completely stock run the Nurburgring in 8:26, back in 2015, and a BMW M3 7:48, a $48K Camaro SS 1LE, will embarrass all of them.

Agreed, let’s see some lap times 🏁. I-PACE versus the X 100D.

There’s no race track on my 40 mile roundtrip commute 5 days a week to work and back home.

Only drags at red lights and freeway on ramps.

Race tracks are for video games.

Both Tesla and Jaguar have used racing videos to promote their cars. Let’s see a real race, one that’s not rigged, between the top trim levels of the two cars on an actual racetrack, to see which company actually deserves bragging rights.

Where is Tesla’s racing video? Tesla’s overheat on the track… Good for 0-60 only…

Yeah another boring drag race. Does anyone ever wonder why the number of drag strips are shrinking every year? Why there are so few drag strips in Europe at all. Because to true car enthusiasts it doesn’t really matter as much anymore. Most of the best performance cars today don’t actually do well on a drag strip. Let’s put these cars on a track and see how they really do!

What, even Americans are getting bored with drag racing?

Yes many have. And have been gradually for over a decade now.

I doubt it’s a matter of getting bored. More a matter of cars operated by computers making true hot-rodding a thing of the past. It’s hard to modify a car’s powertrain if you can’t modify the computer’s software to match!

Allahu Akbar, Teasla #1!

I think the one bit of information from this whole video that was a surprise was the I-Pace losing so badly in the rolling mid-range speed test. This seems to indicate that they set up the gear ratio for maximum low end acceleration for the I-Pace. This is further confirmed by the 1/4 mile results where you can tell right at the end the Model X 100D was catching the I-pace. It would really be interesting to see the trap speed of the two at the 1/4 mile. If the Model X 100D’s was higher then this would doubly confirm the low end gearing of the I-Pace.

Also of note is I looked up the top speed of each. The I-Pace top speed is 124 mph. The Model X 100D is 155 mph.

Performance wise they’re pretty close, of course the P100D did excel from 0-60 but that’s no surprise being the high performance version. I’m considering trading my Model X 90D for an I-Pace, it’s nice to know that I’ll get performance that’s on par, and possibly a hair better. And I don’t need the expense or ludicrous power of the P100D, 0 to 60 in the 4s is fast enough.

I-Pace has a very ugly rear. Worse than the X’s but at least the X has nice lines and curves. Just elongated.

Really? I don’t think the Jaguar is the nicest vehicle around, not even the nicest looking EV (that would still be the Model S) but it easily beats the Model X. The X looks like an aging former athlete and not aging in a good way, rather in the “I eat like before, but now only move from the kitchen to the couch” way.

An interesting drag race. Surely, I’ve seen it all now.