Watch Jaguar I-Pace Take On Bentley Continental GT


Battle of Britain.

Two entirely different vehicles, take on each other in a petrol versus electric battle

The Jaguar I-Pace and the Bentley Continental GT are two very different vehicles. While both are a product of British automotive engineering (and some German smarts), they are powered by totally different powertrains.

The crew at carwow decided to pit them against each other in a drag race, giving us a new taste of old meets new.

The Bentley Continental GT is an exquisitely crafted, 6.0 liter, twin-turbocharged W12 powered behemoth of luxury. Thanks to an eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox, it does 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 3.7 seconds and delivers a phenomenal top speed of 207 mph (333 km/h). The Jaguar I-Pace, on the other hand, features something completely different.

The Jaguar I‑PACE is the British car company’s first pure Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). Promising both a thrilling experience to look at and drive, the I‑PACE is dubbed by the carmaker as “the ultimate all-electric performance SUV”. The Jaguar I-Pace is powered by two electric motors. These deliver a combined output of 394 horsepower and 513lb-ft (696 Nm) of torque, promising instant torque and impressive acceleration. In turn, the I-Pace can sprint from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 4.5 seconds. Its 90kW battery promises a range of up to 292 miles (470 kilometers).

The video above gives us a battle of two very different, albeit rather similar vehicles. Both cater to a customer base that wants great looks, impressive performance and an abundance of luxury. These two are definitely one or two price brackets away from each other, but comparing them makes sense.

So, who wins? The new-age electric-powered luxury SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) or the old-school, refined and sophisticated monster with plenty to show?

You can find an answer to that question in the video above.

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13 Comments on "Watch Jaguar I-Pace Take On Bentley Continental GT"

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That Bentley is actually pretty quick… Impressive…

It wins on Noise too.
Also, it wins long setup before a race, or, you’d have to drive it around in “Launch mode” always.

Yeah, and the Bentley has a launch control, who driving a 200K car ever uses that at a stoplight… Also why race a car with a published 1/4 mile in the 11’s against one that runs high 12’s? The outcome is obvious Thats just silly

Exactly that’s why I hate all the Tesla drag videos.

Sounds like they have an agenda, pitting the expensive Bentley (around $200-350k) against a cheaper, slower (lower top speed & slower acceleration), less powerful car and claiming EVs aren’t yet the future… let’s see what happens when actual comparable EVs come out in the next few years with similar price and/or specs (e.g. Tesla Roadster)!

Car Wow has always been anti Jaguar Land Rover, and that Matt is a bozo…

Stupid video, as Bentley Continental costs 4 times the price.

I really don’t get the point of this comparison, maybe if it was funny, but not even that. Ok, I guess for EV hating petrolheads it’s might be pretty satisfying…

Would be more interesting to see an I-Pace vs GLC 43 / SQ5 one.

Yes, this was an interesting selection for an INSIDEEV’s story, kind of goes against the mission of this site to show a mismatched drag race where a petrol car embarrasses a BEV…

Well done Car Wow who would of guessed petrol cars are 4 x more expensive than EVs.

Try that with the new Tesla Roadster. Same price…

How can the Bentley be compared with Jaguar iPace..both belongs to the different category with a huge differences in their price tag.

This was a ridiculous video, it proved nothing, he acts like the Jag was defeated, and electric car performance isn’t up to much. But does not at any point acknowledge that the Bentley is far more powerful then the I-Pace. Of course the more powerful car won over the less powerful car! What did you expect, having one car rated at 3.7 seconds to 60 racing a car with a 4.5 second 0 to 60 time? Duh the less powerful car looses. Car Wow seriously, if your going to compare the I-Pace’s performance you don’t do it with cars you know already have greater performance credentials then the I-Pace. It’s clear your trying to make the I-Pace look like a looser against petrol powered cars…