Watch InsideEVs Week In Review – April 1-8, 2018


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Cool. Alex is great, prolific, and an aficionado of evs. So having him do the insideevs recap is a nice fit.

Thank you!


I agree with ffbj,

but… Maybe you could put him in front of a less distracting background… dammit I’m feeling old complaining about such things… (I tried real hard not to criticize the new design of the webpage… And managed to adapt… at least on my not so mobile device… My phone really sucks displaying the new layout…)

I really like insideevs, so I hope you take it as constructive criticism…

Nonetheless it was a pleasure to see (the first 3 minutes of the recap… )

It’s nice that insideevs now has video recap…. For those not reading all the storys it might be welcome.

Sorry for the weird composition of this comment. Brain tired.

I completely agree and I will let Alex know. As far as the new site is concerned, mobile is by far the biggest issue. We need to get it taken care of as soon as possible. Many fixes have been made but we’re not there yet. Thank you for the constructive criticism. We appreciate it.



…and thank you very much for providing my daily dose of EV-news 😉 And not to forget my absolute favorite “monthly plug-in sales scorecard” btw. I really hope you can keep it on a monthly basis… numbers somehow outcompete videos 😉

Great work!

yes, please, a static background.


Kudos to InsideEVs for another step into the 21st century of communications! This will certainly raise your profile. 🙂 I did enjoy seeing a “highlights reel” of the past month’s worth of stories here on IEVs. It’s been a busy month!

Gotta agree with Heisenberght, though; that blinking-lights background behind the newscaster is incredibly distracting, and hopefully we won’t see that again.

Nice addition!! I read a good portion of the articles on here, but for some people a video recap of the week will be quite beneficial I think. Great job too.