Watch How Fast A Tesla Model 3 Goes In Reverse


Why one would bother or care about how fast a Tesla Model 3 goes in reverse is truly beyond our level of understanding.

Yes, this just goes to show how crazily overboard Tesla Model 3 reservation holders and soon-to-be shoppers are going. Honestly, these people are asking how fast a Model 3 can go in reverse? What’s the plan here, really. To do a backward race? To put a boat in the water or launch an RV and be able to race it out in reverse so as to impress the masses?

We truly don’t claim or make any attempt to understand why people ask the questions they do. But it’s only fair to get them answered, right? There’s no such thing as a bad question, so to speak (although there are surely some exceptions here).

The most important and motivating part is that Tech Forum actually takes the time to read them and then works to get an answer, regardless of the seriousness or silliness of the question or situation. Fortunately, because of that, we now have information regarding the Model 3 in reverse. To boot, no other car review website is posting such specs.

How fast does your car go in reverse? Is this typical? Leave us all your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Video Description via Tech Forum on YouTube:

How fast will a Tesla Model 3 go in reverse?

Today I answer the burning question mankind has been asking…… How fast will a Model 3 go in reverse?

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It goes 17mph in reverse for anyone who wants to skip the video.

I assume this is a software limit? Can’t think of any physical reason that would be the top speed when it can do forward at over 100 MPH.

Strange speed to pick – it’s not all that close to either 25 km/h or 30 km/h… did they actually perform some testing where they decided that speed was best for some reason?

I also can’t think of a reason why there would be a hardware limit for reverse. Theoretically it could go the same speed in reverse as forward, since the motor inverter is just driving the phases of the motor in the opposite sequence. Might take some getting used to though as far as steering and probably would be hard on the neck unless using the backup camera only. Maybe someone will hack it at some point, which will open up a whole new field of reverse drag racing. Or new claims like “The BMW M3 ain’t nothing. The Model 3 could beat it no problem, even in reverse!” Or an AutoPilot reverse mode to attract even more looks than the Model 3 usually gets. Maybe these features will come as over the air updates, once Tesla is less of a target for frivolous lawsuits.

I thought maybe 17 mph might convert to a nice round number in km, but not so.

A hacker could do this with a little reverse engineering? 😉

One huge reason it cannot go in reverse as fast as forward: aerodynamics.

Wow, what a drag!

I never tire of reminding folks that the only car (that I know of) that could drive as fast in reverse as in forward was the DAF. Thanks to its CVT. They even organised special races for them:

Perhaps you are correct, but the Nissan Leaf set a record for highest speed in reverse some time ago (55 mph at Goodwood):

But it had it software limits changed, right? It doesn’t do that out of the box AFAIK.

This guy is annoying as all heck.

Ha! I really like these useless facts and funnily enough just now Formula E driver Daniel Abt posted a video about going 210km/h in the Shaeffler S4eP:

Q: Are you a master of trivia?

A: Why yes, I am a font of useless information.

(Just kidding!) 😉

Clearly this is not a good car to use for a smash-up derby. 😉

I say. Certainly not! 🙁 Would be the safest car in the pit though! The airbags might become a bit of a distraction and the incessant beeping of that damn collision alarm. You’d also have to try to keep it above 45 MPH too, to avoid the automatic emergency braking.

Can I do a reverse J turn in a model 3? Hehe