Watch Haulcat Dodge Ram 1500 Race Tesla Model S P100D

NOV 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 25

Definitely, the Tesla needs some more amps to beat this Haulcat.

Dream Giveaway’s one-off truck, the Haulcat Dodge Ram 1500, equipped with a Dodge Hellcat 700+ hp engine and all-wheel drive, is serious stuff.

After all those drag races against Hellcats, now it’s time to check out how the quickest Tesla Model S P100D deals with this incredibly unique Haulcat.

“The #Tesla #ModelS has been making waves in the drag racing world, we had to see it for ourselves and share the results with you. We pitted our Haulcat #dodge #ram1500 vs the #P100D and we think the results may shock you.”

Well, it seems that this time around the P100DL is no match for the Haulcat. Maybe the new Tesla Roadster will finally silence all of these cats.

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25 Comments on "Watch Haulcat Dodge Ram 1500 Race Tesla Model S P100D"

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LOL, looks like Tesla was delayed to start on purpose. Might be fake.

excuses, excuses. The Model S didn’t win the light but the race wasn’t that close in the end.

i think it was. Tesla had a terrible reaction time compared to the truck, fast truck though

A 1/4 second at the start is a car-length at the finish…

It’s fake. The Tesla didn’t even try.

That’s exactly what it is.

So clearly BS, you can see the Tesla wheels rolling so slow at the beginning like it’s creeping before the pedal is actually stomped down.

This shows the benefit of AWD/4WD vs RWD.
Most of the “Tesla wins” videos are against RWD cars.

I wonder wht the mpg is on that dirry gas guzzler? 8 mpg lol CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP EARTHLINGS

Strange, the race at the 1:08 mark of the video showed a race where it looks like the P100D stomps the Dodge. Wonder why they didn’t show that race? Maybe because the Tesla actually had a good start.

Bogus: No light tree, no tickets, not even a race, just a stupid ad for the dream garage.
You can see Tesla beats it off the line in the one they did not show, and then it just sits there in the one they did, and it’s all a hoax.
Multiple races have been run and won vrs the Hellcat already by Tesla, actual races, not made-up B.S.

The Hellcat in the link is RWD.

I wonder how many times the Dodge lost, before they managed one win! It seems that they raced more than once, but you only see a finish when the ram crosses the line first.

Amazing how a few cheap but extremely overpriced parts and a computer chip will add $40,000 to an almost identical looking OVERPRICED basic model…..and then they want you to think it’s a limited production to con the buyer of the last one…gimmicks nothing but tape graphics and $100 spoilers

Definitely fake. Not only does 1:08 show a faster Tesla, but the soundtrack at the finish line has been altered to make the Tesla sound like an ICE.
Betcha the Contest for the Tesla is fake too.

The app will not let me enter.?

Was not an even start. The haulcat had a jump at the start. They should do 3-5 races with even starts to see what’s what..

neville wayne o'connor

Hail no! Haulcatt did not just beat a tesla! Look carefully and you’ll see that the driver of the Tesla hesitates. DON’T INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE!!!

How many times they raced prior this video showing Ram winning??

Nothing like taking a custom, 1 of a kind, unofficial Ram and putting it against a stock production car. Its comparable to racing a stock Corvette against a suped up pinto and implying pintos are faster.

Try putting this ram up against a custom, 1 of a kind, 1000bhp Nismo Slyline R34 and watch its lunch get eaten.

My point is custom, nonproduction car against a production car is comparing apples to oranges.

I would be happy with the loser.

So fake,I didn’t bite Tesla have delay start nice try Dodge

Dodge paid a Tesla owner to lose, looks like to me (and everyone else who knows what’s what.)

Clearly fake, driver of Tesla obviously didn’t do a proper launch and reaction was awful. My model 3 has a better launch than that..

Considering that the P100 was not fully charged they must have been doing several takes until they got what they wanted to show.
Just a marketing stunt, and most certainly their gazguzzler is more expensive than the Tesla.