2017 Ford Mustang GT Chases Tesla Model 3 On The Track


Check out how this Tesla Model 3 fares on the track.

We’re not talking about the drag strip here. This Tesla Model 3 is out on the track with a Ford Mustang GT. The video is especially interesting since most Model 3 coverage lately has been around the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive performance variant. However, this share features the single-motor, rear-wheel-drive Model 3 Long Range.

Additionally, we get a much different perspective in this video, as we’re inside the Mustang GT following the Tesla Model 3, which seems to arrive out of nowhere and stays ahead for the entire time. If the sound of a throaty ICE engine bothers you, you may want to watch this one with the sound turned down. The note of the Mustang starts to get irritating quickly. You won’t miss anything since there’s no dialogue.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via NeonDude2.0 on YouTube:

2017 Mustang GT Versus the Future: Tesla Model 3

Following a friend in his Tesla Model 3 at a private track day at Shannonville. 2017 Mustang GT performance pack, corsa sport catback 2018 Model 3, extended range, RWD


33 photos
2. Tesla Model 3
Range: 310 miles; 136/123 mpg-e. Still maintaining a long waiting list as production ramps up slowly, the new compact Tesla Model 3 sedan is a smaller and cheaper, but no less stylish, alternative, to the fledgling automaker’s popular Model S. This estimate is for a Model 3 with the “optional” (at $9,000) long-range battery, which is as of this writing still the only configuration available. The standard battery, which is expected to become available later in 2018, is estimated to run for 220 miles on a charge. Tesla Model 3 charge port (U.S.) Tesla Model 3 front seats Tesla Model 3 at Atascadero, CA Supercharging station (via Mark F!) Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 The Tesla Model 3 is not hiding anymore! Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs) Tesla Model 3 Inside the Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 rear seats Tesla Model 3 Road Trip arrives in Tallahassee Tesla Model 3 charges in Tallahassee, trunk open.


Tesla Model 3 Performance - Dual Motor Badge
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Tesla Model 3 Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance - Midnight Silver Tarmac Motion (wallpaper 2,560x – click to enlarge) Tesla Model 3 Performance - White Interior - Wide Tesla Model 3 Performance - White Interior - Touchscreen

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it’s pointless.
ICE cannot compete with electric motors pretty much as a steam engine cannot compete with an ICE, excluding corner cases maybe. In general, EVs are vastly superior compared to ICE cars except charging time and price. Price is decreasing steadily.

Of course this is , to take the subject of the day (from politics) , if we want to look at evidence, i.e we’re indeed looking to find the truth.

looks like they pretty much stayed together to me… this dosent even seem like they are competing at all

Just a Sunday drive playing Tag?

No, 2 guys on a track having fun.

I watched the video. Why did his friend slow and put on the Hazards at the End, and let the Mustang pass him? (Finally!)

He was exiting the track on the turn-off lane.

So noisy.

Calling engine noise an “exhaust note” is like calling piles of manure in the streets back in the horse-and-buggy days “sculptures.”

Now, that there is a choice, it becomes apparent that exhaust has one ugly sound.
Pre choice, the sound was informative and signaled power.
Now it signals obsolescence.

Ha! As a non-mechanical person, it took a minute to see that I TOTALLY agree. But didnt realize it until you said it. The varoom of an engine is ‘passe’ in todays world. ELON KILLED IT!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

You haven’t seen anything then… Lmao. ICE has more top end power than any electric car will ever be able to obtain. And some cars sound amazing, if you deny that you’re just plain ignorant. Also, sound, sight, smell, and touch are our main senses. Denying one of those senses makes for an awful experience for someone used to something like a Corvette which sounds amazing and has a much better acceleration feel than a Tesla. Coming from EXPERIENCE. I was only impressed with the launch in a Tesla, driving it was joyless.

You do realize that your comment is completely subjective don’t you. I respect your opinion, but it is just that – an opinion. You fail to understand that a motor of any type will do what it’s designed to do – there’s nothing inherent in an ICE that gives it ‘more top end power’. And while you find driving a Tesla ‘joyless’ it seems hundreds of thousands of owners are experiencing the exact opposite. But of course that’s just their subjective opinion too.

That’s called ‘gears,’ bro. Give electrics a 2nd gear and bye-bye ICE top end “power.”

“…sound, sight, smell, and touch are our main senses. Denying one of those senses makes for an awful experience…”

If you want a visceral experience, it’s hard to beat blood sports such as cock fighting and bear-baiting. Fortunately, most cultures these days are more civilized, and have outlawed blood sports. (Exception noted for bullfighting in Spain.)

“I was only impressed with the launch in a Tesla, driving it was joyless.”

Nearly everybody finds driving a Tesla car to be a genuine pleasure, in a way that no gasmobile ever has been or ever can be… see links below. Sad that your experience is such an outlier in this regard.



Your a dork lol.

Those piles would be “bouquet notes” Those new fangled ICEs lacked any sort of “bouquet notes”

“Our ICE cars are way too noisy” => “Exhaust Note!”
“Our ICE cars are too slow with backseat passengers” => “2+2 seating!”
“Our ICE cars eat gas like there’s no tomorrow!” => “muscle cars!”

All of it is ICE company BS!

“Our ICE cars can’t compete with electric in price/performance” => “Superbowl ads galore: You need a BIG SUV to buy happyness”

You’re a tasteless moron, but this wasn’t the best sounding Mustang to be honest. I’ve been in cars that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and give you chills down your spine. Pure aural pleasure.

What about the total body FEEL of a 1.2 g launch? And the mid-range INSTANT response when the go pedal is pressed? Have some of you ICE addicts considered you are just defending what you grew up with and are familiar with? I used to think sound and burning rubber was cool, but the purpose of a musical instrument is sound, the purpose of a wood stove is to burn something, and the PURPOSE OF A VEHICLE IS TO TRANSPORT…safely and quickly and often with some fun involved too. Performance EVs meet THE PURPOSE of a vehicle quite well, and in those transport options, we can actually enjoy some truly beautiful MUSIC…coming from our choice of actual recorded performances.

Just saying….

There was a video a while back from a YouTube channel called superspeedersrob. He had a great video that explained it greatly. To car people, there’s a lot more than just putting your foot to the floor and instantly being at 60. Part of the fun is getting to throw through the gears of a manual transmission while hearing the engine screaming away as you irk every last horse out of it. It’s partly why Mr. Regular had the most fun on a track in an old Buick despite having driven a Porsche GT2RS. Heck it’s even why I’m trying to find a 90’s Manual Toyota over a newer V6 Accord in the same price range. Sure the Accord is faster, newer, and more comfortable, but it just isn’t as fun.

While I get the analogy, also think of it this way, us car people like the way the mustang’s V8 sounds, and we also at times enjoy the extra servicing required, as we have a chance to work on our car. Think about it like someone caring for a horse they like, feeding it the best diet, and enjoying feeding time as they get to pet them and hear the happy neighing noises.

I reject your reality and substitute my own

Sure, whatever dude.

Ugh , had to mute the sound after turning it down , so annoying to hear that roaring Wrrrrorhh -wrrrroohhhhh

The sound track could have been lifted directly from the movie, Bullitt. 😐

I loved the 1970’s car soundtracks where they just continuously upshift even when they are just driving in a straight line. It is not like they had 20 speed transmissions 🙂

Oh you poor thing! Never owned a nice “Vette”? Too bad. Its good to remember what you DONT want to go back to.

Was there really any doubt that an electric would beat a gasoline on the track? It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Electrics have more initial torke and thus will be better coming out of those slow turns. Put their top speed to the test and we might have a different result, but this was a given.

This is true. On a curvy track, advantage to the torquey engine. Especially with a Mustang GT, which is not a good track car.

But in tracks with long straights, the GT probably wins.

One also needs to consider tires. Weight plays an important part in heat buildup. Depending on the length of a race, tires begin to lose a certain amount of adhesion and racers will typically slow somewhat to allow the tires to cool. I would imagine both cars are relatively close in weight, and with the relatively short run, tire heat didn’t seem to play a part. However, as battery technology improves and weight lowers, electric cars could have a clear advantage.

Not the world’s most exciting or informative video, but it does illustrate that the “golf cart” criticism of EVs does hold water any longer.

It would be interesting to see what options that GT has. Starting price is 35,000$ and the performance packages put that up in the low 40$. It includes larger radiator and some huge Brembo brakes and tires. Rated in-town mileage is as low as 14 mpg. If power output of the base Model 3 stays the same and there weren’t any/many performance upgrades, the old Moose-wang looks kinda pathetic.

And the Mustang is hardly a 5 seat roomy sedan with lots of cargo space. It has a back seat but barely. It’s primary design mission is to be fast in a straight line and around a track.

Sorry to hear about your misfortune.

Tesla is first mover in an entirely new industry : EVs. They have created the first practical EV. The ICE industry is now the horse-and-buggy industry. It’s a brave new world that auto stock analysts can NEVER understand because the last time it happened was in their great-grandparents’ youth!

In fairness though, you guys also don’t get the enthusiast community. There’s a reason people still ride horses around, despite the car existing. It’s also why some General Aviation pilots fly restored places from the 1920’s when they could easily get a new, much more efficient plane. Despite being outdated and backwards at times, it’s simply more fun to us. It’s similar as to why some people are still buying WWII era Jeep’s and sending them down off-road trails when a brand new Wrangler does the job much better.

Yes, and within a human generation or so, driving a gasmobile will be as quaint and old-fashioned as riding a horse. Sure, some enthusiasts will continue to do it, but it will no longer be mainstream.

The lack of sound from electrics is what’s really annoying. And EVs only have power down low, ICE reigns supreme on the top end. Hybrids are the real performance heroes of the future. Wait and see. TT V8 driving the rear wheels with electric driving the front is the best combo. Think the Tesla roadsters 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds is impressive? Car and Driver recorded 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds 15 years ago with a Lingenfelter TT C5 Corvette. Lmao. EV is not superior, Teslas are just really powerful, expensive EVs which is why they get so much coverage. The average EV is slower than the average ICE car. Just race a Bolt and a Camry for a fairer comparison. The P100d has AWD and the equivalent of well over 700hp.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Keep sucking and swallowing the OPEC jizz there buddy.

He keeps choking down Dino juice, and swallowing it hole, keeping his petro head gas gulping addiction on fyre!

The performance versions of the Camry and Accord both run mid 14 second quarter mile times and cost 37-38,000$. Basically as fast and expensive as a Bolt. Toss in the 1500-2000$ dollars for gas each year and neither car looks very compelling

Too bad GM didn’t do a sport version of the Bolt to take on the GTI.

They don’t need a sport version to take on the Golf GTI. Pretty comparable as is.

There was actually a YouTube channel that directly compared a Golf GTI and a Bolt, the Bolt beat it in almost every aspect. Only one it lost in was “fun to drive” due to the lack of any manual transmission (that does also say a lot about the guys behind the channel)

Huh. Not quite as fast but fast enough, in California a Camry hybrid is cheaper to run than my Leaf.

The proper comparison to the Bolt is the Golf GTI. Which the Bolt can beat.

“EVs only have power down low” yea with a single speed gear box.

You keep telling yourself that. Meanwhile, we enjoy watching reality proving you more and more wrong every year 🙂

I am a die hard pertol, head please stop embarrassing yourself.

Good grief. If you really are such a barbarian that you need a “VROOM! VROOM!” in your ears to enjoy driving, then I’m sure there’s an app for that usable in any EV with a good stereo system. No need to selfishly subject the entire neighborhood to noise pollution just because you get a visceral enjoyment out of loud noise.

In fact, you can buy a “butt kicker” subwoofer to install under your seat as part of that, if you miss the vibration of an ICEngine trying to shake the car to pieces.

Its so sad that Elon’s hell bent on his own destruction. He’s a visionary with mental problems stemming from his lack of a good role model in his father. We all handle it differently when we grow old enough to really realize ALL our parent’s faults. He’s still trying to cope with his “bad role model” father. And he acts out because of it, still, sometimes.
But Elon is a sweet, smart, funny genious caught between pure “geekism” and being the “coolest guy on the planet”. And he makes one HELLUVA car line! #GoElon #ElonForever

Elon doesnt make kool aid. He makes electric cars so we can all finally learn cars dont have to be greasy, stinking, buckets of flammable hardware.

Thank you, Elon. I didnt know before, and now I can clearly see why an E.V. is indeed a million times better than ICE cars.

NO ONE IS SAYING a Tesla cant burn! I’m saying its much less likely to burn or blow up without 22 gals of gas in the tank. Oh duh!

Actually, Elon wouldnt even have to build a very fast car to keep us interested. I want a Tesla (pipe dream) but dont want another really fast car. I’m not up to driving a wildly fast car anymore, I got too old for that. I’d love a Tesla 3 that just drives normally like a medium sized passenger sedan. I’d also like it to cost less than $45k😣😣.

The base model is coming next year for $35k, and should have a “chill mode” for that more leisurely feel.

I have no idea whether an electric street car can turn laps faster than a gasoline street car. If I can drive it 100 miles to the track, do 6 or 8 30-minute sessions running at the front of the pack, drive 100 miles home from the track, and do it again the next morning, I want one, especially if it will do that for half the price of a 911. I’m tired of paying for and burning 100 gallons of fuel in a weekend. NeonDude 2.0 and the Tesla do two laps. Their lap times are in the low 1:20s. He does the same lap time the same day in another video, even though he catches and is held up by two slower cars in the corners. He does a 1:17 in another lap, which would easily get him by the Tesla and out of sight in two laps. Five seconds a lap is a huge, huge gap, especially on a little track like Shannonville’s short layouts. Those layouts are less than 2.5k. The Tesla laps are a hair slower than a typical lap time for a Honda Civic at the Shannonville pro track layout, and the layout the… Read more »

Currently no Tesla can do even 1 30 minute race starting fully charged, and of course you know that. EVs are not there yet. In your scenario, your ICE car would require several gas fill-ups. However, the new Tesla Roadster with its 200kwhr battery pack is sized for one 30 minute race. It will be interesting.

My local track has Tesla charging stations. How many minutes do I need to charge back up? If I could get four sessions a day, plus getting to and from the track, that would be good enough to make the switch, but I would still need a second track car for heavier use weekends.

What an odd time to be driving either dusk or dawn are the worst for visibility, looked like a leisurely drive for both, means nothing.

Ev’s instant full power beats out turbs and sc’s nevermind na engines. This video proves nothing as its just two random people with unknown driving experience putzing around a track, in cars of unknown specs/tuning, being recorded. At the same time websites need content to bring people to them…this just isn’t i useful content…😉

The Tesla was well ahead of the Mustang and the Mustang caught it. That’s obvious where it came from. You could see with each lap the gab was closing until the Tesla pulled over. I also think the driver of the Mustang was taking it easy on the curves, but pushed on the straight aways. You could see the Tesla tail lights getting closer on each lap. I’m guessing it pulled over because he saw the Mustang closing in or they ran out of battery. I don’t see the Tesla as a track car no matter how much the press loves it. 😎

The vile spewed over the Mustang’s exhaust is pretty amusing to me. I can’t comprehend getting that hostile over it. I’ve clearly happened upon a sect of the Internet that is intolerant to any viewpoints external to the cult’s teachings. Sheesh. Seeing that this is being shared on a site devoted to battery mobiles I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Just didn’t realize that there was such outrage over the existence of anything other than the blessed EV. I have nothing against EVs, other than the less than ubiquitous supply of recharging options in any given location compared to gasoline, the price of EVs, and concerns around a closed market system for parts and repairs that I presently do not have to worry about with ICE vehicles. If I want to replace the entire motor in my Subaru, I can source one, or parts to build one, from manufacturers other than Subaru. I avoid mechanics for all maintenance and repairs that I possibly can. I want to ensure the job is done right and to specifications, the quality of the parts used meet my standards, and review the condition of nearby components to spare myself more time and money… Read more »

The EV ecosystem is not inherently more closed. In fact it’s probably easier to build a DIY EV than combustion car… The market is just not as broad yet.

“The vile spewed over the Mustang’s exhaust is pretty amusing to me. I can’t comprehend getting that hostile over it.”

Slave owners in the antebellum Old South felt the same way about abolitionists. “Why, those people opposing slavery are crazy fanatics! Owning slaves is right and proper; it’s the natural order of things.” Fortunately, today we are more enlightened.

Our grandchildren will be astonished that we would, as an everyday activity, drive vehicles which spew carcinogenic particles into the very air we breathe, as well as pumping poisonous gasses into the same air, and also pump out 20 pounds of CO2 (!) for every gallon of gas burned!

In the future, driving a vehicle on public roads which emits noxious, cancer-causing, global-warming producing gases is going to be considered crazy, if not downright criminal.

Or, to put it another way, Spasmonaut: You’re thinking inside the box. We’re thinking outside it.

A road corse is nothing more than a series of drag races. A stock Challenger Hellcat on oem tires lapped the Nuremberg ring at 7.50. A Demon could easily hit 6.xx if it had its speed limiter removed due to more acceleration and the drag tires on all four corners. Neither car is considered a track car in the road course sense but handily destroy “track cars” due to their brutish acceleration.


That slowly revving Mustang engine is irritating indeed…

Yeah, the movie is sharp accurate. The Tesla will last exactly 3:07 before the batteries gone. After that the mustang will need only 3 working cylinder :).

A Tesla Model 3 Performance in “track mode” goes the distance just fine, with only a slight reduction in maximum power after three minutes. A reduction described by one reviewer as only 2 or 3 seconds per lap. Of course not all EVs, or even most of them, are TM3Ps equipped with track mode, but the point is that it is possible to build a mass produced EV that is capable of track performance.


For all the Tesla fanboys on here that don’t know anything about track days, this Mustang GT which probably wasn’t even a performance pack 1 or 2 and isn’t designed for the track easily chased down the Model 3 and at the end the Model 3 got over and put on hazards because he knew the Mustang was about to pass him or he overheated that battery or ran out of juice. Either way, the Mustang is a $30k car, the Model 3 was probably $50k or more. Most of you EV fanboys are new to the car scene and have no idea what you’re talking about. The ICE still has a lot of innovation left, and cars like the Mclaren 720s show their true potential. A 720s with 1000+hp would decimate the new upcoming Roadster, especially the longer the race goes on, but even from 0 to 100. You guys need to do some research. You see P100Ds beating Mustangs and Camaros, maybe even a Lambo or 2 and you think they are better and faster. Lmao. Think again. If you’re going to make a fair comparison, give the ICE car over 800hp and AWD, and also try some… Read more »

“The ICE still has a lot of innovation left…”

Looks like you are rather deeply in denial. These are the last days of the gasmobile. The innovation is now in the EV field, and the only “innovations” in gasmobiles these days is adding bits and pieces of EV tech to them. Talking about “innovation” in gasmobiles today is about like talking about innovation among sailing ships in the age of steam. There was one last innovation, the “clipper ship”, but that was the last gasp of commercial sailing vessels.

When the next-gen Tesla Roadster starts appearing at track races, nobody is still going to be talking about any “innovation” among gasmobiles. They’ll all be talking about the new EVs.

Hate to be the spoil sport, but GT was in the wrong gear consistently.

And for lots of people, the exhaust is half the fun

Electric is still very cool, but we should be fair in the analysis.

“And for lots of people, the exhaust is half the fun”

I hope you mean the noise is half the fun.

Hopefully you’re not talking about the knuckle-dragger hobby known as “coal rolling”; driving diesel trucks deliberately modified to emit roiling clouds of black soot from their exhaust pipes. There are a lot of different ways to show off in public in a loud and obnoxious manner to get attention, but most of them don’t involve pumping massive amounts of cancer-causing pollution into the air.

I live on both sides of the aisle as a PHEV and a Mustang owner (and the stang sounds awesome). I’m a big fan of the 3 as well but this proves nothing. Put Randy Pobst in both on the same day at Weather Tech/Laguna Seca and I’ll be all eyes/ears! 😉

As a long time gearhead, I can say it’s fairly obvious: Internal combustion is on the way out… and that’s okay. Competition cars have always been about technological improvements and electric power is showing the way. There will be a sense of loss in the ability of drivers to work pistons and gears to their advantage, but that’s progress. As long as drivers can still control the car, the race is exciting. It’s when we move to autonomous cars that I may begin to lose interest. Glorified slot cars don’t do it for me. But for now, bring on the current! I confess, I’m gonna miss the manic sound of thousands of internal explosions echoing off the landscape, but hey, that’s what vintage cars are for.

Mayor city of Selkirk. Totally mustang gt guy but have to admit very interesting trak action. One thing cant be beat are mustang looks. Solid

I wonder, is anyone actually still buying the bankruptcy story at this point?…

Yeah, I think very, very few people would flunk that gullibility test these days. But the Tesla bashers are too clueless to have figured that out.


Put me in the mustang and let’s see if the Tesla can stay up front..the driver let his rpm get way too low on several turns in the trsck..tesla I challenge u!

The Model 3 in the video is only the LR RWD version.

A Mustang is a terrible track car, race it against a Lotus Exige if you want to really see how good it is.

A car guy here, so feel free to completely ignore my opinion, but this here does kinda show why car people hate EV’s. On the straights, sure, it’ll destroy the mustang. But once in the corners, the fact that just a regular GT is able to keep up with it is pretty sad. Wouldn’t be surprised if a Suzuki Cappuccino could beat this thing on a curvy enough track.

It’s early days in the modern EV revolution. Early in the motorcar era, the 1909 Baker Electric had a top speed of 25 MPH, so could easily be beaten in a race with a good horse. Did that mean motorcars would never be faster than horses? Of course not.

Technology evolved then; it will evolve now.

It would have been more interesting had the mustang driver been actually in race form…it looked like a warm up run…but that said the EV did extremely well….yes I concur EV cars are the future, but when hauling a camper uphill Ill still take my ICE 😉

Folks….as I read numerous comments, most of which were opinion, I decided to check out the zero to 60 site. I suggest you do the same. The cliff notes version is 0-60 times are quick for both EV and ICE should you want to spend a lot of money, and the 1/4 mile times for high end production cars favor the ICE…both vehicles have their place…just depends upon the task. As a FYI, my ICE ford focus gets 47.4 mpg on the highway, and I paid 15k for it….so that works for me. That is equivalent to 100+ miles for an EV, since they use electricity produced by technology the is slightly over 40% for NGCC systems. Facts are facts.

Hahahahaha, did the guy in mustang just get his license??? Must have been the first time on a track! Those RPM’s were entirely too low to even think about a race. Such crap…

So, drive to the track. Recharge. Go a around a few times, recharge. Of course I’m exaggerating. But can’t wait to see electric cars in the 24 hour road race!

I assume you are talking about Ford? They may be in more trouble than Tesla.

I guess the point here is a purposeful sports car — as uncomfortable and impractical as it is — can’t blow away a EV sedan — in a straight line or on the track. End of story I guess…..

In the article you imply the model 3 out performs the mustang. The mustang driver specifically stated he was following his friend in the model 3. You can even see in the video where he brakes earlier and other times lets off the gas to say a safe distance behind him.

I like the sound of the mustang muhaha

I like the one where the model s beats the Lamborghini in a drag

unfortunately this video does not compare cars. rather it only shows the releltive skills of the drivers. you’re going to need a pro who can do consistant laps to be able to compare the car’s respective performance capability.