Watch Faraday Future’s FF91 Livestream Reveal – Video

JAN 3 2017 BY JAY COLE 61

Tonight from Las Vegas, Faraday Future will finally reveal its first production-intent electric vehicle, and it is sparing no expense in showing it off…including a stage to demonstrate the EV’s 0-60mph abilities.

Faraday Future: "Go big, or go home" is apparently the motto

Faraday Future: “Go big, or go home” is apparently the motto in Las Vegas today!

We are at the debut live to report on the all the details, and you can also watch the big reveal as it happens from 6 PM (PST)/9PM (EST) right here.

(The above video we be converted to a repeated loop after the presentation)

Update (8:00 PM/ PST): Full details, specs on the Faraday Future FF 91 from after the presentation can be found in a detailed follow-up piece here.

Update (5:57 PM/PST): And we are live..well kinda, if you enjoy the crowd loop.  Live start ETA ~6:15 PM now.

A quick live shot of the stage just ahead of the slightly delayed presentation:

Faraday Future presentation stage (InsideEVs/Tom M)

Faraday Future presentation stage (InsideEVs/Tom M)

Just as an additional advanced note:

Faraday Future has informed us to “…please dress warmly as this event will take place both indoors and outdoors.”

So we are hopeful to get some early ‘first drive’ impressions after the show, as well as a full recap on all the details of Faraday’s first EV as they are revealed.

Video (below): Check out Faraday Future preparations for the big event (Update) …or not, as for some reason Faraday has just removed the video in the past hour:

Below: Here is a screencap of a Faraday Future mule testing out the company’s huge 0-60mph test track earlier.

Faraday Future's "track" getting tested earlier this week

Faraday Future’s “track” getting tested earlier this week

Earlier “mule” race with a Tesla Model S:

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All their videos manage to push the wrong buttons. The music and the flashes and the grand words, so short on any concrete content, all combine to create an impression that screams “contrived”, “pretentious”, and at times “childish”.

Most other companies understand you need some street cred before you can start thumping your chest this way. Faraday seems to think feigning confidence achieves the same thing.

They better have something of substance, not just an impressive stage show.

Even if they show an impressive prototype tonight, I won’t really be able to take them seriously.
I did a quick calculation a few days ago, here:
that they must be spending >$5.5M on salaries alone every month, and that’s without producing anything. It’ll be at least a year until they have something to sell (build additional prototypes, test & iterate, finalize the design, engineer for production, set up manufacturing or a contract manufacturer, homologate in multiple markets, start manufacturing), during which they’ll have a lot more expenses. Even if they do a ton of outsourcing, that’s still a lot of projects to manage and they need to do all the integration.
By definition, this money wastage and silly hype that’s been getting a lot of criticism means they’re badly managed; even if they manage to find rich investors, it’s highly unlikely they’ll actually make it to series production.

Where did you get the information that they weren’t already doing all those things you mentioned?

Is it based on the fact that prototype vehicles have been spotted? Thus they must be only in prototype mode?

I’m genuinely curious, and don’t meant to bash. I just want to know as much as you do.

I think wavelet is going on the assumption that Faraday Future is showing a working prototype as soon as it possibly can. Altho we can’t state that as fact, it certainly seems a reasonable assumption. Why would any publicly advertised startup, especially one that’s clearly running short on money, hold back on showing a working prototype as soon as it can? Obviously the sooner they can do that, the better for publicity and for attracting investment money. All those other things which wavelet mentioned, happen after development of the first working prototype(s). So again, altho we can’t state that as fact, wavelet’s assumptions seem to be sound. Certainly much, much more believable and realistic than FF’s outlandish, over-the-top, and sometimes obviously impossible claims! Oh, and here’s one solid data point we know: FF has negotiated with the State of Nevada to build an auto assembly plant there. They have cleared the land, but no actual construction of any building has commenced. Another data point: It takes about two years to build and fine-tune a factory for mass production. So at best, FF is at least two years away from selling an actual production car… a reality which is sharply at… Read more »

I think Faraday will eventually finish their US factory, but if be surprised if this car were not initially made in China.

Alex, all good questions (-: Yes, they’re based on assumptions, not absolute knowledge, and I probably should have made them explicit. 1) I think we can all agree that the FFZero 1 concept racecar they showed a year ago is totally irrelevant to any street vehicle. [It’s also bizarre — there’s isn’t really any reason to show off concepts of racecars before they’re track-ready — you’re simply giving away info to the competition.] However, it still takes significant design effort to display such a concept, even if there’s no drivetrain inside. Ergo, the designers have not been working fulltime for 2+ years on the FF91 . 2) Further, The lead designer, Jin Won Kim (formerly Head Designer at Toyota) has only been working at the company since July. 3) For all Peter Savagian, who as SVP Propulsion probably has the most important job, talked in the reveal as if he was a co-founder at the company and onboard from the start, he also only joined FF in _August_. He has a lot of EV cred, having worked on EVs as far back as the GM EV1 program — but FF has had time to enjoy very little of it. 3)… Read more »

> “so short on any concrete content”

I don’t get this. You do know the reveal is in a few hours? Weird.

You can complain some more after the reveal. /rolleyes

I agree. They somehow come off as a parody of themselves. Like watching Airplane! as an in-flight Safety Video.

This has all makings of an “INFOMERCIAL” sounds like much “BS” with the on “Q” hand clapping phony audience…o much s Hungawa

I would not trust these guys with a $1 deposit never mind $5000.00..this car is merely an Unproven Prototype a Non existent production car and very Vague at Best .In my observation They have nothing so far yet and are in need of money.I hope they can change this perception soon and Succeed..

How about 0-1 fpy(factories per year)!

Or 0-2? as LEco bought land and broke ground on a factory in China last month even though still dont have a license to manufacture cars there…

Which for the American market may mean -2 if it is indicative of a Chinese reaction to Trump. Who knows if Chinese companies are still allowed to funnel $ to the US creating jobs there instead of in China ?

Excited about the reveal tonight.

I did a teaser video of me being over FF. I lasts about 9 seconds.



(I keed!! I keed!!)

The thing looks like a Toyota Venza These Guys still have a lot of work to do …I hope they can come up with model 3 Like competitor and Succeed at it .

uhmm.. Jay? whassup?

“Have we ever failed to stream yet, (=”
true and much appreciated..

by Now, I shoulda’ Presumed the problem was local – as in, auto-updating Flash fail, therefore I needed a manual update.
Thanks for the quik response!

15min and counting.. (no fan of this guy, me)

Oh man, is anyone else starting to feel embarassed for this guy?

It’s sooooo painful to watch!

It just won by a whisker?
I wouldn’t call that a speed champ. Very fast, yes, but don’t go bragging about being faster than a P100D.

I hope these guys do well, but I think they will just steal some (1-5%) of Tesla’s customers away. For the Tesla customers who would have gladly paid 2x more for more luxury and other options, but weren’t given the choice by Tesla.

Good luck.

Ugh, I’m not even a Tesla Fanboi, but this all strikes me as “we are slightly better than Tesla…but will arrive years later”. I mean, even the parking demo was so “last year” at this point…

The factory video showing dirt being moved…again, like Tesla’s Gigafactory, except, um, without a factory. It’s just so…desperate.


Doesn’t it get you all excited and tingly to know that Faraday Future has actually hired a construction company to clear the land for a proposed auto assembly plant? I mean, if they can do that, how could anyone doubt they can build a world-class, Tesla-beating car!

😀 😀 😀

(Hopefully the /sarcasm tag isn’t needed here.)

For once I agree with you. I am left completely underwhelmed by the whole FF experience. Promising me a car that has even more power, speed, gadgets, hassle, impracticality, etc. than a Tesla or a Bentley is about as enticing a s free vasectomy, even the doors are less practical than a model X, what happens when my phone runs out? how do I get in the car? What happens if I want to leave my phone at home? What happens if my in laws come to visit and I want them to take the car to get milk, do I have to give them my phone or spend 20 mins registering them online? I am really struggling to find a positive here, I know its electric but really what is the point? 2,000 crap patents? If your biggest differentiator from the rest of the automotive world is a blue coke can that raises up out of the front of the car while the car drives itself you’re in trouble. This company is like all the worst bits of Tesla with none of the good bits, 1400 employees and you can even make a good job of the presentation? How… Read more »

Fastest ahem -production- EV in the world (2.39sec)

They claim 2.39
They can only achieve 2.59 at demo

And it is not a production car

every tenth of a point of CD equals 12 miles range – we’ve rached 25 with our station wagon (/s)

I wish all the luck in the world to FF, but this is hard to watch.

Parking demo.
We have land to build a factory.
We are just barely faster than a Tesla.

Pathetic brags.

Everything but the kitchen sink. This is going to be expensive if it every makes it to production.

4 wheel steering and 4 wheel torque vectoring. And some sort of electrochromic smart glass greenhouse. Yikes.

but.. I don’t WANNA go to the garage.. -ouch


Am I a bad person for trying to enable closed captioning?

ahhh.. turn out the house lights so it can see the line it was programmed to follow (/s)

The YT ‘driving’ the car on the bright-white line occurred at 1:12 into the presentation if this gets edited out at a later time (i.e., watch the car drive in). The car is able to complete its ‘parking’ demo by driving another 30 feet in complete darkness. hm..

Self park…..Or not. Lol
What a disaster.

That might have been the true range of the FF91….About 50 feet.

OMG, this guy makes Musk look like a public speaking champion.

Seriously? The guy who has a major stuttering problem. LOL!

He is South African, maybe you can be nice.

Sorry Clive. It’s not a criticism but just pointing out how inaccurate bro1999 comment is. I have no problems with Elon’s speech issues, as it’s what he is saying what’s important.

Gotcha, thanks for explaining.

Dude, your jealousy of Elon Musk is showing. It’s showing a lot.

Torque vectoring is cool though… should be great cornering…

So was there a price ever mentioned?

premium segment (at least that what I -think- he said)

That was all well and good but they didn’t say how big the air filter is!

As a sarcastic ass regarding this presentation, I’ll fully understand if you ignore me/this as most do, but..

So, Jay.. whad’id ya Think?

(and I trust you’ll keep IEV fans up to date on how many $5000 reservations FF receives in 24 hours, since they rather Demanded that obvious comparison — I, personally, cannot Wait to bid on Unit_01)

‘cuz I always had a soft spot for the Family Trukster, and a sleek variation would be neeto

The $5,000 reservation is for an “Alliance Edition” only. The reservations for a regular FF 91 are free, like when Tesla took “reservations” for the original PowerWall.

Wow the CEO acted like he had never seen the car before.

“You funded it”… he was told !

ayep – communication does not seem a valuable commodity among the big players shown tonight.

FF needing a serious stylist to dress them all!

Be nice! 😉

I was being nice.

I fear the future has been put on hold momentarily. We will get back to you on that later. Film at 11:00!

I like the styling. Very futuristic and the form is exactly what I would like in a family touring EV. However there seems a bit too much of everything promised and I expect it will way over my price range.
Irked by the fasted “production” car 0-60 though. It is far from production.

And all Tesla would have to do is put an ever so slight tweak to the P100D Model S and it would go faster.