Watch Faraday Future FF91 Spin The Dyno

SEP 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 22

Faraday Future FF91 on its way to production

One of the pre-production Faraday Future FF91s was caught at a dyno, but that’s all we can tell you at this point, as no figures were published.

Faraday Future promises to begin deliveries within several months, by the end of this year. The low-volume production process seems to be almost ready as the first pre-production car was assembled in August.

Basic specs of the FF 91:

  • 0-60 mph in 2.39 seconds
  • all-wheel drive, 3 electric motors (1,050 hp)
  • 130 kWh battery for more than 300 miles of range
  • 30-minute charge replenish 200+ miles of range

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22 Comments on "Watch Faraday Future FF91 Spin The Dyno"

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I’m waiting for their next reveal in Las Vegas. Events by FF are always fun for all the wrong reasons.

Hookers and Blow?

I suppose these two could be fun for the wrong reasons.

What I meant was the FF inability to deliver a coherent presentation with hilarious results.

Thanks, I had forgotten that! So planning for building cars isn’t the only thing at which FF is laughably inept.

Spinnin’ wheels and yankin’ chains…Faraday Future.

I want to belief!

Check out at 38 seconds, the door doesn’t close correctly.

Don’t start with the panel gap now…

Looks like someone survived the hurricane….how bad was it?

Plus they cut out a segment after it didn’t close. I wonder how many attempts it took to get that door to stick?

Good catch! I realized that too. Looks like there’s another “Tesla killer” in da house!

Haha well spotted. American “quality” 😀

Thanks for pointing that out, it’s hilarious how it bounces off the B pillar.

They got a 1 billion dollar investment from the Saudi oil company, so now they have the funds to finish their model, and build the factory.
Choises are great. Hope I will see these in real life. $100K is supposed to be the price.

.. Lucid got a billion. . I mixed up the two companies. They were supposed to get an investment according to news I read a few weeks back. Maybe just Lucid get money?

From wiki…”In early 2018, Faraday Future acquired $1.5 billion in funding from an undisclosed investor from Hong Kong.”

Wow, crappy panel fit.

Judging by TM3 success all ev manufactures should start production with bad panel gaping 🙂

I heard they have a “Ludicrous Price” option.

Hey, if they can sell a car for $5 billion, then they only need to make one to turn a profit! 😉

“Faraday Future promises…”

FF’s laughably unrealistic “promises” have been shown over and over to be utterly worthless.

FF needs to shut up until they show they can actually do something other than make highly unrealistic prototypes which will never, ever go into production. The ball is in FF’s court to show they are anything more than a sham company.

So your opinion of Faraday Future would be higher if they *didn’t* show a video of the FF91 on a dyno? How does not showing progress improve their credibility, and showing progress worsen it?