Watch Faraday Future FF91 Conduct High Speed Tests

JUL 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 33

Faraday Future, after getting a $2 billion investment ,boost is hard at work to deliver the FF 91 all-electric SUV with promised performance.

Faraday Future FF 91

Recently, the company took the prototype of FF 91 to Transportation Research Center (TRC) in Ohio for the performance testing. The final phase concerns validating battery, thermal, and powertrain.

The FF 91 achieved encouraging results, including 120 mph (193 km/h) speed sustained over 55 minutes (or some 105 miles / 14 laps). Faraday Future shares its experience about the two tests, dubbed the “Autobahn drive cycle” (155-mph run for 3 minutes, followed by 75 mph for 2 minutes – these grueling drive cycles were repeated three times in a time span of 15 minutes) and “Operation 120 mph” in special blog post (below).

Before you jump into the new info, here is a reminder of the basic specs of the FF 91:

  • 0-60 mph in 2.39 seconds
  • all-wheel drive, 3 electric motors (1,050 hp)
  • 130 kWh battery for more than 300 miles of range
  • 30-minute charge replenish 200+ miles of range

Faraday Future FF 91

“Both tests are critical to the engineering process of FF 91,” mentioned Senior Manager of Powertrain and Thermal Controls, Chou Yeh. “FF 91 prototype test development helps to eliminate issues before they arise and continues to add value to the vehicle during the final stages of verification.”

Speed Validation

You may ask yourself, “Why refer to the test procedure as Autobahn drive cycle?” Isn’t Autobahn defined as the pinnacle of German driving experience, driven at breakneck speed? Be that as it may, FF engineers specifically coined the term to reflect FF 91’s test consisting of a 155-mph run for 3 minutes, followed by 75 mph for 2 minutes. These grueling drive cycles were repeated three times in a time span of 15 minutes.

“Our engineers refused to identify the term Autobahn as max speed or top speed. We conducted the test procedure as a ‘German style’ driving simulation which subjected FF 91 to an aggressive and demanding high-speed driving schedule,” explained Chou. He continued by saying, “The objective was to test and measure the battery, thermal, and powertrain components by pushing them to their limits.”

120 mph Test Run

In order to deduce the performance of FF 91’s battery system and powertrain consisting of three motor drive units, FF engineers conducted the second phase of testing by midday. FF 91 sped down the tarmac as it took the turns at 120 mph on TRC’s 7.5-mile high-speed test track for 55 minutes for a total of 14 laps- a distance equivalent to 105 driving miles.

Real-time Monitoring

Faraday Future FF 91

“When testing the vehicle at a constant speed of 120 mph, we closely monitored the batteries thermal temperature and current draw from start to finish. We also paid close attention to ensure the three motors and inverters received adequate cooling throughout the entire 55-minute run. Overheating would ultimately result in degraded battery and powertrain performance” mentioned Chou.

FF 91 Battery Advantage

Modern EVs have progressed tremendously over the past decade with the ability to usher in 200+ mile range on a single charge, depending on type and driving conditions, but range anxiety is still a concern for consumers. The FF 91’s battery pack is designed to help alleviate range anxiety by using a 130kWh lithium-ion battery, delivering well in excess of 300+ miles on a single charge and 200+ miles on a 30-minute fast charge.

Another feature designed into FF 91’s battery is called “End of Drive Logic”. As energy consumption draws closer to zero percent SOC (state of charge), the battery will perform its own logic by notifying the driver of the current battery status. End of Drive Logic limits the overall performance of the vehicle to conserve battery consumption, allowing the driver to pilot the vehicle safely to the nearest charger.

The Art of Thought

“Overall, we were pleased with both the Autobahn and constant speed testing as our vehicle sustained close to an hour at 120mph without any drivetrain or thermal issues. Our initial data looked really promising. In all honesty, I don’t think we pushed FF 91’s true potential and think we can go even further.”

Stay tuned for future FF 91 testing and tech developments, but in the meantime, check out FutureSight for the latest news.

Separately company revealed also sneak peek of first completed structural frame of FF 91, also referred to as Body in White:

Faraday Future FF 91: first completed structural frame
8 photos
Faraday Future FF 91: first completed structural frame Faraday Future FF 91: first completed structural frame Faraday Future FF 91 Faraday Future FF 91 Faraday Future FF 91 Faraday Future FF 91 Faraday Future FF 91

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What‘s the price again?

Still around or above $200k?

I just don‘t see demand given proce tag and design.

2018 quote from CNET article:

„Faraday Future FF 91 could cost $315,000 in China
Its 2-million-yuan price tag would be at the upper limit of what CEO Jia Yueting said it would cost when it debuted.“

Good luck with that pricing.

Even more than before.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Super expensive, and it looks like a Tartan Prancer.

*Sigh* 🙁

It truly astounds me that investors keep throwing good money after bad at this zombie company. Give it a decent burial, already!

I guess Buzz still sells stuff in China.

Buzz died over 10 years ago in the rest of the world.

I’m not sure these folks got the memo: you need to PRODUCE something. Not just create endless videos of a concept car.

They did produce one car. Now only if they can find a sucker (buyer) to buy it for $20B….

They could give this one car to Elon to send to outer space. That’s the only way FF could be immortalized for posterity.

That’s why I said ‘concept car.’

I hope they have a few reveal sessions in Las Vegas again. FF is always very entertaining for the wrong reasons.

Why is this company still around? Don’t the investors know FF’s awful financial record?

It is truly astounding. Makes me wonder if the “investments” in this company are being used to hide money laundering or other financial misdeeds. How could any legitimate investor be attracted to a company with such an outstandingly bad record?

Yes, a shady financial scheme is one potential explanation.
Otherwise it’s just a huge drain on investment resources that could be utilized elsewhere.

They seem to get more done than Fisker does. They just got a TCO for the Hanford factory. I guess it’s all relative.

💤 💤

Theie perseverance is astounding and I do hope they succeed…
What is far more astounding to me is the hate for this BEV company on a BEV forum when they have done nothing wrong to no one other than paying some bills late…
Oh the challenges of starting a billion dollar auto company…

You Tesla fans do realize it took Tesla years to produce there first real car the Model S…
You do realize Tesla was on the verge of bankruptcy multiple times??
You do realize Tesla has received billions and billions and billions in tax credits to get where they are??
You do realize that they were given a gift in the NUMMI factory where I am not sure they even paid pennies on the dollar for its value??

Tesla fan boys are simply astounding…
The Tesla fan boy moto?? Only Tesla can succeed everyone else is trash!!!

” they were given a gift”

No, they were just smart to buy it at the right time.

“You do realize Tesla has received billions and billions and billions in tax credits to get where they are??”

7500 * 200k = 1.5 billion to be precise. Exaggeration is a thing.

But, errrr, dunno, aren’t the same billions and billions and billions awaiting Faraday Future once they start selling cars? That’s no Tesla advantage.

” it took Tesla years to produce there first real car the Model S”

Their first car was the Roadster, and for all I know, that was a real car. I have seen a few of them. But FF is trying to skip that phase. Isn’t there a saying: you first have to learn to crawl before you can walk?

But I agree with you on the hate thing. I hope they succeed, although the chances of success seem slim.

Not the tax breaks I was talking about but you can add that 1.5 billion to it if you want…
I am talking about direct Nevada, CA, and Fed gov tax subsidies/credits and I do agree with Tesla being given them…
Like….Inside Nevada’s $1.3 billion gamble on Tesla

FYI the Tesla roadster was an awesome KIT car but the Model S was their first Tesla designed car…
Tesla roadster = Lotus roadster (Elise I believe) stuffed with batteries and a different body…

Until this point Tesla has received very little of those Nevada tax breaks. They are spread out over years, most of which are in the future. And like I said, those billions in tax breaks await FF too, once they start negotiating for a location for their factory. I stand by my point: there is no advantage for Tesla here.

FF’s current predicament is wholly of their own making. They’re much too ambitious, up to the point of megalomania. They don’t adhere to the KISS principle but start with a fancy pantsy super duper car that has to outdo Tesla in every aspect. Renderings of billion dollar factories, while they should be looking for an empty warehouse.

It’s not lack of dollars that is FF’s problem, it’s lack of realism.

Funny you should mention the Gigafactory tax breaks, considering that the very article you linked mentions that Nevada actually did the same kind of deal with Faraday Future…

Of course, such deals are nothing special, especially in the car business.

“FYI the Tesla roadster was an awesome KIT car”

Reality check (again):

Tesla never, ever sold the Roadster as a kit car. Body by Lotus; EV powertrain by Tesla.

At this point people are just sick of hearing Faraday Future hype, and not seeing any progress. FF has issued numerous press releases, sponsored a Formula E team, and showed more signs of falling apart then going into production. Yes Tesla fans do get ridiculous at times, but I think most electric car enthusiasts are simply sick of endless press releases.

The reason they get so much disdain is that from the very beginning, all they were doing was making arrogant (delusional) claims of beating Tesla at their own game. They never tried to position themselves in a positive way, expanding the EV market by taking more sales from combustion cars — it’s always been about taking sales from Tesla. This makes them useless for the EV revolution. All they do is diverting investor attention from other companies that could actually make a difference.

Thank you. You have hit the nail on the head there: FF’s claims have always been delusional. Like claiming in their first press release that they were going to start mass producing an EV in less than two years, when they had not even started looking for a site to build a factory!

I think some people defending FF have not been paying much attention to history; neither the history of FF nor the history of Tesla.

As for “only Tesla can succeed”, this is indeed an astute observation: as you pointed out yourself, Tesla only barely made it, despite the fact that they were in an entirely new market with no competition (aside from combustion cars, of course) — the idea that another company could succeed by simply following in Tesla’s footsteps, without bringing anything really new to the table, is frankly quite silly. They have about as much chance as every other automotive start-up that failed over the past half century or so.

Really? Tesla fan boys are the only ones who can see that “Faraway Future” looks very much like a sham company, and quite possibly an outright fraud?

Reality check:

“This is a Ponzi scheme,” Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz said in an interview… “You have a new company that has never built a car, building a new plant in the middle of the desert, financed by a mysterious Chinese billionaire. At some point, as with Bernie Madoff, the game ends.”

I guess Dan Schwartz is a Tesla fan boy too!


They are actually in process of putting their factory together so nothing vapor about that. They will be building cars soon. First cars should be this December.

Will they? I find it funny how much flak Tesla gets for their overly optimistic timelines — yet here is a company claiming they can get from an empty building to production in less than a year…

What an ugly vehicle.

I would gladly be seen driving this “ugly” Faraday Cage on Wheels, around town.

I have been driving the FF 91’s hideous stepsister around, for a few years (pre 2018 Nissan Leaf).

The FF 91 would be a ginormous upgrade, at the upcoming 2020 EV beauty pageant, in comparison.

Personally, I think the FF91 might be the first car in history that looked *better* before they removed the camouflage 😛

But then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Ron Swanson's Mustache

The FF91 looks like a Tartan Prancer.

First off “end of drive logic” is just basic power limits. All production EVs have them, this is marketing BS…

Secondly, NIO was also founded in 2014 and they are in production now delivering the ES8 for 1/4 the price of this car. Quit making PR videos and go make a car please.