Watch Humorous Failed Attempt To Gas Up A Tesla Model S


An electric car at a gas station pump?

Certainly, this isn’t a common sight, but what ensues will likely make you chuckle a bit.

It seems gas and cars are so entwined that when one steps into an automobile, the thought is that it surely consumes gasoline.

Well, as it turns out, and as we all know, there isn’t a gas-fueled Tesla. And, of course, the Model S is powered solely by electricity.

But yes, there are unknowing individuals out there and we can’t really fault them, as the new wave of electric cars is still in relative infancy.

What we can do is assist, which is exactly what happens closer to the end of this video.

Or maybe, the joke’s on us and this was all a setup. Regardless, give it a watch. You’re sure to smirk.

And if you ever encounter this, perhaps act a bit quicker to assist the unknowing, gas-entwined auto driver. It’s our job to educate, so step up and help out.

Humor is not new in the electric car world and if you’ve been following us here at InsideEVs you’ll know we enjoy covering a bit of comedy here and there every bit as much as breaking news. Why? Well, because we all need a break and a laugh now and then.

In other news, a Tesla can now fart too.

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Not really something new: (but usually the ICE Smart doesn’t explode when doing that).


Its even more common to find Prius, Volts, and Teslas at the EVgo DCQC station trying to figure out why the plug doesnt fit.

it’s an act

Hilarious to say the least. I don’t believe it’s a fake.

From further down in this very comments section: “Until I read this article I didn’t even know what a Tesla was and I actually thought all electric cars still tookgas also. It is notstupidity as much as it is some of us do not know cars. I have never even owned a car, and if I borrowed one I wouldn’t have realized until either the last second, or being told either, had the owner not told me exactly how the car worked.

Most people here, if not all, know how an EV works. They are not thinking that many more people out there don’t even know how a car works, let alone an engine.
comment image

Get tired of the phoney set up videos.

What else are you supposed to do when the needle points to E?

*subtle* 🙂

Setup. Who buys an electric car without knows it’s an electric or being told it was an electric

No one. But plenty of people might borrow a car without knowing it’s electric. This is just the modern equivalent of putting gas in a diesel car. Although admittedly more entertaining XD

I’d say even money this is completely real.

Sure what about open the CHARGING PORT? even to me with English as a second language is pretty obvious to me.

It’s a Tesla – that’s a serbian name, so the car must be from serbia. Those foregin manufacturers use funny names for some things, so “charging” a car with gas is kind of plausible, no?

Who’s stupid to let one of your friends or family members drive your EV with a full charge especially a Tesla and not tell them it’s a Electric car and where to charge

I think a more close equivalent of the gas/diesel confusion would be an attempt of a non-Tesla to use a Supercharger. NOw, as for this video ….

– How do you find out if a person has an EV?
– ???
– They’ll tell you < 3 minutes into a conversation

Whether the lady in the video is the owner or she borrowed this T, there is no way for her not to know it's an electric car.

Not her. Turn the volume up – she says it’s not hers. She was clearly getting on the phone to call whoever it was who lent it to her.

Looks fake, but as the other poster said, this kind of situation can be dangerous, since stupid people will find a way to dump gasoline into the car. We had an incident here locally when a boat owner was filling up with gas, he had got his ports confused and was dumping gasoline into the bilge (the bottom of the boat). The gas attendant told him what was wrong, and added “don’t move, don’t do anything”, and went to hit the big shutoff button (the red one all gas stations have). However, clever guy realized his mistake, and also realized the answer: turn on the bilge pump and dump the gas overboard. The boat went up like a torch and the attendant untied it quickly and pushed it out into the center of the water to let it burn without taking the dock with it.

Darn newfangled cars! I’m still trying to figure out how to swipe my credit card at the Supercharger pumps.

Unlike Musk someone did inhale.

One day I hope to stop my EV at a full service gas station as a prank😎

First you’ll have to find a full service gas station… I think you might need a heavily modded Delorean for that though.

Nope, just go to New Jersey where state law forbids self service gas pumps. 😁

Or Oregon

Nope, that’s legal! There was a public service announcement about it at the beginning of the year:

Go to Jersey

Park at the pump and then go inside for goodies. Get back at the people who ICE the EV chargers. What is the term for blocking gas pumps with your EV?

Candid Camera did something similar about 50 years ago. They towed a car without an engine to the top of a hill and then had a ditzy woman coast it down the hill to a gas station. Pull in for a fill-up and tell the attendant it was “not running right” and then watch their reaction when they say “lady – you don’t have an engine!” … “but I drove the car here? It’s been very rough all morning!”

Can I post videos of all the gas powered cars that I see parking at superchargers?

Model S 75D
Model X 90D

Sure. How about some diesels in parking lot:

How about teslas parking in charging spots without charging

They say blondes have more fun.

Boy that was funny.

That engenders a new low of stupidity not seen yet.

People say this is a fake setup, but have you watched the Amazing Race? The winners get 1 million dollars yet they still kill their cars by pump diesel in a gas car or gas in a diesel car. And the pumps are clearly marked. If people can mess up with just standard cars, heavens knows what they will try with electric ones.

I think the diesel car can run on gas, but not vice versa. Is that correct? correct if i am wrong.

You are wrong 🙂

Only one way to find out!

Gasoline contamination can severely damage the fuel pump and the diesel injectors.

I’m hoping you are being sarcastic? Cross fueling either direction will do damage.

He must be

I’ve seen a gas motorcycle with diesel accidentally in the tank; a whole lot of smoke and ten minutes of running after replacing the diesel with gas before things settled down.

Even in flex fuels engine

Right, it’s burning off the oil.

Back in the old days, when combustion was the cleanest way to get around, since horses were causing their own form of pollution, piling up deep and wide, two engine technologies developed. Gasoline involves the ignition of the fuel as a mist, using spark plugs. Diesel, however, uses a different form of combustion, using glow plugs, which warm up the sealed chamber for combustion to the point that the fuel air mix combusts due to reaching a particular temperature and pressure, known as compression ignition. The main reason they are not interchangeable fuels is that their flash points and ignition points vary. Other than that, they do have vastly different energy densities. Gasoline is the more energy dense of the two. If you wonder why they don’t interchange, it’s a bit like baking Christmas cookies with yeast instead of baking powder. Taking this a step further, ethanol isn’t exactly like either fuel. However, you will see it blended with gasoline because it is a spark ignition engine, Now… all this goes away when you talk about military multi-fuel engines, whereupon you are conceptually correct, they run on everything you can easily think of that is a liquid that burns (fuel… Read more »

If I spent that much money on a Tesla I would research first…dumb.

Turn the volume up. She clearly says that it’s not her car. She was getting on the phone to call the owner.

Anybody realize yet that it could be a rental? Enterprise rents Teslas. I can see a rental clerk assuming folks know Teslas are electric. I had a lady last week shreik in shock when I told her I never fill up with gasoline… Or, she could be a rich girl borrowing Mommy’s Tesla for the first time. One observation I’ve made is that the general population sees Tesla as a luxury brand. They’d group Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Jaguar in tbe same category with Tesla, not accounting that one is an electric car.To them, their filter is set to price, nothing else. Many times, you encounter types of people who believe in hyper taxing “the rich”, or what I call “The Robin Hood Mentality”, are ones who will get political with me seeing what car I drive. “Well, YOU wouldn’t know, look what you drive!” Little do these small-minded types know that I swallow hard when I cut that check each month for my payment. As I live in a small house with my family of four. To me, buying my Model 3 was a statement of priorities, a vote for a world free of petroleum addiction and dirty air.… Read more »

Good for you! I actually MOVED in order to make my Model 3 possible. I don’t buy many clothes or go on big vacations, but I have an electric car, and solar panels soon to follow. It’s all about priorities!

Sorry, I just can’t believe people are that stupid. Even if it is a borrowed car. Has to be fake.

You can’t believe people are that stupid?

Trump is president.

Go ahead, square that circle.

True true. And before Trump, Obama won. Twice! There are lots of stupid people.

Obama saves Merica from economic depression

Leave for a day with 20+ upvotes come back with -20. One person is trying their hardest

You are wrong because he is way beyond stupid.

Yet, he graduated from both Yale and Harvard. He is also a brilliant attorney, Won the Nobel peace prize and became the President of the United States. And you…Yeah, I thought so. Moron

Watch out for Rights- he’s multiple voting fraud and voter suppression

Absolutely hilarious! Made my day! It looked sincere to me, and she seemed to be quite embarrassed, but took it well after the man explained the “issue”.
This may become a viral video, at least in the EV community. (I loved when she looked into the nozzle!)
Thank you Insideevs!

Here is an absolutely true story
About 12 years ago my wive had a Geo metro conversion —a Solectria Force for those who have been around a bit She had it plugged in at a friend Unknown to her a fuse had blown so with her friend she kept plugging it in and unplugging it to see if there was any obvious problem The plug location on the car is where the gas filler used to be

A man rushed over to them in a panic and said why are you ladies putting an extension cord down into the gas tank

I drive an EV…. I’m more progressive and ahead of curve.

I somehow find it concerning the individual chose to shoot the video rather than just tell the person it dont run on gas.

Posting to social media is more important than others safety/lives.

Me Two ‼️

I think it’s a comedy skit rather than some blonde actually that dumb. She is able to figure out how to open the charging port in only a few seconds, yet thinks the car uses gas? And how “fortunate” that the video begins at the beginning of her performance, rather than halfway through.

But hey, as an amateur comedy skit it’s pretty well staged. (Points for looking into the nozzle; Benny Hill or Red Skelton would approve!) Sadly, the same can’t be said for the lousy camera work.

She does not enter a PIN or zip code after swiping her card, fail.
She does not choose a grade of fuel after swiping her card, fail.

PIN is only required for an ATM card in the US, not CC. Not all states require Zip Code (some prohibit asking). Otherwise, yes, she would have needed to select a grade. I believe this is fake.

I haven’t lived in the US for quite a while, but I recall there being different nozzles for different grades and you just lift up the right one to start filling.

Just look at the photo. There are not three nozzles; there is just one nozzle, and three large square buttons to select the grade of gasoline.

Yes, there are gas pumps which have different nozzles for different grades. This ain’t one of ’em. As pointed out in comments above, if she really wanted to start pumping gas, then she would have to push one of the buttons. That doesn’t prove she was just faking it, but it is suggestive of that.

C’mon. Blonde, Valley Girl hair, the skirt/shoes, glasses… Looks pretty ’90ish to me. Had to be a setup.

But still funny.

“…how “fortunate” that the video begins at the beginning of her performance, rather than halfway through.”

I think the driver with the phone recognized the ‘opportunity’ to capture something funny as soon as he saw a Tesla pull up to a gas pump. Most people in cars have quick access to their phones. The recording starts after she has already opened her door. The timing is not proof of fakery. There is a lot of ignorance out there in the real world regarding EVs. If you read David Murray’s recent piece on renting his EVs through Turo, I think you might reconsider the possibility that this was not staged. I lean toward real.

“The timing is not proof of fakery.”

I wasn’t trying to claim it’s proof, merely evidence suggestive of it being an act. Just my opinion, of course. You are correct to point out it’s not conclusive either way.

People are saying this is fake… But I don’t see why they say that.
What if her boyfriend wanted her to recharge the car? Why if she borrowed the car and is apparently the biggest moron on Earth? I those laughs from the guys in the car are genuine, that’s for sure.

She could have just gone out of habit too. Maybe she was distracted by stuff going on in her life

Yeah, most people who haven’t been trained to fake a laugh do a terrible job at it. In case you’re curious what the trick is: be out of breath. Lungs fully exhaled, gasping for breath between laughs. People who are laughing hard don’t have the time to breathe properly.

I’ve heard enough “amazingly daft EV ignorance ” stories over the years that I 100% believe this. When I shared this video on one of the Tesla forums, one person recounted going to a gas station for a car wash. He told the guy that he needed to wash his EV, and the guy said just to pay for it at the pump after filling up. He explained again that it was an EV and that they don’t use gas, and the guy just got confused.

Believe it or not, a *lot* of people still don’t even know that EVs exist.

Rather than help, laugh, get out your camera, and humiliate. So nice.

Welcome to the world of Instagram and Twitter 🙁

Welcome to 2018 America.

An indirect way to popularize an EV. Thanks to the girl who volunteered to do this. A Tesla driver will know that its electric based on the driving itself.

At lease if a Volt driver did this, it will be believable since that car has both the charging and gas ports.

Turn the volume up. She says it’s not her car. She was calling the owner.

Did she left the credit card in when she left?

Unless this is not a fake video – they really got to stop handing drivers licenses to people with mental challenges. They would be a danger to others in normal traffic situations.

Not sure if it’s fake, she does look kind of lost ans when she look at the other car in the back, the guy lower his phone so she does not notice that he is filming or they are ators

What Happens To A Nissan Leaf Electric Car At A Gas Station?

“uh, Mr. Big? Yeah, this is like, your new assistant. I know you wanted me to fill up your car for the trip, and I’m like, Soooooo sorry to bug you, but…….”

I’m Sure She is a True Blond , By Crackie ! .. * 🙂 *

So many times when I tell someone about my EV, they ask if it is a “hybrid”. They are surprised when I say it doesn’t take gas at all. Yes, people, this is 2018. We have cars that don’t use gas and they work perfectly.

Same here..

And usually the next question they ask is whether it is safe to take through a carwash. (I explain there is no problem.)

And usually the next question they ask is what I will do when the battery stops working, with the implication that it will be very soon and suddenly. (I explain that the battery will degrade slightly, but very slowly, and that probably the rest of the car will wear out before the battery does.)

And usually the NEXT thing they say is, “well, I guess that’s all good… until it catches on fire”.

Been riding an electric bike for 15 years. People will look at it and start a conversation. Often it goes something like this:

That thing got a motor on it?
Yes. (Point to motor, show them battery)
You just plug it in?
Yes. (Show them charging port/cord)
Bet it’s good on gas.

Someone driving a $100000 car that doesn’t know it’s electric. GTFO

She Borrowed it for a few hours & Just Wanted Top it Up . lol . ….. * 🙂 *

Yes. People borrow cars. Some very small fraction thereof will be amazingly dense. Almost everyone in the developed world carries a video camera around with them at all times in their pocket. This is the result.

Yea , This Camera is Called a Cell Phone … lol ….. * 🙂 *

Dude…not that funny

FAKE FAKE FAKE .. the card reader would have asked her if it was debit or credit you can’t just stick a card into a gas pump and then start gassing up either have to put in a zip code or choose debit or credit

You don’t live in the US, do you?


Oh man this really made my day. Thank you

Wow! The guy is sure enjoying himself laughing at the lady I stead of helping her or at least telling her about..

Why oh why does it have to be a blonde!!??

Because everyone is a blonde nowadays… whether real or fake. Just ask Pete Davidson.

Can we not post obvious fakes as “news”?

Fake news

What HYENAS filmed this! 🙁
Maybe it wasnt HER car or she’d known it was electric.
The HYENAS filming are great example of the death of chivalry.

She says it’s not hers. Turn the volume up when they’re chatting.

If this was a loaner and she borrowed it from a friend., or said friend never told her, to see what would happen, since they said to fill before she returned it? I’m not going to say I’m this dumb, but we’re not all into cars. The only electric cars I’ve seen are the ity bity ones, and the ones which are Gas and Electric (Prius). I’ve never seen a Tesla.

I can see someone with absolutely no knowledge of cars trying to put gas in the radiator or through the engine oil intake or even through the exhaust pipe. But how can anyone be so dumb to drive an electric car (especially something as unique as a Tesla) and not realize it’s not gas powered? All the gauges are centrally located on this I-pad display with electrical references everywhere. I never drove an electric car but I heard they have only one pedal that you press for power and release to brake. I wonder how she even got the thing started?

Be more creative with your staged videos, TY

It’s a dumb blonde d woman for you….what’s even sadder is I’m a blond but I know the Tesla’s don’t use gas even though there r electric cars out there that uses both…like the Prius an the volt.

OMG 😁🤣😎

Happiness is being brunette!! 😎🤣😁

This is an impossibility. There’s no way in hell she would’ve known how to drive a Tesla (coz of the lack of an Engine on switch) without the owner explaining it to her if she borrowed it from someone. In which case, what are the chances that the owner forget to mention that its electric. Also, how did she figure she needs fuel? How did she open the flap?

This was a possibility if she was in an e-golf or something.

You’d be amazed how many people to whom you can explain – multiple times – that a vehicle is an electric car, and still get questions like “how much gas does it use?”

How do you drive a $80k car and not know it’s electric? That’s like driving a Ferrari and thinking it’s a Chevy.

It’s not hers. She says so.

Hmm, instead of laughing at her they should offer to help and let her know what she is driving. Typical behaviour to get laughs and clicks instead of being nice! Shame on you!

This has to be fake.

1. There isn’t a fuel gauge that would tell her that fuel is it’s low, so there’s no reason to even be at a gas station.
2. Opening the charging point from inside the vehicle is not trivial. It’s buried under 2-3 menu taps. Someone this dumb would not have found it so fast.
3. Each level of the menu makes it obvious that the charge port is for charging.

Until I read this article I didn’t even know what a Tesla was and I actually thought all electric cars still tookgas also. It is notstupidity as much as it is some of us do not know cars. I have never even owned a car, and if I borrowed one I wouldn’t have realized until either the last second, or being told either, had the owner not told me exactly how the car worked.

Not sure about the S, but on the 3, it’s just one tap on the main screen to open the charge door. It’s a lightning icon.

Why would someone who wanted to gas up their car tap a lightning icon?

I don’t buy it. Of course nobody here can be sure, but I think it’s staged. And looking into the gas pump nozzle? That’s a classic bit of pantomime comedy. I think it very unlikely to see that behavior if it was real.

On the Model 3, there is an image of the car displayed on the touchscreen, and the lightning icon points to the rear left of the car image, right around where you’d expect the gas intake to be.