Watch This Electric Dragster Cover The 1/4 Mile In 7.94 Seconds – Video


Light Is Green...It's Go Time

Light Is Green…It’s Go Time

Ever wonder what it’s like to zip down the quarter-mile in an electric dragster?  Few of us will ever get the chance to find out first-hand what piloting an electric dragster is like, but courtesy of this video, we get to ride along an experience the 1/4-mile journey.

The Lawless Hammerdown electric dragster seen in this video records a time of 7.94 seconds @ 159 MPH in the quarter mile.

Officially, that’s a record for an electric dragster, but unofficially “Big Daddy” Don Garlits has already crushed this record.

Per the video description, it’s now time to…

“Ride along with Kristen Stacy as she makes one of the quickest passes in EV drag racing history!!!”

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“Lay-deez, lay-deez, lay-deez… “

Does anyone know in what stage of development superconducting electric motors are? They have been speculated for electric air planes in 2050’s, but they could do splendid job as electric dragster motor.

I guess that on a long run, the too weak power density of electric motor will be the limiting factor in the path for top-fuel crushing electric dragster. But superconducting electric motor could provide 10 MW power in small enough package.

Also the power density of battery pack must be about 12 times higher than with Tesla, but for short 4 sec boost it doable with current non-rechargeable battery tech, if the cooling is efficient.