Watch DragTimes Dyno Tesla Model 3

Gray Tesla Model 3 On Dyno


DragTimes strapped a Tesla Model 3 to the dyno to find out what sort of numbers it puts out. The results? Far more impressive than previously thought.

Gray Tesla Model 3 On Dyno

Strapped And Ready To Spin ‘Em

The dyno run showed results of horsepower at 280 or so (peak was closer to 340, but a correction factor must’ve reduced that figure), which is significantly lower than the first-ever Model 3 dyno run. This is likely due to two very different dyno machines used in the pair of tests.

More impressively, torque was measured at 552 pound-feet! This is responsible for that off-the-line grunt Teslas are now famously known for.

Video description:

“We dyno test the all new Tesla Model 3 Long Range and compare it to a Model S P100D Ludicrous.”

Hat tip to SparkEV!

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I hope Tom can dyno his i3s. If the base one makes 182HP at the wheels (170 rated) I will bet his will make 200hp in the 3000lb car.

These dynos are setup for ICE cars; need to have someone engineer a dyno for EVs that can show the instant torque at one RPM and one that will display the expected “behind the knee drop off torque curve” and its associated calculated hp curve. Until then these are just fun videos.


You absolutely nail it.

Sorry to have to say it, but the guys at Dragtimes never have known how to calculate motor torque before.

Hp is really impressive though!