Watch Boring Livestream – Vision To Alleviate Soul-Destroying Traffic

MAY 18 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

Elon Musk recently took part in the Boring Company information session, presenting the concept of boring and answering boring questions, which is something he’s not always keen on doing.

The Boring Company Information Session – concept map

The Boring Company was established to solve transportation problems and alleviate soul-destroying traffic. According to Musk, there is no way up (air) and we can’t rely on roads/highways for mass transit, but there is a way down, as you can build a lot of tunnels.

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At the current stage it’s hard to say how the business will progress, but Musk seems to be convinced that tunnels are the solution – there is nothing to fear down below. No sound requirements. No neighborhoods to pass through. And so on.

You can watch the full presentation with videos and questions down below.

The Boring Company Information Session – FAQ

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Maybe the should do a concept of an electric mining car mule. Something to present at the next Teslafling.

This was painful to watch, those guys really do not have a full grasp of what they are getting into, Elon struggled with every technical question about tunneling.

Not as painful as your constant serial anti-Tesla trolling/FUD here on InsideEvs that’s for sure.

It Is Painful to Watch and Illustrates A Problem

Elon thinks people should simply believe his ramblings. He is drunk on his own koolaid. Nothing prevents Elon from bringing technical experts with him to ‘share in the glory’ and explain technical concepts. Yet, Elon puts himself front and center – all the time.

I think he is slowly being exposed and as the financials become more difficult, we get glimpses into what is not working well within the companies he leads.

I feel your pain…. Are you jealous that he seems to be successful at every venture he undertakes? The speed at which this Boring company operates and progresses is astounding, especially compared to others in that industry.

Every person who as ever worked with him will say they are surprised by his grasp of technical or engineering details in their area of expertise. Don’t fool yourself. He knows very well what he’s doing and has a knack for assembling teams of very talented people around him and challenge them do great things.

You are misinterpreting his unpolished delivery of responses, exacerbated by the fact that his brain was 20% committed to answering questions and 80% to solving problems at Tesla & SpaceX.

Focus your resources on your cars and rockets!

Exactly…. Elon is just spreading himself out more and more, Tesla needs him full time, SpaceX seems to be more stable and able to deal with part time Elon.

I don’t think the peanut brittle project is very time consuming.

I really don’t think that that would be necesarry… At this point I think Elon can easily give away some of his responsibilites within Tesla and SpaceX. While it’s a nice story that he takes responsibility in solving “production nightmare” I am quite sure that at this point there are already enough human resources within both companies who could take care of that. Daily business I would call that. Boring stuff. Tesla has already accomplished more than most would admit. The train is built and rolling. Let others push it now… And sometimes come back to make them push harder… Elons main strength is his visions. So why shouldn’t he now move on to another project. A more boring one. If he accomplishes the task of promoting more development in the sector of how tunnel building is done and therewith pushes other companies to follow (just like he did with Tesla and SpaceX in their fields of play) it will be a good thing. Just look at what happend… Tesla in the beginning – Crazy, won’t work… Nay nay – Now. OK works… SpaceX in the beginning – Crazy, won’t work… Nay nay – Now: OK works… Boring in the… Read more »

Stable companies are built on strong leadership teams with a clear sense of direction and responsible use of resources.

This cannot be said of Tesla in 2018.

— Underfunded
— Oversubscribed
— Transient senior leadership
– Unstable manufacturing environment
– Chasing the next shiny object

Q4 2018


I really feel pity for you.

Yeah, a lot of wishful thinking going around these days…

They should place teleop stations in their supercharger lounges and let people control the boring machines while they wait for their cars to recharge. (