Watch This BMW i3 Drive Itself – Video


Self-Driving BMW i3

Self-Driving BMW i3

Drive itself only a few feet, but this is an inside demo of what the future self-driving, self-parking BMW i3 will be capable of doing.

“BMW showcased their self-driving i3 electric car model at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 in Las Vegas on Tuesday. The car’s system, dubbed the ‘Remote Valet Parking Assistant,’ allows the vehicle to collect its owners and park autonomously.”

Nothing exceptional in the video, but it does prove that BMW is making progress in the autonomous-drive department.

And who wouldn’t want a car that’s capable of picking you up?  Now that’s what we’d call convenience.

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Please see my other comments on Autonomous Drive Tech – on the NASA post today. I can’t write editorial articles here so my commentary can be found in the comments sections.

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Self-parking will be revolutionary for city planning. This means in practice that we can park our cars into the top floors where as basement floors are reserved for shops and other commercial facilities. just let your car in the street level and car drives itself to the elevator and finds a vacant spot where it can plug herself in.

Should this post also be tagged with “self-driving” and similar, since there’s more and more news about self-driving cars.
And at some point in the near future I (and more people with me) would like to read the latest news about self-driving cars.