Watch As Tesla Gigafactory Gets Built In Just 15 Seconds – Time-Lapse Video

Tesla Gigafactory

JUL 31 2017 BY MARK KANE 4

Following the Model 3 introduction, Tesla presented more than two years (in just 15 seconds) of construction of its Gigafactory that is a key element in Model 3 supply chain.

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory 1 Fly-Over (11/7/2016)

The battery factory, located at Electric Ave 1, Sparks, Nevada, produces battery cells (cylindrical 2170) and packs for the Model 3, as well as for energy storage systems (Powerwall and Powerpacks).

The facility is also engaged in Model 3 powertrain production.

The ultimate goal for the Gigafactory is:

  • 105 GWh of cell production (updated from 35 GWh)
  • 150 GWh pack production (updated from 50 GWh)

The facility was expanded in steps, section by section. Watch it spring to life in the time-lapse video.

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4 Comments on "Watch As Tesla Gigafactory Gets Built In Just 15 Seconds – Time-Lapse Video"

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How is it that they can make 150 kWh of packs, yet only 105 kWh of cells? Are they going to buy cells from other companies?

SparksEV, Nevada, I have a feeling it’ll be a kickass town!

Haha. Yes, they will kick your ass there.

No, they are buying their cells from the same company.

That company are making cells both in the gigafactory and in Japan (and other places) where they can ship them from.

(oh, and it is GWh… otherwise it would just be enough for a couple of cars. 😉 )

Tesla critics must never wonder what the Gigafactory is for, and what a critical role it will play in Tesla’s future.

They must think the other mfrs who are going to ‘crush’ Tesla just buy their batteries online.