Watch All 9 Newly Released Tesla Model 3 Walkthrough Videos


Tesla has just released a set of new Model 3 walk through videos that cover several aspects of the automaker’s latest electric car.

Topics covered include:

  • Gear Selection
  • Mobile App
  • Key Card
  • Front Trunk – Frunk
  • Charging Adapters
  • Charging
  • Phone Key
  • Autopark
  • Enhanced Autopilot

Watch This – Tearing Into A Tesla Model 3

Model 3 owners won’t find these videos all that informative, as each just covers very basic info/operation, but for those possibly considering purchase of the Model 3, you’ll like want to watch each and every one to see what’s so unique about Tesla’s cheapest electric car.

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12 Comments on "Watch All 9 Newly Released Tesla Model 3 Walkthrough Videos"

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Treasure trove!

Can’t wait to drive mine!

Short, to the point, & A grade cinematography. Nicely done.

I learned you could push the charge port door w/your hand to open it. Nice.

Only if the car is already unlocked…

Did the AP video show him adjusting the speed with the right steering wheel control (up/down) and following distance (left/right)? I think one complaint of owners was they had to go to the screen to adjust speed…looks like an update has (or will) corrected that.


It was mainly the trolls that keep complaining about pretty much anything even though they were told the steering controls would facilitate many functions when all said and done.

…I wonder how to get a hold of inside ev staff with regular e-mail, since I don’t have a social media account and freaking don’t want any Google account what. so. ever!!! What! So! EVER!!!
I filled out an information survey about electric cars on this weekend and I don’t know now if it was from you. There appears no way to cancel it or its access to family emails and such.

If you email to our address on the site, I get it immediately and will respond promptly. We are always reachable.

I think Tesla should also made new walk thru videos for the latest revision of Model S and X since the 2 cars had a number of changes over the years.