Watch A Tesla Model 3 Go From LA To Vegas On Single Charge

MAY 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 17

Larry Benjamin recently shared his experience from a Tesla Model 3 trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Red Tesla Model 3 LA Auto Show

Tesla Model 3 at LA Auto Show

The car, rated for 310 miles of EPA range, in theory should be able to drive the 279 mile distance on a single (100%) charge at 65-70 mph. To find out if it can in reality, Benjamin tested it out.

Benjamin reached his destination using 62 kWh of energy (220 Wh/mile) with 44 more miles left and didn’t needed to Supercharge along the route at all.

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He notes that his Model 3 operates just fine and says that after three months, he’s covered more than 4,000 miles without problems. The performance is superb, handling is excellent and, though it takes some time, you can get used to the touch screen.

Sounds like a satisfied customer.

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Great description…would like to know if you used any back roads or only the 15.

Hi Fred, I only used the 15 Freeway.

Where did he charge once there?

Also, why go to Vegas? The place is a sh!thole.

Tesla has several superchargers in the LV area. I’ll presume he charged at one of those, if not at a destination type charger at a local hotel. (Supercharger more likely of course)

I was going to use a Supercharger but I decided to stay overnight as I hadn’t been to Vegas in a while. I used the hotel’s charger which was included in the stay.

Staying at the Wynn is not my idea of a “sh!thole” although I prefer The Platinum (which also has destination charging, BTW)

Count me jealous after trying to do 160 mile roundtrip from San Jose to Carmel last week in a Leaf. A 3 hour trip took 7 hours. To hell with public chargers.

Count me double jelly, with a big fat side of Ginormous Tesla SC envy!

Don’t take it so hard, try the 2016 Leaf (27 kWh useable) long haul, from LA to Tahoe and back, over New Years.

That is definitely driving 1k mi. The Hard Way.

Thanks, especially to Nissan, for their ” #Drive the Arc “, free and accessible CHAdeMO Fast charging, in and around the greater Tahoe Interstate region.

Well, a Bolt EV or any Tesla would have been able to do that trip without charging.. You just need a long range EV..

Or one that can fast charge like the Ionic?

Like to see the same test with a Model 3 SR when they come out. The speed would probably have to be set at 60 with aero wheels and it would be very very close.

Loving the Edit feature on the comments section!

Great video. Thank you ! I have to stop once in my 90D Model X at Yermo.

So, it basically says that Model 3 LR model can match its rated range in a good weather at high way speed…

Isn’t that sort expected for any EVs to match their EPA range on a good weather at 65mph?

Yes but the mountainous passes with high elevation takes its toll on range. I wanted to test the range to see if it could make it comfortably and it did.

It’s nice to know this is possible by taking it slow, but I would choose to make a supercharger stop and go with the flow of traffic. Averaging 10 mph below the speed limit is unnecessarily hazardous.

I could have stopped at a Supercharger for 15 minutes or so as I did in the way home but my point was to so it on one charge. I didn’t go 10 mph below the speed limit and was at it for most of the ride save for a short time climbing a steep grade. The trip was in no way hazardous.

According to your car, at the 2 hour mark, you covered 119.3 miles and finished 278 miles after 4h 36m, which is 60 mph.

There are also a lot of cars whizzing by you in your video. In my experience, most drivers go 5-7 mph over the speed limit.