Watch This 30-Minute Tesla Model 3 Video

4 months ago by Eric Loveday 42

The longest (over 30 minutes) Tesla Model 3 video to date has just surfaced. You’re gonna want to watch it. Like right now!

Tesla Model 3

The video however suffers from every imaginable issue.

It’s vertical.

Not in English.

The car is largely cut off in most of the shots.

But it’s our best look yet at the Model 3, by a factor of like 100.

You’ll literally see just about every feature of the Model 3 in this comprehensive video, but if you don’t understand Russian, then…well.   We should note you ‘can’ turn on closed captions, then have that automated attempt translate once again into English (or your language of choice) – but it’s rough.

*Sidenote: If you’re fluent in Russian, help us out in Comments.


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  1. fotomoto says:

    Second person I’ve seen close the door by pushing on the unsupported glass. In my experience with other cars, that continuous flexing will cause rattles and rolling issues later on.

    1. jm says:

      Yep. That and the reinvention of the air vents (again, engineers answering questions no one was asking) are my two major irritations with the car. Why not go with framed windows like every other midsize car in the known universe? You know, the extremely popular midsize ICE cars Tesla is trying to steer us away from. Tesla has to be “different” because they think that “different” will be equated to being better. The last car our family had with frameless windows was a ’72 LeSabre. There’s a reason most cars don’t have them. Besides what you mention, it’s a PITA to have to remind PAX not to shut the door by shoving the glass.

      1. Steve says:

        Not sure what you guys are talking about. My Model S has been driven over 120,000 miles and has the doors closed via the glass all the time… and opened and closed a LOT all day long. But nothing is rattling. I don’t like it, ‘cos I have to clean the glass, but it hasn’t resulted in noises or unreliability.

        1. fotomoto says:

          Good to hear. Now stop doing that! (fingerprints) 🙂

        2. Viking79 says:

          I think that is perpetuated like 3k mile oil changes, etc. I agree, it isn’t great to put leverage on the window, but usually, if people grab right above the sill it shouldn’t put much leverage unless you push really hard. As you say, plenty cars have frameless windows and people close them by the window all the time, and the windows aren’t falling off. Now if you want a car with windows that fall off, buy a BMW 😉

      2. Nix says:

        I personally wouldn’t close a door by the glass either, but BMW has been doing frameless windows for a long, long time. So I’m pretty sure that modern technology has advanced since that ’72 LeSabre and if BMW can do it, that Tesla can figure it out too.

      3. Martin Winlow says:

        I don’t understand you. If you have a system that is badly engineered, it will inevitably fail. If it is well-engineered, it is much less likely to fail. From my experience of Tesla’s engineering, it is generally better than most and so, given Tesla has *again* decided to make a car with frameless windows, one has to assume they can take being closed by pushing on the glass. But, anyway, my preference is the ‘bum-shove’…!

    2. mxs says:

      I have had Mini which has no frame around door windows glass. Don’t remember ever closing the door by grabbing the glass, nor my door rattles … the car is now 8 years old.

      I think if you are really tall you might initiate the door closing by the glass, but I still don’t think it should cause issues if designed well.

    3. eltosho says:

      The MS has the same unsupported glass. If this is an issue Tesla probably know about it by now….

  2. ffbj says:

    I wonder how the Russians got one so fast. An employee? If so he broke his NDA. Of course in Russian, as a matter of course, you ignore the laws or break them as much as possible.

    1. vvk says:

      The guys is a DBA/data analyst at Tesla. Maybe there is no NDA. Maybe he did not expect the video to surface on youtube and go viral.

      1. ffbj says:

        T… for the info. I figured he was somebody.

      2. eltosho says:

        Or he got fired … 😀

    2. Nix says:

      That reminds me of how I used to search for “Sales Scorecard” in the search tab, until I figured out one day that the big yellow box marked

      “Monthly Plug-In
      Sales Scorecard”

      in big red all caps letters was actually a link to the sales scorecard.



      1. Nix says:

        Or how I responded just now by hitting the wrong “reply” button…. Oh well.

  3. ffbj says:

    No home button on inside evs? No problem, just go to the forums and click on news and that will take you home.

    1. Jay Cole says:

      Never had one for the mobile site, but you see that big InsideEVs logo at the top of the desktop? It is about 25 pixels lower than where the ‘home’ button was, looks like this:

      Yupe, click that…it is pretty much how the Internet works, hehe (works the same on mobile)
      …sorry I couldn’t resist the sarcasm

      1. ffbj says:

        Doh. I never new that. Then why did you guys used to have a home button?

        1. ffbj says:

          I suppose it was just for redundancy for dunces like me.

          1. Jay Cole says:

            I can’t explain why…it was like our virtual vestigial tail, (=

  4. cab says:

    I think I see the somewhat larger turning radius issue (mentioned by the OC detailing guy in his video) demonstrated when he does a u-turn to pick up his buddy at around the 15:40 mark.

    Hardly definitive, but I’m guessing the front wheels simply don’t have quite as much turn (perhaps to account for the future AWD version’s front motor). I’ve never noticed anything like that on my S (which is wider) but in the past I had a couple of Nissan Maximas like that… it was sort of a joke in my family given that I complained about it so much (spending 0.07% of my life executing 3 point turns in that car).

    1. fotomoto says:

      Yeah I saw that and the previous mention in the other video. It looks as bad as my CMax Energi which, like you, I complain about but in my case it affects me nearly everyday due to my parking situation at work and also tight parking lots that try to cram too many spots in.

      Uber/lyft types or others that drive for a living will be griping.

  5. tim says:

    what the hell. Elon promised west coast deliveries first. what the hell is the model 3 doing in russia

    1. fotomoto says:

      Hacking has its privileges.

    2. jelloslug says:

      Apparently Russia is just across the bay…

      1. Bill Howland says:

        Sarah Palen saw it last time she was in Alaska.

    3. Oleg says:

      It is not in Russia. It is in California. The owner is a Tesla employee.

  6. Art Vandelay says:

    I thought the aero wheels were ugly enough…

    1. says:

      I think they look much better painted in the car’s color.

      1. Rich says:

        I second this. I like the key colored wheels. It’ll be interesting to see what paint schemes and designs people come up with.

      2. Nix says:

        I bet they didn’t even have to go so far as to paint them. They look like they would be super easy to put a wrap on them. Especially since it would take 10 seconds to take them of and then do the wrap on a workbench.

      3. eltosho says:

        They don’t!

  7. Ivan says:

    Just a couple of observations:

    – I wish the guy holding the camera would just stop talking. He is super annoying.

    – Owner works for Tesla, and is also Model S owner, so he was number 27 in line.

    – He makes a point that production is very much on track, and is progressing much faster than compared with conventional car manufacturers. We should not focus on small delays, but focus on the big picture: how to produce over half a million cars in a reasonable time.

    – Fit and finish are in some ways better than Model S, with some small details addressed from the ground up.

    – Wiper fluid comes out of the middle of each windshield wiper, thus providing even coverage.

    – Owner talks about the overall lead Model 3 has when compared to Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc. He makes a point that the gap will be hard to close as Tesla continues to innovate and is actually making gap bigger all the time.

    1. Spoonman. says:

      Thank you. The wiper thing is cool to hear about.

    2. Robb Stark says:


  8. Nix says:

    blagodarstvuyu, but please just say no to Vertical Video Syndrome!!


  9. Don Zenga says:

    Is it a Russian in America, I don’t think Tesla has started export of this model and that too to Russia.

    May be they could have exported to Canada, Norway, Netherlands.

  10. Dude.where' says:

    Video is up in Palo Alto area. I read the road signs to figure out where he was. I wish Tesla would send us some updates. Getting impatient and might have to get something else instead. I am concerned by the trunk. Wish it was a hatchback. It might be roomy but still.

  11. Oleg says:

    Some comments for English audience: The owner Alexey is working for Tesla as database software engineer. Originally he was #27 in line for Model 3 but the best performing employees (or friends or investors, Alexey added) received their cars sooner than him. He received Model 3 among the first 100. He also owns a Model S (he said Premium class Model S, not sure what he meant).

    Alexey gives a pretty nice review, calm, with no hype, but very positive. He talks about the delay of the production of Model 3 and he is not worried about it. I got an impression that he feels that it is normal and a significant progress is being made. Alexey also says that pre-orders are growing. Alexey does not believe that other car manufactures will be able to catch up with Tesla any time soon.

    He is 188 cm tall, says that car is roomy for him. Alexey shows some profiles, one for resting… profiles remember steering wheel, side mirrors and seat position. He shows how to use phone app / car key (how he calls it). The steering wheel is a little smaller than on Model S (Alexey is familiar with Model S obviously) but convenient. Alexey prefers one display, he got used to it quickly. He likes that steering wheel doesn’t block speed reading when turning. He really likes that while resting his right hand on the central compartment (?) he can reach the screen without lifting his hand up. Front license plate holder supposed to be glued to the bumper. 8 cameras outside and 1 camera inside facing the driver.

    Alexey likes the roominess in the second row even with his height. Alexey likes the sounds system on Model 3 better than on his Model S. Windshield wipers speed is controlled via the screen, on/off – on the left lever. It looks like autopilot is working correctly (unlike OCDetailing experience).

    I hope I did not miss much. I would like to thank Alexey and Misha who took the time to make video and the person who uploaded it! I am waiting for my Model 3. I also invested in Tesla a nice chunk of my portfolio. Alexey made me feel that current production delay is not an issue at all. Thanks for that too!

  12. Maskvietis says:

    Hi, everybody, I speak Russian, so can share some details. The guy who’s driving the M3 is an employee of Tesla Motors. He says he was the 27th in the waiting list, and got the car among first 100. The good news is that he likes the car even more than his Model S. He says that the quality of interior, the sound of the music and acoustic silence while driving is better than MS.

  13. Maskvietis says:

    Thank you, Oleg, you were faster, haven’t seen uour comment:) Yeah, the second most important good news was about the production delay. As it seems from the inside of Tesla, it’s not an issue, they are solving problems much faster than traditional automakers.

  14. Oleg says:

    Fit and finish seems better than X, maybe a little better than S. I don’t like the large turning radius though, it always annoyed me on so many cars.

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