Washington State Gets Its First Public CCS Fast Charging Station

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EVgo has 7 Freedom Station in Washington state – the latest one at Redmond Town Center is the first equipped with Combo plug (CHAdeMO and AC Level 2 too).

EVgo increasingly uses double-head 50 kW DC fast chargers with both CHAdeMO and Combo plugs and this is probably the way to go as no agreement on charging standards exists.

Previously, there were a lot of stand-alone CHAdeMO or Combo chargers installed, but two plugs on one charger is probably a more economical solution.

There are three charging plans for Freedom Stations. Here we have pricing for the Seattle area (especially important for those who don’t have  the free charging promotion):

EVgo Seattle - December 2015

EVgo Seattle – December 2015

Terry O’Day, EVgo’s West Regional Vice President said:

“EVgo is the largest developer of public DC Fast Charging for EVs in the nation. We are proud to partner with Redmond Town Center and serve customers in the Puget Sound’s rapidly expanding EV market. Bringing EVgo’s robust network of the fastest charging technology available provides drivers with the confidence needed to purchase an EV and discover an incredible new driving experience.”

Hill, Senator for the 45th Legislative District which includes Redmond said:

“Building Washington’s electric car infrastructure is a big step in transitioning to a clean energy economy. Electric car technology is taking off and so should our infrastructure. This charging station puts Redmond on pace to be a leader in emissions-reducing technology.”

Redmond Town Center Property Manager, Courtney Klein said:

“Our community is passionate about technology and innovative, eco-friendly transportation, so we are pleased to offer our Shoppers the EVgo Freedom Stations; a fast, convenient and eco-conscience way to re-fuel.”

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Makes me appreciate what tesla is doing all the more. I guess this is good to get you a 30 min charge for a leaf but when you get a 200 mile gen 2 leaf the charge time of an hour is too long to be convenient.

I think what you’re seeing is just efficient spending. Given n dollars, it makes more sense to trade charging speed for more stations given the lack of long range EVs. When there is demand for road trip charging in a few years you’ll see higher power stations pop up along highways. These are intended for shoppers.

One CCS charger in Washington state?! Big whoop-de-do! Texas is where the real CCS story is. Texas went from having zero functioning CCS chargers to having nine functioning CCS chargers in less than two weeks! These were all evGO chargers. About a half dozen of these were already dual chargers with the CCS cable not installed. At other places, like Grapevine Mills Mall, evGO replaced the existing CHAdeMO charger with a dual charger. Makes you wonder what they did with the CHAdeMO charger, it wasn’t that old. Where is the CCS story for Texas???

Things are only getting better. 🙂

Now when will there be enough along the highway so I can visit my friends in Seattle by driving from San Diego’s Mexico border with SparkEV? Even with all that DCFC, average speed will be about 45 MPH.

I’m not sure how well researched this article was, Plugshare is indicating six CCS chargers in Washington state. Most of these are at Kia dealerships and they have been there for at several months. It’s nice though to see evGO stations getting CCS chargers.

I confess I haven’t checked out all the stations in Washington State myself, but I think it depends on your definition of what a public station is? I’m not sure…if it does turns out that another public station is available that isn’t brand/OEM location specific we’ll adjust the heading.

I recall a Washington public CCS station article on InsideEVS causing a big brew-hah-hah in comment section. But it’s looks like the original article on InsideEVs was removed.



That is a good case in point about a “public” fast charging station. Although that Kia unit one was listed (by accident on plugshare apparently), it certainly wasn’t public/open to all models/all the time for the convenience of the EV community.

DC public charging in the US…never a dull moment.

The road ahead still is so sketchy in the public charging arena. The Coram story revolved around a CCS/Chademo dual charger located onsite at a KIA dealership in western Washington. Plugshare listings and sometimes-desperate EVers looking for a charge can become a dustup once-in-awhile. This is why I’m still such a huge Volt fan. Not so much a 15-20mile PHEV fan. The range-extender allows so much versatility and GM is still sitting on this technology and not spreading it throughout it’s lineup as we would like to see. I’m thrilled with the hybrid Malibu using Voltec parts — Just so anxious to see a CUV, Cruze, and truck made available – and versions with plugs cannot come soon enough. The Hyundai Ioniq may break through where Volt busted open the way. If Hyundai truly offers BEV, PHEV and hybrid versions – others surely will follow suit. Pure BEV early adopters should not fret. It will just take either a gasoline shortage, big gas price hikes or a steady flow of mid-early adopters of electrified cars — Plus, the looming 2020 C.A.R.B. mandates to hold steady and not erode…For these long-awaited plug-ins and BEVs to start flowing, rather than trickling out… Read more »

The Gate gas station in Jacksonville FL has a combo charger (chargelots) and it is $0.25/kW. It always works, is reasonably priced and is next to the interstate. Gate is like Hess or Speedway in other part of the country. Need more like this one.

Wait . . . Washington just got its FIRST CCS station? That’s awful. C’mon GM, Ford, Fiat/Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes, and VW auto Group . . . you backed this standard . . . NOW SUPPORT IT!

Pathetic, aint it? And with a car that can go 80 miles until disaster – BEV drivers today can get pretty testy about the time the guess-O-meter starts barkin’. GM still is rather quiet about how Bolt owners will find juice. What charging format will they choose? If they really want to fluster Tesla, they surely should pick the format with the most charging opportunities available – and that surely isn’t CCS! A charger or two at your local Chev dealer may reveal to dealers – possible return customers just stopping by for a visit. As a former car salesman, that is Nirvana for an auto dealer. You want feet on the lot. You want to look busy – popular, and keep people around awhile…BEV owners will be there for a half-hour or so. My local Toyota dealership installed an espresso bar and café. You can grab a French Dip and a Latte while you wait for your car to be serviced. More dealers are installing hair salons and even BOWLING ALLEYS inside their store! If keeping customers around is so vital – what better way than to have them charging up on property? Good time while charging the Volt… Read more »

Notice as a Seattleite I said, “Nirvana” with a capital N?!

Hmmm – Smells like EV Spirit! 🙂

The first dual CCS/CHAdeMO station with EVho branding deployed in Washington state occurred early-August 2015. See check-in to confirm date:

Conoco, Ritzville, WA

I just went through Washington evGO listing in Plugshare. It looks like evGO is doing the same thing in Washington that they did in Texas, install a bunch of dual chargers without the CCS cable. Judging from what evGO did in Texas, I would expect to see the CCS chargers become functional real soon.

Hard to say as communication from NRG EVgo is lacking … for setting expectations.

To date only Ritzville and Redmond, WA sites receive access for both CHAdeMO & CCS from the beginning.
The site(s) that did not receive CCS connections with initial deployments still don’t have; and no info on if/when they will ever be upgraded.
In fairness, EVgo may just be waiting until there is a certain number of registered vehicles with CCS connections.