Washington Governor Signs Bill That Offers Financial Incentives To Utilities To Install Charging Stations


State of Washington representative, Chad Magendanz, R-Issaquah, a friend of InsideEVs, has informed us of the following:

Rep. Magendanz’s electric vehicle infrastructure bill signed by governor

Legislation offering financial incentives for utilities to build electric vehicle (EV) charging-station infrastructure was signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee today. The measure was sponsored by state Rep. Chad Magendanz, R-Issaquah.

Magendanz, a BMW i3 (Solar Orange, as seen in image above)owner, says this bill will address a major hurdle:

“We’re addressing one of the major impediments to increasing EV purchases and use: a lack of charging stations.”

This is how Magendanz envisions the future:

“My vision is for utility customers to be able to simply request an EV charging station for their garage, just like they’d request a cable modem installation from the cable company. Because there’s no up-front cost to the ratepayer or property owner, many of the current obstacles to charging at home or work will disappear.

“The end result, we believe, will be more people driving EVs and fewer pollutants in our air.”

Some additional information on the bill:

Under the new measure, the state Utilities and Transportation Commission can allow utilities to realize a limited rate of return on investments in EV charging stations and related infrastructure.

Magendanz said the legislation essentially restores the incentive a power company would normally have to invest in equipment that would increase its sales, but that have been eliminated through conservation programs. Utilities have the expertise and purchasing power to dramatically reduce costs of this essential infrastructure build-out, he said, and can break down barriers to EV ownership in high-density regions with condos, apartments and office buildings where getting garage chargers installed can be more difficult.

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Text of the (final?) bill here:


I’ve read it and I have no idea what it says. Can anybody with knowledge of how these things work explain it in plain english? It only talks about regulatory gibberish. If it ends up being something you order up like a cable box, then pay a small monthly payment to “lease” it (like the cable modem) then this is a game changer. Progressives should form an ALEC like organization to get this introduced to every state legislature.

It does not say ‘public charging’ or anything like that. So, I’m thinking the incentive applies to any entity buying electricity including a homeowner.

Pretty cool language that the EVSE is gifted to the property owner after full amortization.

Utility companies are sitting on a gold mine, they can become owners of ev charging stations and put the squeeze on gasoline stations.

Orlando utilities is already doing this in Orlando Florida.

Go Governor Inslee! He takes climate change seriously.

Is this the rep that got the Rex recognized by WA state as a BEV so he didn’t have to pay sales tax? Can he do the same for 2016 Volt? Good to see it’s not just Inslee that is helping WA residents get off gas.