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OCT 26 2014 BY MARK KANE 26

Crashed Tesla Model S - Think Twice Before Buying A Wrecked Model S With A Salvage Title

This sale shouldn’t count, as it didn’t even manage to leave the parking lot, right?

Aljazeera America recently evaluated Tesla Motors’ sales problems in the U.S.

The Californian automaker is struggling in many states with sales and service bans, sales limits or even no test drives due to Tesla using its own stores instead of the more typical independent dealer network.

The fight is ongoing on different fronts from media to court to senate. Here is a video focused on Georgia where other EVs like the Nissan LEAF are enjoying booming sales, while Tesla has a 150-unit annual sales limit.

“An unusual Georgia regulation bars Tesla from selling more than 150 cars a year there. And more than two dozen states prohibit the electric car maker from setting up its own shops, thanks to the lobbying efforts of auto dealers. Correspondent Adam May digs into the showroom showdown and what it means for the future of the U.S. auto industry.”

*Editor’s Note: It’s come to our attention that the two videos below were pulled from YouTube due to “copyright issues.”  Here’s a link to another location in which the two videos (combined into one) can be viewed.

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Al jazeera is paid for oil money,so they wont talk good of the competence¡
This car is a success ,look it for any angle¡

Al Jazeera is owned by Qatar, a dictatorship that holds 5% of the world’s proven oil reserves. With that said, this seemed to be a fairly balanced piece.

The popularity of the car has nothing to do with the legal challenges Tesla faces in many states.

I found this piece well-made, quite balanced, if anything actually in favor of Tesla. Did you watch it? The company is always portrayed in a positive light here (people mentioning they love the car, etc).

That’s not even accounting for the free publicity Tesla gets every time it’s mentioned in the media obviously, something the NADA must not have calculated very well…

For whatever reasons, the videos on this article have been removed.

Good riddance as I read the article, but would not lift one finger to watch Al Jazeera ( America, nor anywhere ).

I say shame, shame to Al Gore for selling his Current Network to Al Jazeera in the first place. I won’t give any attention to a network known worldwide to sympathize with terrorists, and that airs their propaganda.

Is that what Al Jazeera does?

Al Jazeera = wolf in sheep’s clothing. Through the years they run any and every propaganda video in the Arab world when asked by a fanatical leader or group. I’m not mentioning any names but you can Google Al Jazeera and view their stuff all day long. So you think Al Jazeera America is good? Good luck! Really – that’s all we need. All the “news” that’s fit to print from a Middle Eastern perspective. I won’t waste my time. Don’t get me wrong. There’s zero hate in me. I respect and enjoy all cultures and all backgrounds except when they reveal a nature or deep belief that they belong here and others do not. For me, that is unacceptable. Not many who read these pages enjoy Fox News. In here, it’s mainly because Fox has been infamous for knocking GM, the Volt and nearly everything sustainable that is not gas nor oil. Yet this makes sense because the number one private stockholder of NewsCorp’s ( Fox’s parent company ) stock is a Saudi prince! I’ve read “news” stories from overseas when I have been able to find a traslator or translation. In certain oil producing countries it’s common to… Read more »

I’ll tell you right now there are exceptions to most every rule. One I really like is Masdar City. If you aren’t familiar with it I encourage you to look it up.

Masdar City is located in the desert of Abu Dhabi and is the product of a green consortium of tech companies and showcases clean transportation and sustainable energy technologies.

This planned community and business hub shows that not all in that part of the world believe oil and gas are their only hope for prosperity and happiness. Right in the midst of oil country sits this little beacon of hope for a clean future that is not run by oil barons and industrial tycoons bent on destroying our environment.

If Masdar City is a smokescreen to hide behind – it would be revealed in time for certain. But for now, it appears there are forward-thinking, intelligent people the
world over, working for the betterment of the planet and it’s inhabitants no matter their race, religion or culture.

3.2 seconds

@Mark, thanks. I enjoyed the video.

Re the 2nd picture: that Model S already has HOV stickers (rear bumper), so it can’t be a new sale.
Maybe someone who came for service — or, oopsie, a test drive?

Strange, io, that I have never seen you on this site before. Hmmmm

If you’re new and just some person very interested in Tesla and electric cars, welcome – but my experience tells me that your supportive note for this piece, it’s opinions and remarks are indicative that your opinion should not be taken with a grain of salt – but a whole salt lick.

If you think “publicity” like this is good for Tesla – you most surely need your head examined.

Movie stars pay publicists to get them airtime, and negative stories still get their name out there – a big plus for them. This rule does not apply to politicians nor products or companies of ANY kind. Negative ink results in damage to a company every single time.

You must think people ( or Americans ) are really stupid. News Flash: We’re not.

James – Did you watch the same video I did? It was really quite positive to Tesla – Mainly about how it’s being “wronged” by old school “cartels” and their political allies.. IO comments are seem fairly benign – He says he enjoyed the video and thanks Mark for posting it – Not really sure where that merits a “Hmmm” and comments about supporting the piece.. And then he comments on the crash photo – All fairly innocuous, in my book, so your response seemed a bit over the top. – I didn’t read IO’s comments as troll bait.. While I’m not huge fan of Al Jazeera, bottom line, it’s a TV network, not alot worse than MSNBC, or Fox – None of them are exactly “fair and balanced” – but that’s all besides the point, in this particular instance – Watch the video, it’s basically turning over the rocks on those “oppressing” Tesla “Sunlight is the best disinfectant”, by Justice Louis Brandeis – Most folks don’t even know there ARE franchise laws on car dealers, and publishing the dealers positions and talking points, illustrates their logic as almost laughable – Who currently likes the car buy process at a… Read more »

You might have missed that I stated I wouldn’t watch anything Al Jazeera America — or Al Jazeera ANYWHERE publishes or broadcasts.

If you have been visiting Mars – and just returned, or missed the entire last 13 years of war, terrorism and conflict – I’ll grant you a Mulligan. If not, you surely must know Al Jazeera has been a voice for jihadists and a platform for their views for as long as can be remembered.
So suddenly, you believe Al Jazeera America should be respected…and I don’t respect MSNBC much either. Far left ( MSNBC ) and far right ( FoxNews ) establishments aren’t worth my time. The only time I do watch them is to observe what the radical sides of each political party is claiming. This gives rise to fact check their claims and have a mind of my own.

I am well aware of the views and beliefs of Islam, left-center-right and I really don’t believe my free United States has any room to entertain these thoughts that pose any fresh perspectives that would benefit me, my family, my family, my community or my country.

Your emotion is overruling your thinking…

Actually Al Jazerra’s main objective is to compete with the BBC, which is generally considered to be the most reliable news source in those parts of the world. As a result, their editorial content is surprisingly good compared to what you might expect, at least for now. This Tesla story is a good example.

As for Al Gore selling his network to Al Jazerra for cash, surely that represents the very essence of the American free enterprise economy that “your family” embraces.

You can turn your TV off if you want to, but the rest of us would like to hear what they have to say before making up our own minds.

Wow – All that for one Tesla piece.

While I’ve been around for the “war on terror”, and I know what TV networks represent what “biased positions”, I’m sort of speechless at that screed…

It’s a piece about Tesla and franchise dealer’s tenuous relationships posted on an EV site – that’s it

Aaaah! The USA, (not America) is the land of the free… Corporation cartels… And everything else including political partys and environment are enslaved to their power and unlimited greed for profit. James is a slave but he was told that he is free.
You were told that islamists are the terrorists didn’t you? Well tell me who is invading sovereign countries and who kill thousands of people each month ?

Can you imagin what is the level of stress and terror of every day people not seeing nor hearing anything, but knowing that a drone can be targeting your house right now? And knowing that you will not be able to do anything before it is too late?
Tell me about major league non mediatic artificially built terror!
And tell me who are the real terrorist…

Oh come on…

This is about as equally over the top in the other direction. I come to InsideEVs for EV news, not politically commentary – there are PLENTY of other sites that fill that void.

Can we get off the political soapbox, enough with media viewpoints and whose a “terrorist” (or not). – How about we just stick to the topic at hand: dealer franchise laws and Tesla’s direct sales model..

That alone seems controversy enough (at least according to the NADA) – without venturing down the rabbit holes of politics and religion…


Your comment LuSucks.

You are really prejudging based on stereotype and Qatar ownership.

Al Jazeera is actually a pretty good news station. Certainly much better than Fox.

@GuyMan, @GCO, thanks, I agree with you.

@James, no I’m not new here, as a simple search would have shown you. I guess you’d rather not risk being exposed to information disturbing your preconceptions?

I find your commenting at length on a video you haven’t bothered to see, or a channel you never watch, just as baseless and frankly quite dishonest.

Trying to bring this back on topic: please tell us what you disagree with in this news segment, in what ways it’s wrong or misleading instead.
Again, save for one detail (the location of the Tesla factory vs its headquarters), I found it neutral to positive — much better than what some US news networks have produced,

Haha! Inverter fluid. Makes me chuckle every time.

I agree with you io, the story seemed pretty unbiased to me. If there was anything negative there is that it said that Americans are stuck in the past with these archaic dealership laws that no other country has.

I gotta say also, that I don’t get this station through my cable network, so of course I never watch it. I do get Bloomberg though and this may be similar to that. Don’t watch that either though.

Holy crap! That is straight up oil industry propaganda! ‘inverter fluid’? “Battery LIFE drops in half”? What a bunch of lies. And let’s not mention that the reason why there is high depreciation is because YOU GET A $7500 tax-credit!

That segment is UNREAL . . . it is literally not real. They list the depreciation on the Chevy Spark EV after 5 years . . . THE CHEVY SPARK EV HAS ONLY EXISTED FOR 2 YEARS!

A simple Google search would have revealed that io is a longtime poster here at InsideEVs.com. Click on the following link to see for yourself.


Io is also right about the second pic: it’s not a new sale.

National Auto Dealers Assoc. just put a four page ad in Time Magazine that does all but mention TESLA by name.
Al Jazeera is earning my skeptical eyes. They just aired an excellent documentary on Hong Kong’s democracy protests.

I’m the reporter who did this report… and here is a link to the complete article. Sorry – but the videos have been phased off the site. Thanks