Want To Start Or Stop Charging Your Plug-In Hyundai? Just Ask Alexa


Hyundai IONIQ Electric Marina Blue

Hyundai IONIQ Electric Marina Blue

Hyundai has announced that its incorporating the use of Amazon Alexa into most of its new vehicles, including the upcoming IONIQ Electric.

According to Hyundai, owners of compatible vehicles will be able to use Echo for simple voice commands, including charging:

Just Ask Alexa...

Just Ask Alexa…

“Owners of the all-new Hyundai Ioniq Electric and Plug-in Electric vehicles are able to start and stop charging of their cars with the ease of simple voice commands with Blue Link.”

The Plug-in hybrid Sonata shares this functionality as well.

Of course, the cars won’t be able to start or stop charging unless you’ve manually plugged them in (this is where wireless charging would be preferred), but still it seems like a rather nifty feature to be able to make use of from time to time.

Additional commands (not plug-in specific) include

Owner: “Alexa, ask Blue Link to start charging my Ioniq.”
Alexa: “Request for remote charging your Ioniq has been sent.”

Owner: “Alexa, tell Blue Link to start my car at 80 degrees.”
Alexa: “Request for remote starting your car with climate control has been sent.”

Owner: “Alexa, ask Blue Link to lock my Santa Fe.”
Alexa: “Request for remote locking your Santa Fe has been sent.”

Check out the brief video showing how the vehicle’s interact with Amazon Echo below:

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LMK when I can order stuff from the behind the wheel.

to do this with any plug-in car, JuiceBox Pro EVSEs have been fully Alexa-enabled for ~4 months now 😉

Can’t also remind you to charge Off Peak ?
Does it tell you how long it will take or what Kw Rate it’s charging at?

..and for Hyundai customers in Europe, still nothing!?

I fail to see the need for this. An EVSE (aka charger) can be designed to charge only during offpeak. Otherwise, I’d rather it always charge at plugin until I’m ready to unplug. When would I prefer to have the “ability” to tell a system to charge and stop charging my car?