Want To Get A Tesla Model 3 In Just A Few Weeks? Here’s How

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Let’s say you’ve waited until now to decide whether or not you want a Tesla Model 3. Does that mean you’ll have to wait until 2019 or later to take delivery?

Not necessarily.

Tesla has always given Model 3 reservation priority to current owners of the S, X or even the late Roadster. So, if you happen to own a Tesla right now, then getting a Model 3 likely only requires a wait time of a few weeks.

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Various Tesla Model 3 groups on Facebook are now reporting that, provided you’re a current Tesla owner, a recently placed Model 3 reservation will jump you to near the front of the line. In fact, there’s even a YouTube video (below) explaining how this worked for one current Tesla owner.

So, how do you get a Tesla Model 3 quickly? By being, or becoming, a current Tesla owner. You might be taking a chance on it by buying a new/used Model S or X today in order to jump the queue, but what’s the worse that could happen? You end up with a Model S/X now and wait for your Model 3 for a year or so? Best case scenario is that you get a Model S/X now and a Model 3 in a month or so.

We all love line jumpers, right?

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Does this not seem weird to anyone else? They have a wait list of 500k orders yet if I’m an owner I can get one in under a month. Something just isn’t adding up.

Yeah, it’s all a conspiracy and Tesla is vaporware.


I can’t tell if you’re serious.

Poe’s law in action.

He’s joking.
Although his comments as jokes are better than most who are trying to make a serious comment, which is really a joke.

Yes, I think even here on IEV one such buyer reported hardly having to wait.

Maybe Musk had left Trump’s various “Presidential commissions”, but his company still follows the first 1%er-first mentality as the Pr*sident.

This policy doesn’t make sense in any way, other than to continue privileging the rich over everyone else. Someone who just got a Tesla does not have any longtime “loyalty” a sane company needs to honor.

Meanwhile, they are pissing on everyone else who gave them a $1k interest-free loan.

Also, in the same vein: author conveniently forgot that you can only get the $50k version quickly,. So:

– Used Model S/etc., according to cars.com, a minimum of ~$40k
– Order the currently available Model 3, ~$50k and up.

Smooth! Sensible from all directions! FAIL.

This isn’t about accelerating a transition to sustainable transportation. It’s about making money and reaching market cap targets.

When the Model S base price dropped a few years ago, all the options went up. Sneaky.

Actually is does accelerate sustainable transportation because it results in the sale of 2 EVs instead of just 1.

And then Tesla sells your ZEV credits to legacy automakers, allowing them to pollute more.

That was the intent of creating ZEV credits and allowing one company to sell them to another. If they couldn’t be exchanged or sold, then they wouldn’t be “credits”, they would be just a cap.

Apparently you missed that; I guess you were too busy with your serial Tesla bashing.

EVs are not, in themselves, sustainable transportation. They’re better than ICE cars, but that’s not saying very much.
I’ve heard, first hand, of plenty of people in the SF bay area who got an EV purely to be able ot drive on HOV lanes with a single person in car, so in some cases, they’re making things worse.

Replacing every ICe with an EV is a 10%-improvement solution. The real need is to replace cars with public mass transit, bicycles and electric scooters.

“The real need is to replace cars with public mass transit, bicycles and electric scooters.”

Yeah, good luck with that. Everyone, by that I mean EVERYONE would rather drive cars than public transit, etc. Counting on people to bicycles, etc. will never work.

This is why humanity can’t do anything about climate change. When you can’t even convince people in rich countries to drive smaller cars instead of giant SUV, never mind bicycles, there’s no way we’re going to convince the rest of the world.

Not to be a contrarian, but I lived in a big city without a car for eleven years and was very happy to take public transportation or ride my bicycle and not have to worry about a car note, insurance, finding and buying fuel, maintenance, parking, getting up in the middle of winter nights to move it to the other side of the street so snow crews could plow.

In fact, I could never figure out why so many people in that city owned cars. Seemed like a lot more hassle than they’re worth.

None of those forms of transportation are workable in any environment outside of high-density cities.

Sorry, not my cup of tea. I like driving my Tesla and hate any form of mass transit which reminds me lives of livestock (pack them tighter to get higher profits). The answer should be found in limiting population of the planet and prohibiting highly densed urbanizations. If we do this many natural resource connected problems will go away.

“The answer should be found in limiting population of the planet…”

And how do you propose implementing this solution? By force or by stealth methods?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Stealerships do the same thing but with a $500-$1000 perk for being a “loyal customer” (return buyer) but have you b1tched about that?????

Elon Musk has made it pretty clear with his actions that he has no real interest in mass marketing to the lower middle class, or even the middle class. He can tolerate the upper middle class, but his heart really lies with the upper class. Everything he creates is with the upper class in mind.

His plan to accelerate the transition towards an electrified transportation future is simply to serve the upper class with flashy cars that are supposed to inspire other car companies to actually do the work of accelerating the transition. The low end Model S was a hoax and so is the “$35,000” Model 3. The Model 3 is a swindle to get other car companies to going on lower cost BEVs for regular people. It seems to be working… slowly.

Not sure about that… last time they tried a low end car… almost no one bought it. I refer to the 40kW Model S. In the end the few folks who got one had a collectors item and were in most cases shifted up to a 60kW. Prices over time adjusted downward. I think that the strategy of only selling loaded cars initially is sound if you want the company to succeed. Nissan is waiting till next year to intro the 200+ mile LEAF… because they are eager to keep their unit margins up… same with Tesla… they are shipping… but delaying the low end models keeps margins a little higher and keeps cash flow higher also since they continue to plow the gains back into the companies growth. I was happy to buy my Model X when it was a 2 year old car… better when the early bugs were worked out… Model 3 owners who get second year 35k models will probably get cars that have less initial issues and need less maintenance… the computer and self driving features will be awesome and the charger network reinforced and bulked up with more chargers and lounges at more sites…… Read more »

Pretty much the case. They won’t make much on the base model, demand is high, so they will sell as many full battery ones first, then the dual motors, probably starting out in CA to previous owners, starting production this Summer, of the AWD.

I just don’t see them making any short range ones this year, of whatever flavor, at all. Then, when they do it will be the short range AWD ones first, which might not seem logical, but it is still higher margin, and that would follow the pattern. Then Summer 2019 the least Model 3 will go into production. Perhaps.

220 miles is not “short range”.

Ok, shorter range then.
What would call it range challenged?

So the people who need the tax credits the least will be the only one’s who will get it. The Tesla fanboys/girls would have everyone believe that Musk is doing this for the better of the planet/universe, but what it comes down to is the same as it has always been… Money.

Other car companies will often release the higher trims first to take advantage of initial demand and build the reputation. You don’t want reviews to say that the car is slow or just OK, because reviews often don’t put much weight on the higher price of optioned up cars. They just give their impressions and say it will start at $X, but as tested was $XX.

The German companies will often release the bigger engine cars first, then release the lower priced cars the following year, along with the hot version (AMG, M). Tesla is following exactly that with the Model 3.

I’m in complete agreement with the sentiment and share your frustration. I’ve been an avid Tesla fan and follower since 2006 and have been waiting eagerly ever since for a Tesla I could afford. I waited in line overnight for 13 hours on March 31, 2016. My first reaction to this is that Tesla is being elitist. Why should the wealthy always get all the benefits right?!

However, I know why Tesla is doing this and it’s not because they are being elitist. It’s a business strategy and will help them get to positive cash flow faster. If someone buys a new or certified pre-owned Model S or X from them in order to get at a Model 3 sooner Tesla will have an incremental sale and associated healthy margin on that sale from the S/X purchase. It doesn’t mean I like it though and it still makes me angry!

…or Tesla is just being elitist. See if you can get past the locked door at the Tesla coffee shop, or charge up your Nissan Leaf at the Supercharger.


I feel for you.

Considering all you’ve gone through, you are willing to let Tesla off the hook too easily.

How is this a better business strategy? Contrary to their happy-talk, they are bleeding people on the waitlist, and now with the recent delays and with the cue-jumping loophole publicized more broadly, they will bleed even faster.

The people who can afford to spend ~$100k on this cue-cutting, can afford to buy a new Model S/X anyway. And the waitlist is full, no demand proble.
So what is Tesla gaining? Even in the short term the gain is miniscule to nonexistent, while the potential loss is pretty substantial.

No, every organization has a culture. I applaud Tesla’s overall mission in the clean-energy and clean-transportation fields.

But between this cue-cutting, the initial decision to front-load the expensive models after PRing the “$35k” tease for 2 years, the continuous delays to the $35k model, and the mass layoffs of “underperformers” in the middle of massive ramp-up (again, businesswise a supremely stupid move) – the culture Tesla has shown to the public over the past year has become uglier and uglier, flying Roadsters aside.

Well then, I suggest you go start your own EV company and concentrate your efforts on selling low cost, low margin products first. Let us know how that works out for you. Tesla is a business and if you don’t like the way they run the company, don’t buy one. I for one am happy to wait until I’m not, and at that point I’ll get a refund on my reservation fee and take my business elsewhere.

Well, I have no plan to ever to buy any Tesla – not for some political reason, but just because they cannot make it economically feasible. I’ll soon have two years on my Volt and hope to drive it for another 8-10.

@R-i-g-h-t, because we are never allowed to critique public figures and public corporations.

They always know best. Hail to the leaders! [facepalm]

A fictitious Nissan Leaf at a Tesla Supercharger, on Nevuary 32nd, the charge rate tapering down to sub 20kW, now isn’t that “Rich”!

???? What are you on about? A charge is a charge. If Elon were serious, Nissan Leafs would be charging at the Tesla Supercharging stations right now even if it is just 20Kw.

Tesla isn’t a charity, though. If it had opened up the Superchargers to LEAFS, it would have needed to build a lot more of them, not to mention the extra engineering to make it compatible.

If Nissan isn’t willing to invest in the Supercharger network, why would Tesla do that for them? It’s not like it doesn’t already burn through vast quantities of cash to finance its expansion. Why burn through even more to finance some other company’s infrastructure.

“Maybe Musk had left Trump’s various “Presidential commissions”, but his company still follows the first 1%er-first mentality as the Pr*sident.”

It actually matches also the Trump loyality clause.

Trump favors those who are loyal to him. Elon is doing the same. Those who already took a faith on Tesla with a S/X will more likely to be loyal to Tesla. So he is rewording loyalty.

Thus, it encourages cult like behavior. Another smart move by Tesla.

I suppose you need to give Elon credit where it is due.

Elon said that without the profits made from selling the S and X, the company wouldn’t have been able to pay for the equipment to make the model 3.

He said that S and X owners basically funded the model 3. As such, they can have one earlier.

Yes, I am well aware that “profits” is an interesting term to use here, since Tesla spends more than they make.

However, imagine a company that starts out with just plans to make the model 3 – and wants to build a battery factory of this magnitude. Who in the world would finance that risk?

They needed to make more expensive cars first and in lower volumes to learn how to improve the manufacturing process.

Imagine how much money they would have lost by making model 3 in low volume – and without a battery factory. Certain death for Tesla to have the model 3 as their first car.

How terrible for Tesla to reward brand loyalty. Yeah, it’s really great how so many companies these days ignore the long-term value of that in favor of short-term profits, rewarding new customers over existing ones, as all the cable TV and phone companies do.


They are probably near the end of the list for people from CA, who own a Tesla, and ordered a 3. So location will matter too, I would suspect.

So, does this really make sense?

It’s kinda like they ONLY want Tesla owners to be able to buy it, right?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

By that logic then these “Customer Loyalty” programs from either Stealerships ot the manufacturers only want to sell to current owners also.


“To be eligible, you’ll need to currently own or lease a 1995 or newer Ford or Lincoln vehicle”

“It’s kinda like they ONLY want Tesla owners to be able to buy it, right?”

Wrong, but it seems to be a popular lie among Tesla Hater cultists today!

I guess when you anti-Tesla FUDsters can’t find anything to complain about that’s actually wrong, you get desperate and start whining about things which are good.

Cheerleaders first.

This is the most likely reason. Someone that already owns a Tesla is less likely to say anything negative about the Model 3

Rewarding the early Tesla buyers makes sense. When Model Y begins to take orders I suspect previous owners of Tesla EV’s will get priority also.

That upcoming Model Y priority list, will suck big time for us “Hatchback Leaf Lovers”, who will finally be ready to jump ship from the brand where it is always, “Innovation That Excites”!

This only makes sense if the reservation list shrinked considerably and/or alot of the reservation holders are holding their spot to get the base version.

No, it makes perfect sense to reward brand loyalty. If you bought a Model 3 and it got totaled in a wreck, would you want to wait 2 years to get a replacement? Of course not! That sort of thing would promote the exact opposite of brand loyalty. Far better to spend limited resources to support the existing customer base, rather than dissipate them trying to serve everyone at once, which is impossible. Giving them out at random would be almost as bad, as it would give an appearance of unfairness and arbitrary choices.

I expect a lack of critical thinking from Tesla bashers, Mark. But I expect better from you!

I suspect that most of the people on the list are waiting for the short range model 3 and Tesla is not ready to provide it yet. After all, that’s how it was sold. When it’s suddenly $50k it’s not as interesting anymore.

I agree. If Tesla only makes $50K model 3 config in 2018, then they make have difficulty. The number of people who can afford a $50K-$60K model 3 but didn’t want a $75K Model S can’t be that large.


Don’t discount the novelty factor. 21st Century American consumers would q up for the latest iPhone Z, just because it’s novel. The Model S may be a better car, but it’s old news. And with the Model 3 bottlenecked, it only increases the appeal for this particular early-adopting-fetish constituency which has always been a good one for Tesla.

@someone, 220 miles is not “short range”. Heck our 2001 Santa Fe could only do ~150 miles on a full tank in the city.

It’s short range compared to the long range model 3.

Oh, those are fighting words over at Electrek, where they keep using the “$35K price” to explain why it’s better than a Bolt.

Except all the cars are coming out between $50K and $61K.

so, yeah, the only way to read this is “soft”‘ demand for the high priced car.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Don’t car Stealerships offer customer loyalty perks for repeat/loyal customers?

WTF is the difference here?!?!?!?!?!?

Get your panties unwadded from your kr@k……….jeez christ.

Not really. They might give you a discount on the next purchase, but it’s a discount likely anyone else could negotiate too. Maybe they give you some swag, or accessories, or free service, but they really don’t order you a car faster than the other guy that walked in the door.

Exactly. First In, First Out.

unless you are Jay Leno or Jerry Seinfeld.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“Not really. They might give you a discount on the next purchase, but it’s a discount likely anyone else could negotiate too.”


“To be eligible, you’ll need to currently own or lease a 1995 or newer Ford or Lincoln vehicle”


“Proof of current ownership of Nissan vehicle required.”

If anyone can get this discount then the Stealership is even more crooked than ever before. I’m pretty sure ~IF~ they gave this discount to someone that didn’t meet stated qualifications they most likely DID NOT or DENY it to another for whatever reason.

This is very different. Just because you don’t have a specific car to trade doesn’t mean your unable to buy a car or someone that as a trade moves in front of you. These types of sales at just trying to get people to try a different brand – conquest sales.

“Don’t car Stealerships offer customer loyalty perks for repeat/loyal customers?

“WTF is the difference here?!?!?!?!?!?”

Thanks, I guess someone needed to point out the obvious.

The difference is that Stealership brands don’t have the Tesla Hater cult legion trying to tear down their good name. Because people are not financially invested in seeing Stealership brands fail.

“We all love line jumpers, right?”

Therein lies the fundamental problem. People who arrived early and have patiently stood in-line a long time HATE people who just walk up and get “cuts” in line because of “connections” or financial condition. It goes against the American all-people-are-equal cultural grain. And they hate the ones who “give” those cuts even more.

I agree with the policy Tesla set when the early reservations all rolled in at-once in a flood – they gave the early reservations who were also Tesla owners a priority. Our culture also does respect the concept of customer loyalty, to a certain degree. You have to do SOMETHING to sort out the line and that seemed a fair way.

But giving cuts now based solely on customer loyalty? All early reservation holders have shown substantial TSLA loyalty just by hanging in there all these months through delay after delay. Where were these new reservation holders/Tesla owners’ loyalty March 31, 2016, when reservations opened?

Bad move, TSLA.

Yeah, this is just plain weird.

Seems current Model S/X owners can skip the line an unlimited number of times. So much for the “only 1 priority reservation per S/X owned”.


Bro you still mad that there is no line for the bolt and the sales are slipping? Or are you just mad that from now until eternity the model 3 will outsell the bolt because it offers a sleek look, longer ranges, AWD, faster charging, performance models, garage door openers, ACC, autopilot and access to a nationwide charging system that allows you to travel almost anywhere in the country?

I can see how you and your fudds have to come on the tesla sites and spread your fuddness to combat the massive inequalities that the Tesla has over the bolt.

To me it’s a way to charge more if You wan rain it now. Buy an S (tesla practically controls the resale market) order 3 trade in S some of the “depreciation”is profit for Tesla. Sucks but it’s how it works.

Sounds much more like they don’t have the demand for the loaded LR version. If they had lots of orders, why not fill the ones already in line? I am guessing, but there must not be many left that want the version currently for sale.
Either waiting for the base model or the dual motor version.

Oh-oh, you went and said something both sensible and logical. The Tesla Hater cultist legion will now fling mud at you!

This is not line jumping. I’m an S owner and every time I have asked Tesla for the past two years I have been told owners have priority, period. Lots of spreadsheet developers and others have assumed there was a cutoff point at which time ownership wouldn’t matter, but Tesla never said any such thing.

Call it whatever you want … but it certainly is not right. You have 500K people waiting, most of them waiting for their 1st Tesla.

There’s 100 different ways how they could show you how much they appreciate you, without upsetting their potential new first time customers. This is dumb, period.


You are missing the difference between a longtime owner and one who just got a Tesla now.

There’s absolutely no reason that buying a Tesla should get you past the longest line in automotive history, a line people put $1k to get into 2 years ago.

I didn’t say it was right or wrong, I simply said every time I spoke to someone at Tesla about this policy over the last two years, I got a consistent answer. Owners receive top priority, period. I certainly read on message boards posts from non owners and spreadsheet creators speculation that there would be a cutoff for ownership preference. But I have never seen anyone claim Tesla staff misled them. They misled themselves and are now outraged about it.

Signed up 1st day Mar. 31st. Tesla’s estimate for me keeps changing. No trust fund here I am interested in the promised base model. They should have never given estimates it us a joke. If they succeed I will be happy and my 1000 dollar loan to them maybe slightly helped. Just wished they were more honest.

Really weird policy … Tesla fix it, because you are alienating potential customers and EV owners.

Will be known as toys for the rich if $35k car does not come until full tax credit not available for thise irdering first day. For a small car $35k a tad high. Like Tesla but it uz what is folks. Have a fortunate friend, current S owner, now with a 3 too. He says they are stockpiling to game the credit. Cool if that is the case but will nit hold my breath.

“Toys for the rich” is an interesting choice of words. Would you consider a Ford Edge a toy for the rich? Because that’s one of the cars I compared to Model 3 when I ran my TCO analysis. Ford Edge, when equipped comparably to the Model 3 I want (AWD, premium interior, ACC, etc) has an MSRP of $41k vs the Model 3 cost of $59k. I then added fuel cost over the 9 year, 230k mile expected life I have for the next vehicle I buy (using what I currently pay for gas and electricity) and the TCO for Ford Edge is $63k vs the Model 3 at $58k. This does include the full $7500 federal tax credit so if I miss that window (which is likely) the Model 3 TCO jumps to $62k, still $1k less than the Edge TCO. And my analysis assumed maintenance spend would be equal for all vehicles which is highly unlikely. I spend $500 per year on oil changes alone right now (almost $100 for full synthetic every 10k miles, drove 50k miles last year). Granted, my use case is rather extreme but the point is you need to look at far more… Read more »

I would not call it that but others in the past have called it that and am hoping they can shake that label.

I would not expect a new Edge TCO to be good that seems like a strange comparison since it is an SUV. I would think a Suburu, Toyota or Honda would pan out better (at least where I live) because they hold their value better.

Fair point Nate. The best explanation for my choice of vehicle comparisons has to do with my (rather extreme) use case. I travel quite a bit and often have customers in my vehicle, and I believe my vehicle needs to project a certain image to my customers. A Subaru would not project the image I want, although I think they are fine vehicles. I also need AWD because of the climate I travel through, so that knocks out most Honda and Toyota sedans.

Prior ownership and date of placed pre-order should put you in front of line of non-owner with same date of pre-order.

Any other policy than exactly what I specified is BAD Business and completely unfair. Makes you want to immediately cancel you pre-order get your $1000 downpayment back and buy a 2nd gen Leaf or a Bolt.

I have been reading comments like yours on message boards for at least a year. But I don’t know how anyone can say they are right and Tesla is wrong. Tesla is rewarding owners no matter when they became owners. Maybe you’d be happier if they had established a cutoff date but they chose not to do so. Maybe you also believe prior ownership shouldn’t be a factor at all. But the only determination of what is fair that matters is Tesla’s determination.

I follow a college football team that charges hefty yearly seat licenses above the season ticket prices for anyone who has become a new customer in the past several years. These licenses often exceed a $1000 a year. On the other hand if my dead grandfather passed his ticket account to me I wouldn’t pay a seat license at all. Is that preference fair? Well, as one who has to pay the license it annoys me for sure, but I The athletic department has a different viewpoint on fairness.

Lame. College athletic departments, especially those in power 5 confetences are not examples to follow. Football and Basketball are great specator sports but I am loosing interest and barely watched NCAAA Basketball, Football or the pro leagues they are exploiting kids for the small chance of playing in until they do away with the crooked system. Get a real minor league system in place.

Penn State. Michigan State. Baylor. Sex scandalls big and small. Hopefully you can find a better example for Tesla to emulate.

Lame huh? You angry guys should take your money to some other car company that will treat you better. The funniest part of all of this crying is that no car company treats customers better than Tesla does. Some day your life will have real challenges and you will be embarrassed by crying over this non-issue.

Azred you are right Tesla model 3 availability is not a real problem all things considered. I am not claiming it is. I want them to succeed actually, which is why I think emulating a NCAA football program would be the opposite of how they should look to behave.

I think this part of your post is important to folks like me to keep in mind though, “no car company treats customers better than Tesla does”
You are not the first person I’ve heard that from. While I would prefer they prioritize current owner’s orders just over orders placed around the same time (instead of possibly much earlier ones) what they are doing is another example of treating their customers the best they can. I can see it from that perspective.

As I see it, it comes down to this: Non-Tesla owners are whining because Tesla treats Tesla owners better than it treats them. And of course, the Tesla Hater cult is using this to generate more anti-Tesla FUD.

Well, Tesla most certainly should give first priority to its existing customer base. That’s the way companies operate when they are interested in the long-term health of their business, rather than focusing on short-term gains as is all too common these days.

So if you really want a Model 3 badly, and haven’t made a reservation yet, just buy a used Model S, the least expensive one you can find. Then, immediately order your Model 3.

You’ll get it in a couple months, then sell the Model S, and you probably won’t lose anything on it, you might even make a few bucks if you get a good deal in the first place.

For those with no trust fund to draw from though a used Model S is still hard to float w/out cash on hand which is also needed to convert the order. For those with spring 18 delivery estimates it is disapoining to see it keep shifting.

They said in 2016 it was $35k before tax credits. Used Model S’ are a different price range. Telling people to “just” buy one is arrogant.

I’m not sure whether this policy of selling Model 3’s to existing customers is smart. but I certainly don’t buy the argument that Musk is only interested in selling cars to the upper class – it doesn’t make sense, even from a purely profit-oriented point of view. GM, Honda, and Toyota make money in the mass market – that’s where the big money is. Tesla’s overall strategy is brilliant: make cars for the rich that are loaded with new technology and the rich will pay for your R&D. Using the revenues from that to pay to get your product to the upper-middle class: that’s the Model 3. Maybe that’s where Tesla will stop – selling cars to the top 20%. But that’s enough to get all the other car makers into the game. The electric car will bury the ICE on a purely competitive basis; Musk has shown they can compete and win in the luxury car segment, his objective now is to show they can compete and win in the suburbs. And this is with only a few years innovation cycles that have been “fueled” by big-time investment. The ICE is mature technology and doesn’t have much more room… Read more »

“I certainly don’t buy the argument that Musk is only interested in selling cars to the upper class”.
They may not be interested in only selling to upper classes, but it might be all they are capable of. If so, I hope they are more clear about that.
The 3s they are selling average around 50k-60k so they are no where near the Honda and Toyotas you mention as mass market so until they prove they can compete at that level they gave not. Credits are expiting so even if they get down to $35k they are still a ways off similarly sized mass market cars. I hope I am wrong but I sometimes doubt they will make truley mass market cars.

I got my first plugin in 2013, bought a small bit of TSLA next year and reserved a 3 in 2016. I like Tesla but BYD, other automakers, European and Asians regs will move the world to EVs as much as Tesla.

“I hope I am wrong but I sometimes doubt they will make truley mass market cars.” Perhaps they won’t. But one thing is certain: Tesla has had far more impact on the EV revolution, and the eventual end of using gasoline and diesel to power transportation, than companies which aimed at making an “everyman” EV right from the start; companies like Th!nk and CODA. Companies which failed because their business model didn’t work. Tesla, by aiming from the start at the high end of the market, has managed to get enough income to not only survive, but grow. And that’s far more important than all the whining by would-be Tesla customers and the Tesla Hater cultists. Any business’s first priority is to survive. That’s far more important to any business — including Tesla Inc. — than appearing “fair” to people who have not yet bought any Tesla car. One way Tesla is surviving is by rewarding brand loyalty. That has been very evident in Tesla’s public relations from the start, and it’s one reason why Tesla tops the Consumer Reports list of customer satisfaction for car owners, every year. So we can all be pretty sure they’re going to continue… Read more »

Tesla is making storage for the GRID better allowing more renewable Energy. They also make Solar panels.
Tesla has plans for a car smaller than the 3 but they have to start at the top where the money is to be successful.

The Nissan LEAF has no battery thermal management and eats batteries and wilts them which is not sustainable. The Tesla, Chevy, FORD, BMW and FIAT all have liquid cooled batteries for 10x longer life.

“Tesla has plans for a car smaller than the 3…”

I certainly appreciate your positive comments, Jim, after so many negative ones here. However, the only car smaller than the TM3 which Tesla has been talking about, is the Roadster Mk II, which certainly won’t be sold at a lower price than the TM3!

All the other vehicles Tesla is talking about putting into production, from the Model Y to the pickup to the Tesla Semi Truck, are vehicles larger than the Model 3.

In fact, Elon has said that Tesla will never make a car lower priced than the TM3. I hope that he will be proven wrong on that some day; I’d love to see Tesla make a true “Everyman” car. But it certainly looks like that won’t happen so long as he is CEO of Tesla Inc.

That is so WRONG. What about the regular non Tesla owners that waited in line on that first day? This means that we are ALL going to get bumped.