Want a Tesla Supercharger in Your Area? Fill Out This Form

Tesla Model s Supercharger


Supercharger Form

Supercharger Form

Say you own a Tesla Model S, but there’s no Supercharger scheduled to come to your area.  Is there anything that you can personally do?

The answer is yes, though it’ll take some work on your behalf and perhaps some convincing of a local business, too.

Tesla has a form you can fill out to try to get a Supercharger in your area, but the way it works is that Tesla seeks property on which to place the Supercharger.  Therefore, it would be in your best interest to seek out a local business who’s interested in having a Tesla Supercharger and to convince them to fill out/submit the form shown above and linked below.

In the “type of contact” category, the options are property owner/manager, government official, utility employee, influential citizen, electrical contractor or other  So, it’ll help if you have some contacts in at least one of those categories.

It’s still worth a try though if you’re wanting a Supercharger in your neck of the woods.

Follow the link below to check out the form for yourself.  Oh and be sure to check out Tesla’s Supercharger map first to see if a station is already scheduled to come to your area sometime soon.

Tesla Supercharger Form

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Unless they are too mean to charge at home and intend hogging a charger to get a freebie, why would anyone want a charger where they live?

Chargers a couple of hundred miles away in all directions are much more useful! ;-0

I don’t believe that’s what they mean by “in your area”. For example, outside of the Dallas/Houston/San Antonio triangle, there are no Superchargers. One between Dallas and Oklahoma City might be an example of what they want.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

I submitted that link to the online contact form at bucees.com 🙂

It’s funny that there are more Tesla superchargers near me and in my state than CHAdeMO by a huge margin. Bring on the Model E.