Want $20,000 Off Your Nissan LEAF Or BMW i3? Here’s How To Score That Deal

AUG 13 2017 BY MARK KANE 33

Nissan LEAF

First, move to California.

Nissan and BMW, in coordination with San Diego Gas & Electric have introduced a $10,000 discount for SDG&E customers who buy a 2017 Nissan LEAF or 2017 BMW i3.

BMW i3

The deal comes on top of the $7,500 federal tax credit and $2,500 California state rebate, so in total, consumers could save $20,000.

That makes the BMW i3 about half off the net MSRP, while the Nissan LEAF can be acquired for about one third of its sticker price.

All those interested will need to act quickly however, as the discounts are only good through Sept. 30, 2017 or until 2017 MY inventories run out.

How to Qualify

  1. Bring a copy of your SDG&E bill and Nissan or BMW discount flyer to any participating dealership.
    • If your name is not on the bill, but you live in the same household, bring in the bill along with your driver’s license to show proof of residency.
    • Participating dealerships for the Nissan Leaf include any Nissan dealership in SDG&E’s territory.  For the BMW i3 the discount qualifies at BMW of San Diego.
  2. The discount is good through September 30, 2017 or while vehicle supplies last, whichever comes first.

All the details could be found here.

  • Nissan LEAF info here
  • BMW i3 info here

Bloomberg notes that California could bump its rebate for electric cars up to $10,000 in the future (from $2,500 to $4,500 depending on income), which together with the $7,500 federal tax credit (as long as it applies) would be a $17,500 even without the manufacturers getting involved:

To help meet Governor Jerry Brown’s goal of having 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on state roads by 2025, California’s legislature is considering a bill to offer as much as $10,000 in rebates at the time of purchase to support EV sales. The state’s existing $2,500 rebate rises to as much as $4,500 for low-income families.

Federal incentives begin to phase out after each automaker exceeds 200,000 electric-car sales, which could start to happen for some manufacturers as soon as next year.

Hat tip to Peder Norby!

source: Bloomberg

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Robert Weekley

The Bump up of this large Corporate Discounts, is one way to move older products, but the Potential of a $10,000 Direct California Rebate, would do a lot for Bolt EV’s and Model 3’s, as well!


A $10k rebate would be a ridiculous waste of money and make animosity worse towards electric vehicles. EV incentives need to phase out, not increase. The sad thing is all it would do is help sell non desirable EVs, the Model 3 doesn’t need any rebates to sell.


Nothing wrong with rebates to accelerate a beneficial transition. It would make more sense to me to ‘spread’ those rebates to more future owners over a longer periode, instead of ‘giving away’ cars to the first few …


ps. … heavier carbon taxes please over all industries (and use those to pay for the rebates) !


My personal opinion is that we have now reached the point in most developed nations that we need to be de-incentivizing the purchase of large expensive cars.

I think a 30% tax on every dollar over $40k on any car that emits more than 75 g/CO2/km is really a no brainier now for the US. If you are buying a $50k+ car (where the tax would really start to bite) there are plenty of options. There are also a whole heap of cars under $40k that would be exempt from the tax. I’d have no problem with keeping the incentives below $40k at this stage but any incentive on ULEV over $40k should be transitioned to a big fat tax on inefficient cars rather than a big fat incentive on a green car.


Like one more law really does anything other than keep politicians busy and breed more haters. Fun fact about owning a Tesla Model S and having a passing motorist drive like a jerk and flip you the bird: you have no idea whether it is hatred for your wealth or your interest in doing something for the environment, or someone who works for an auto dealership.

There is active, ongoing vandalism at Tesla superchargers, and ICE-drivers deliberately parking to block them.

Solve the hatred, and you can boost the adoption of electric vehicles. Increase it with what amount to purchasing fines, and that’s just more citronella oil in the tiki torch, my friend.


Solve the hatred? Sorry, we are being overtaken by a culture of stupid people. They actively revel in how stupid they are. Facts and knowledge hurt their feels. The hatred you are talking about, vandalism, etc., is the natural byproducts of all that stupid.

Think about. Never before have there been so many stupid people on the planet. Sensible laws, with adequate enforcement, are effective. But, nothing can overcome the sheer force of a hundred million really really willfully ignorant folks. Luckily, the stupid will eventually destroy itself, and all of civilization along with it.


Yeah, I’ve got to agree with Scott here, how are you going to solve the hatred? That just seems impossible. For all you know that other driver might have felt you cut him off, or it could have been a rabid Trump supporter. There’s nothing you can really do about the latter unless you just give up and do whatever they want.


Congress passed a small luxury tax on boats and airplanes over a certain amount and the first Pres Bush signed it into law. It lasted two years. All it did was drive thousands of people out of business, most of them permanently as the wealthy simply bought their boats and airplanes in other countries. There hasn’t even been a whisper of that since the debacle. Both parties took it heavy on the chin. These were good quality high paying skilled labor jobs. You might be surprised to find out that the BMW and Mercedes workers in the south don’t share your opinion that nobody needs their vehicles.



That’s well and good, but you can’t easily buy a car in another country. It’s not really the same situation.


Why would it cause animosity towards EVs? What sense does that make? The only people who would have a problem with it are people who already dislike EVs and those people are hardly who we’re counting on. Other people would be more inclined to just try to take advantage of it.

It wouldn’t be a waste either, it would definitely help spur adoption. It’s actually one of the better things that can be done to get EVs on the road faster, which will benefit the entire state in the long run. In terms of cost, it would likely be a rounding error on the state budget and probably more effective than many other programs.


All these rebates, tax credits, etc. are a rip off of the taxpayers who do not take advantage of them. I have a residential solar PV system and plug in hybrid car. California (P,G & E) rate payers and federal tax payers subsidize(d) my solar system while federal and state tax payers contributed to my car.

It’s hardly a good (or cost effective for CO2 reduction) public policy: a gift to people well off enough to own a house and buy a plug in vehicle.

The truly beneficial policy, a carbon tax (mostly refunded on a per-capita basis) is out of reach politically in this “freedom” and energy consumption loving country.



jim stack

Just stop the OIL subsidies we have had for 100 years . Stop allowing Fracking . Then with gas at $8-10 a gallon Electrics won’t need any incentives.

Warren M

I wish they would get rid of the CVRP two vehicle per household maximum. I mean many people have their leases ending, and without the incentive may stray away from an EV as their next vehicle.



Robert Weekley

Does that limit apply to Businesses as well?
Could you not set up a Business to manage this challenge? Either Move the new EV’s or the old ICE’s to the Business Account, which ever is better!


From what I’ve read it’s two rebates per person. Although if you live alone then ya it’s basically the same.


With $20,000 off the the BMW i3, it is still GROSSLY OVERPRICED !!!


That’s how i know it too…2 per person.


Sadly it’s $10k off MSRP. They’re easily offering $6k off MSRP so while this is more it sadly won’t get you a Leaf for $5k 🙁

Still, $18k for a top of the line Leaf wouldn’t be too shabby if you’re in the market.


$10,000 for the base leaf. That’s ridiculous. $25,000 for a BMW i3 is just flat nuts.


Big lie, state has no rebates 2500 available, 4500 yes, only…. Low income drives i3, since when????


Since it would cost you $20k under this promotion. A typical family with 2 kids will qualify for the $4k rebate if they make under $73800/year. Many families make less than that and still buy $20k+ cars.
If you really want the $2500 rebate then wait for the next year funds.


I just checked BMW’s website and the current plain old lease deal uses a residual value of $29,000. I think it would be hillarious if you could apply all the discounts to a lease and walk off the lot with a free car for 3 years.


The rebate funding has run out, but it’s very likely to be restored pretty soon.


As I’ve mentioned before, you don’t have to move to California. Here in Maryland, they’re offering the same deal in conjunction with Constellation Energy. And Inside EVs had already highlighted a similar arrangement in Hawaii. Probably there are many other locations and partners. Go to ez-ev.com and see what comes up for you. (I did just now, and found out that Volts and Bolts are now included, though the discount isn’t as big.)


Just leased a Kia Soul EV+ with sunroof for $19k off MRSP ($3k dealer discount plus $16k in lease incentive/rebate). No sales tax in WA for EV at this price, so my total cost for 3 years/30,000 miles will be about $9k including all fees and first year licensing ($700…). Will serve as my commuter and relegate my XC90 to third car status. Just couldn’t wait for a Pacifica PHEV to become available, so this arrangement will end up saving me quite a bit until more long range EVs with room for cargo become available to serve commuting and long trip needs.


This is a good deal. It makes me almost regret buying a used Leaf at $7000 and getting an e-Golf for about $15,000 (really less than $5K since it’s going back at the end of the lease). Actually I don’t regret the Golf, since it’s a nice car and better than the Leaf in a lot of ways, but I could have held off and just leased a new Leaf instead and had effectively double the range for not that much more. Then again, that would mean waiting for 8 months, so maybe it’s not such a big loss.

Ron M

With gas prices low why isn’t congress acting to add a .50 cents a gallon tax for an infrastructure plan. Instead of using money from bringing the profits that companies kept offshore at a lower tax rate 15%.. This is ridiculous that companies who are able to evade taxes through legal loopholes can benefit from this while small companies don’t have the ability too do this.
The money kept offshore should be charged at the high rate and that money should be used to reduce the deficit not to enrich CEO and top executives

P. Roger

Unfortunately, putting rebates on the purchase of new cars just encourages the owners to buy them, hold for a short period, then sell/trade, just to book the rebates. It’s a form of arbitrage because the car ends up on the wholesale market and shipped out of state. Every used EV I have considered (including the LEAF I bought) originated in CA.

States or Feds should change the credit to a usage based one based on mileage. Most states have yearly inspections and document mileage, so it would work. Also, the Feds subsidize every gallon of gas in the form of credits direct to oil drillers and refiners., so we need a similar usage credit for EV (or eliminate the oil subsidies).


You need to hold the car for at least 30 months to get the California rebate.

Tony Marco

Or just search cars.com for a car coming off a one year lease. That’s my way of saving 50% off list price!

Lovin’ my BMW i3 !!!!