Waiting List For BMW i8 Grows to 20 in Australia


BMW i8

BMW i8

Australians don’t buy plug-in vehicles, partly because most of the plug-ins sold there are way overpriced.

BMW i8

BMW i8

The Nissan LEAF is the only reasonably priced plug-in vehicle available in Australia.  And yes, it’s the #1 selling plug-in vehicle in Australia.

That’s why when we heard that the BMW i8 was in high demand in Australia we were a bit perplexed.  Turns out that high demand equates to 20 vehicles.

According to BMW, the waiting list for the i8 in Australia has now exceeded 20.

Oddly, those 20 signed up for the BMW i8 without knowing its price.  While pricing won’t be officially announced for awhile, the i8 is rumored to be “somewhere in the realm of $350,000,” according to Gizmodo Australia.  That’s close to 3 times what the i8 costs in the US.

The BMW i8 is expected to launch in Australia sometime in 2015, so having 20 potential buyers on the waiting list at this early stage would seem to indicate to us that demand for the i8 in Australia is high.

To put Australia’s EV scene in perspective, if BMW sold 20 i8s in 2013 ‘down under’, that would have been good for 3rd place overall, just ahead of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

Source: Gizmodo Australia

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There are more than 200 Australian reservations for the Model S which may make it the highest selling EV in Australia this year. That’s the big story.

what about the outlander phev?
it would be in the top 5
wait there is only 7 PEV’s on sale at any point
BMW i3/ i8
Chevy volt
Mitsu imiev/ outlander phev
Nissan leaf

I meant 9 tesla model s and roadster