UPDATE – Here’s One Super Wacky Way To Charge Your Tesla


Some people will do anything to avoid using reverse.

***UPDATE – We’ve found a post from the owner of the car explaining the situation in a Facebook post (embedded below). Apparently, the car, which was somewhat, but not super-low on energy, refused to engage reverse gear. After charging up, it worked properly. Weird.  

The Tesla Model S comes fully equipped with a reverse gear as standard equipment Heck, even the Radio Flyer version of the all-electric sedan has a reverse gear. So, what’s going on in this picture? We wish we knew because, like you, we have questions.

The picture, which we found on the My E-Life Now! Facebook page (embedded below) unaccompanied by any sort of explanation, appears to show a gentleman calming watching a Model S as it sucks electrons from a Tesla Supercharger. He seems blissfully unaware of the fact that he is in contravention of rule nine of the top ten (formerly-unwritten-but-now-written) Supercharging  etiquettes. That is, “park properly.”

For what might seem like obvious reasons, we won’t even mention the fact that he should be using the station on the other side of his car (if it is, actually, his car). We’re also going to refrain discussing the fact that standing outside your car while it charges for half an hour or so is kind of weird.

If you have any idea about what’s going on here, please feel free to enlighten us in Comments. For our part, we thought it may have something to do with either a faulty gear selector or an extreme aversion to backing up. However, it’s clear that when they decide to leave, reverse is likely going to be necessary. For now, we’re going to file this under “Things that make you go hmm.”


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zero fs given. That is what’s going on.

So when he’s done he’ll drive through the field since he doesn’t know how to back up?

Missed it by that much!


It was probably ICEd before and those cars left leaving the otherwise brilliant human looking a bit dim.

It appears the cable isn’t long enough to reach the port whether or he’s properly parked head in or even if backed in as the cable would need to reach around (get it?) to the other side of the car…The empty parking spot to the left may have been occupied when he arrived…

See that supercharger to the car’s right? That’s what he would’ve used if he had reversed into the space.

I have heard that the reason he was parked like that is because it was dropped off by a flatbed because he ran it down to 0 and that was the only way they could unload it so it would plug in. If the car was put onto the flatbed backwards that makes sense.

What in the world?

Slow news day brosef.

maybe the stall on his right, the he should’ve used was not working and this cable was too short.

He could back into either one of them.

Personally, I find the width of the super charger stalls a little narrow, especially with cars on either side. Just backing in is a little annoying, and then you have to make sure you don’t ding the other car with your door.

So if they aren’t “Drive-thru”, I wish they would at least space them out a foot more.

Wow – you should rent a car in Europe for some real narrow spots. But I am sure they vary – here in NC, they are as wide as a typical suburban parking spot.

yeah, I’ve been to Germany, it is crazy, even the roads themselves!

My guess is he was in the upper parking lot and couldn’t get to the lower one with superchargers so he backed down the hill. Look at the bottom picture looks like a big parking lot above the Superchargers

Trump voter!

I think taking two or even 3 parking spot is way safer than going over a ditch.
This man either has the balls or just want to be famous.

A guy with more money than brains.

A guy with more money than brains,

Does anyone know how he got out of the car! That sign post would appear to block the driver’s door (located between door handle and side view mirror)

I guess he or probably went out the passenger door? I’ve had to do that once or twice in the past.

You may not believe this but cars have doors also on the opposite side of the drivers side.
The passenger side.

My assumption of competence from the average person diminishes as I age. I look at how incompetent the average person is, and then realize half of them are even less competent. Supercharger was most likely throwing an ID-Ten-T error.

Even with the update on this “news” story, it’s nice to see that he didn’t pull in sideways and block 3-4 Superchargers.