I Found The Last VW XL1 For Sale In All Of Spain

VW XL1 Barcelona


Visiting Barcelona, Spain this weekend, my hotel was conveniently located next to the Catalunya Volkswagen storefront.

VW XL1 Barcelona spec speet

VW XL1 Barcelona spec speet

Why was this convenient, other than the fact that I’m here with corporate sibling Audi to learn about the new A8? Well, because just sitting there in the big glass window was what turns out to be the last XL1 for sale in all of Spain. Seeing it there felt like a bit of a blast from the past, since I thought all of these hyper-efficient two-door cars had long since made their way to collectors and drivers. The first XL1 was delivered in 2014.

But, well, according to the helpful saleswoman, the example in the window is not only available today, but also the only one you’ll find in the country. She told me that this XL1 can be had for 86,000 euros, and that there is no lease option for this item, only the opportunity to purchase it outright.

The XL1 is one of the rarest vehicles VW has ever offered to private citizens, with around 250 hand-built and released. The sleek plug-in hybrid used almost every aerodynamic trick in the world to achieve a tremendous co-efficient of drag of just 0.186 cD (of note, the lack of side mirrors, replaced with tiny cameras and side screens). The sleek little carbon fiber beast offers an all-electric range of 31 miles, a top speed of 98 mph, and a gentle 0-62 mph acceleration time of 12.7 seconds thanks to a 20-kW/27 horsepower electric motor and a 0.8-liter, two-cylinder TDI diesel engine. The fuel efficiency rating is about 261 MPGe.

The VW XL1 was – sorry, is – sold in Europe, but never made it to the U.S. Technology from the car, though, was – and is – used in other, more mainstream VW vehicles like the new Golf, due in 2019.

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I’d pass on this, as there are much better Ev’s and Hybrids than this VW.

This thing is a joke if one intends to use it as a real car.

You must be fun at parties.

Martin , I agree,It may make a good collector car down the road 50yrs.from now, but it’s not worth the bother or the expense .

VW engineered this to be uninspiring, to not compete with their ICE vehicles.
But, look what they could have done had they had TESLA genes.

Mr. Spock drives one of these. I´d say get it!

Enjoy the silence (Depeche Mode) with a few XL1s

A weird looking EV, there were many of them but in reality, people generally just want a nice regular looking vehicle with a different powertrain.

So I guess this means that side mirrors are not compulsory in Europe? I know Elon wants to get rid of side mirrors, so perhaps, at least in Europe, he can…

This would make a great LEV/velomobile, without the ICE drivetrain. But we need to get rid of cars to make them safe. Of course, economists claim we can’t “grow the economy” below 80 mph.

While I like the shape and the low drag tec, being a hybrid with an IC engine is a no go. I would buy an GM EV1 for that price in a heartbeat though. Sadly there are very few left and not for sale.

“The fuel efficiency rating is about 261 MPGe.”

That sounds great, except that’s only 7.7 mi/kWh, and only for 31 miles of electric range. SparkEV does 7.3 mi/kWh (5% less) for about 140 miles. And SparkEV is quicker to 100 km/hr by over 5 seconds without having any gas engine.

Also due to the NEDC system, the figure is far, far off. It’s like the 230 MPG figure for the Volt GM once flogged.

The real fuel efficiency is more like 110MPG.

…and it’s a Diesel. A VW Diesel.

Sounds like you got quite a deal. Congrats!

It’s basically VW’s EV-1 (too bad about the range extender though…). Pretty cool and amazing that nobody has pounced on this chance to own this unique vehicle yet

The EV1 was designed to have range extenders, a fuel cell, turbine or engine were to be offered.

Well, how much were they asking for it?
It’s on clearance, right?
Make ’em an offer they can’t refuse! 😉

The VW XL1 is the most efficient “production” car ever built, as far as I know. It has the lowest Cd (0.189) and with it’s tiny frontal area (1.5 sq m), the CdA is 0.2835 sq m (3.05 sq ft) – is the lowest ever for a “production” car, as well.

If VW made a version from steel, and had a gasoline engine – or they made an all electric version – they would have a hit on their hands.

I have one of these. I use it most days and have used it in all weathers. It has been reliable, comfortable, and tremendous fun to drive and own. I’ve done almost 4000 miles in it since I took delivery two years ago. I get bored with cars very quickly and this is the first car I’ve owned (classic, supercar or otherwise) that I know I’ll never tire of. Whoever buys that one in Spain will not regret it!

I hope you’re right, cause I just bought it !

Regards, N.Reguibi

Seems like this would be a collector’s item. Probably good to buy it and store it carefully in a garage.

Are you sure it’s 86000 € and not £?
Greetings, N.Reguibi

I’m here in Barcalona now – passed by this beautiful VW tonight. Spain is part of the EU and its most definitely €s here. This dealer also has the new Arteon!! Wow, what a looker..hope it makes its way to the US!!

Thanks Sebastian,

I’ve just purchased it!


Just as FYI, we’d be happy to pass along a ‘owner review’/test drive on it, (=

/enjoy your car

Thanks Jay!

I really appreciate the XL1 personally. It wasn’t meant to be a main stream thing, more of a “hey look what we can do” thing. Like a piece of art, (=