VW Subsidiary Unveils 6-Seat Electric Shuttle Van With 186-Mile Range


Offers 186 miles (300 kilometers) of range and can be charged to an 80-percent level in half an hour.

In case you might not have heard of Moia, it’s a Berlin-based mobility startup and a 100% subsidiary of Volkswagen. And this month it has unveiled its ride-sharing concept, taking the shape of a fully electric van with enough room for six people. Introduced on the occasion of the TechCrunch 2017 in Berlin, the concept was developed over the course of only 10 months in collaboration with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.


The VAG-owned company designed the concept and sees it as a potential solution to reduce congestion in big cities. In fact, the EV was presented at the event in Germany with the ambitious goal to take “One Million Cars off the Road” by attempting to convince more people to hop on the ride pooling bandwagon and leave their personal cars at home.

The good news is Moia’s concept is more than just pure theory as it will actually hit the streets of Hamburg towards the end of next year. Technical specifications are rather scarce at the moment, but we do know the yet unnamed zero-emissions van will have a maximum range of 186 miles (300 kilometers) based on the relatively new (and much more accurate) Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP). Once depleted, the battery pack can be recharged to an 80-percent level in only half an hour.


Inside, the “only worldwide electric ride pooling six-seater” has individual seats and plenty of room to stretch your legs. There’s also ample space around the seats and a cargo compartment next to the driver for your luggage. The interior boasts USB ports, dimmable reading lights, and onboard Wi-Fi connectivity to make your commute easier. Getting in and out of the electric van should be quite easy thanks to the handlebar positioned next to the automatic sliding door.

Moia has also come up with an app allowing passengers to book and pay for the ride as well as find out how much the ride will cost before actually booking the trip. Passengers will be grouped based on a pooling algorithm created to lower the risks of a detour by selecting more passengers with similar routes.

Volkswagen’s MOIA presents ride pooling concept with world’s first electric ridesharing car

According to Robert Henrich, Moia’s chief operating officer, the company is already working on future versions of the van and at the same time it’s testing its ride-sharing service with a fleet of 20 VW T6 Multivans.

Volkswagen’s MOIA presents ride pooling concept with world’s first electric ridesharing car

Volkswagen’s MOIA presents ride pooling concept with world’s first electric ridesharing car

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Does it come with juice box holders and a place to put your soccer ball? It looks like the Millennials might just get a replacement for mom after all. Please, get a million cars off the street so I can finally drive mine around more efficiently.


In other articles it shows that the front passenger seat area is a luggage and various crap keeper space and the seat is gone

earl colby pottinger

First things I think of are amusement parks and small tour organizations.


Super shuttle

Don Zenga

Is it configured as
1 driver seat in the front,
2 split seats in the middle,
3 joint seats in the rear.

If this is the case, then a lot of space is wasted.

Why not a company design a vehicle with 3 rows with 2 seats in each row and 6 regular doors. Let the vehicle be narrow (in width) enough to seat 2 persons so that vehicle’s weight and cost are kept to minimum.

Or they can design with 2 rows of 3 seats each.

With crossover sales increasing by leaps and bounds, the vans are going down. No use in designing a van like this.

Share of crossovers in
USA: 40%
China: 37%
Europe: 32%

And if we include the MPV,s hatches, wagons and SUVs the share is much higher.

Boaby mactumshy

The point of it is über type ride hailing/sharing for people going in the same direction, pay for where you go to only.
Eventually it will be driverless which is even cheaper


Looks like an excellent airport shuttle, people would have their single private space to ride in. Super Shuttle for sure

That’s obviously a good use case. Another would be take the seats out and straight up commercial van. A more intriguing use case is the ride sharing the article mentions. i.e. as an Uber type vehicle. I was reviewing public transportation usage data the other night (I forgot where!) and noticed that light rail use has been climbing. The last few business trips I’ve been on (for instance to Atlanta) I’ve taken the light rail from the airport out to the train station nearest my destination then caught an Uber ride for that last mile. Obviously Uber is actually helping increase usage of public transportation in that case and perhaps this van becomes that Uber vehicle. However I can also see cities creating a fully integrated ‘last mile’ solution that looks a whole lot like one of these ‘super shuttle’ type vans and use of an app to deliver and pick up riders in that last mile and deliver them to/from train stations and such. Perhaps your monthly public transportation fee could include a plan upgrade that comes with X delivery rides either via Uber or an Uber-like public service. It’s really intriguing. Sure the given municipality would likely lose… Read more »

Just another VW concept that will never happen.

Don Zenga

They are jealous of Tesla making everyday news with their Model S/X/3, Roadster and Semi. So VW throws something like this thay may never happen.

John Doe

It is already in use in Germany – not that I care..
I need an EV van with lets say 9-10 seats.
That should be fast to make, as this van is based on a large ICE van, that also could be bought as a 16-17 seat minibus.

It is the same size as Mercedes Sprinter, Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Ford Transit..
All large vans. All sold with 16-17 seats as a minibus. Looks like Mercedes will be the first to offer an EV van, with more seats.