VW Outlines Production Plans For EVs Built On A New Platform At Its German Plants

FEB 8 2017 BY MARK KANE 12

Volkswagen I.D. – MEB

Volkswagen has revealed which manufacturing plants in Germany are to be engaged in the production of all-electric cars based on automaker’s new MEB architecture (Modular Electric Drive kit).

The first plant to produce EVs using the new platform in 2019 will be Volkswagen’s Zwickau plant in Saxony.

Volkswagen I.D.

But as Volkswagen intends to bring a whole lineup of long-range electric vehicles to market soon thereafter, two more facilities will also be added: Wolfsburg plant and the Emden plant.

Several other sites will pick up other tasks:

  • Brunswick (battery) plant will be developing and producing the battery system for the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) as well as continuing production of the battery system for the Modular Transverse Toolki
  • Kassel (drivetrain) will develop the MEB drive system, and be responsible for the assembly of the entire system (in addition to electric transmission production)
  • Salzgitter will produce and supply MEB drive system components. An interesting part of the plan for Salzgitter is the intention tobuild a pilot facility for battery cells and cell modules.

source: Green Car Congress

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2019 is too far off… better pick up the pace… release the 200 mile Golf now… get moving…

And I’m going to demonstrate a room temperature super conductivity device in 2019

Lately, lots of brands have been talking 2019/2021. Maybe this is it, maybe we are there, almost. Maybe ice tech is doomed after all and a lot sooner than we had predicted. (loonies excluded)

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

True, those years 2019/2020 do come up all the time. It is a pity that no industry expert is posting comments here from time to time to explain why. He would be fast sent back with tar and feathers by our brilliant minds here but at least we would have some information. Probably this timing is simply dictated by when the battery industry expect to make batteries at a cost that makes EV competitive.

Batteries will be much cheaper and hopefuly bigger battery factories to produce them along with the fact that it generaly takes 5 years to take vehicles from a thought to production along with a billion dollars…
All the posters here wishing and cursing that EVs were not here yesterday does not change engineering timelines…

Yes, it’s really just a calculation. How much market share you lose to those going electric, versus how high you can keep margins on the remaining faithful. So long as GlobalAuto stays together and the CARB waiver gets denied (this Summer?), things should start looking pretty good for 2025.

2019/20 is just another hedge date that is already coming close enough that we’re seeing more “2025”. Once the CARB waiver gets denied, probably this summer, we’ll probably see more “2025”.

Who says industry insiders dont post here from time to time? They just cant share confidential information.

That’s because they are praying to god and hoping Trump will ban EVs by then, or something else happens and EVs are history.

Zwickau is their smallest plant. So they don’t believe they will sell lots of those EVs.

Zwickau makes about 250000 cars per year.

And in 2019 VW will announce a new electric vehicle platform for 2021…lol this is a pattern of procrastination and BS by an ICE manufacturer.

What an admission that their unified chassis that would handle ICE, CNG, PHEV, BEV, diesel, etc. was a COMPLETE FAILURE.

What a huge loss of that investment. And on top of dieselgate. Why do people keep buying cars from them?