Volkswagen Group Reports Rising EV, PHEV Sales


Volkswagen Group’s electrified sales were up 30 percent in 2018.

According to Volkswagen Group, it sold some 100,000 electrified vehicles in 2018. Of those cars, about one-third were battery-electric, while the remaining models were plug-in hybrid electric vehicles like the Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid.

Clearly, the brand’s e-Golf contributed significantly to the sales rise, despite lackluster deliveries on our shores. In fact, e-Golf sales were up 60 percent globally. However, VW Group’s sales chief Christian Dahlheim pointed out that the company dealt with e-Golf production bottlenecks and was unable to meet demand for the vehicle. Thus, VW could have sold many more under different circumstances.

This positive news for the automotive group comes just ahead of its massive EV push, which includes the upcoming Audi e-tron all-electric crossover and Porsche Taycan fully electric sedan, as well as a whole lineup of VW I.D. electric vehicles in the years to come.

The e-tron will be the first to arrive, with deliveries starting in Europe in March. According to Audi, it has already accepted 16,000 pre-orders for the battery-electric SUV. The Taycan is set to launch later this year.

The first Volkswagen I.D. vehicle will be a hatchback much like the e-Golf.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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Last week I took my VW in for it’s annual service, and whilst picking it up enquired about electric vehicles. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a lot, but was surprised how positive they were. The receptionist started to point to their demo model, then “oh, I forgot, that got sold yesterday!” The salesman was similarly (and surprisingly IMO) positive about BEVs in the future. Still a minority at the moment, but expecting sales of such to grow, and a pretty big display about them right behind reception.

Interesting times – is the tipping point moment here?

In which country/state was that?

Link – “In which country/state was that?”

That’s a big contrast to US…here they look at the eGolf as “that thing taking up space in the lot”.

If they even get one 😉

I’m impressed. That is definitely a very good sign.

PS — I hope you end up getting one!

Let’s be cautious with tipping point. Not everyone can yet afford to put over 30-40k€ for a normal BEV hatchback whereas ICE versions are still less expensive. OEMs must still offer more attractive prices, but in the meantime they’re reluctant to lose high revenues from Gasoline/Diesel aftermarket parts where they have huge margins !
VW obviously needs to turn the Diesel page and wants to show “green image” now; I’m quite sure they’re will be successful anyway, as they have deployed massive plans, and are really more ambitious than others OEMs.

UK is almost dead; their politics put the country in trouble times and do not assume their bullshits; they will spend the next 10-20 years to recover, with massive job losses, collapsing economy…

I had the opposite reaction. Granted I only talked to one salesman while my son and I were waiting for my car and it was a couple months ago but he said ” no we’re not getting the e-golf here” . I told him I was referring to the ID cars and he just gave a blank look. Around here there are a lot of dealers and they seem to o from one lot/manufacturer so i don’t expect a lot. The same dealer has an e-golf sitting out front today. I was at a dealer in Langhorne , Pa right outside Philly.

The hybrid sales does not count as they are still polluters. They are part of the problem not the solution.

Five plug-ins with 15 kWh battery each consume way less gasoline than one 75 kWh battery car and 4 gas guzzlers. Why buy such a big and expensive battery if you can charge at home and your office?

don’t let perfection be the enemy of The good

My Prius Plugin consumes only 2l of gasoline per 100km. Yes, not 0 but definitelly better than gas guzzlers.

and cost so much more that you can instead buy a ICE consuming 6 l of gasoline per 100km and save money. No thanks, still makes no sense.

If money was the point – he could drive a car similar with the Tata Nano. Fantastic low price.
A PHEV with the right distance from home to work will pollute way less.

Man, think how much VW will sell when they actually start selling EV’s!!

I’m not sure how they can do that in US under the rule of the dealers.

It is easy. Every single month traditional car makers offer big bonuses if dealerships sell certain quotas of certain models. All VW America (a separate entity from VW AG) has to do is to is to shift their monthly bonus incentives to all be for EV sales. The spiffs are going to get paid out each month no matter what, so pushing EV’s would effectively be revenue neutral.

The hard part is getting VW America to put their money behind EV’s, while they are putting money into their automotive lobbying associations to lobby the current administration to not only gut CAFE requirments, but lobbying to end California CARB waivers in order to undermine the CARB ZEV program.

So sick of having companies talk big about their future EV’s, while lobbying to gut the regulations that support the growth of EV’s in the US.

I think they will have to attempt to dictate to the dealers or go around them. Anyone familiar with the contract between the dealer and company?

Sounds like a lot, but at 10m sales that is 1%. Plenty room for improvement.

For the vaporware crowd. What number is good with you before it’s no longer vaporware? And if a VW sells in Europe and no smelly hippies saw it, did it really sell?

Indeed !
If VW sells 1 million EV some guys will always say that it should be selling 2 million … and so on.
The odd thing is that VW sure deserves a lot of comments from people that don’t want anything to do with that brand …
“people only throw stones at trees that bear fruit” that is a fact !

Just stupid idiots drive vw